Waylon Jennings - John's Back In Town Lyrics

John does some singin' they call him a star
He plays with a hillbilly band
He goes lots of places picks his guitar
Old John ain't a home lovin' man.

John's got a woman he calls her his queen
He buys her them city made clothes
And she's 'bout the sweetest that I've ever seen
There is someting that John never knows.

When John is out croonin' I'm out with his queen
Passin' his money around
But if you look for me and I can't be se
You'll know that John's back in town.


When John's out a tourin' I wear his best suits
Smoke up his old big cigars
I lie with his woman, wear out his boots
Shauffer his limousine cars.

When John's making money he keeps on the go
So if you should hear he's around
Buy one of his records or go see his show
Help me keep old John out of town.

When John is out croonin' I'm out with his queen
Passin' his money around
But if you look for me and I can't be seen
You can figure that John's back in town...

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Waylon Jennings John's Back In Town Comments
  1. tylerhethh

    Is this song about cuckolding some dude?

  2. ansias77

    This wasn't written in 1965, but '59-60 when Bill Mack was working as a DJ in Lubbock at KDAV and Waylon at KLLL. They became very good friends since then, This was one of Waylon's very first efforts at songwritting, Bill recorded his version soon after they wrote it, and was issued on D records from Texas

  3. Tommy Petersen

    ladies and gentlemen, this is how two good friends gently ribb each other on record. Don't ya love when two of your heroes are also good friends? When they did this live it was hilarious.

  4. MaryAnn Herrmann

    Never heard this before...great music

  5. joe blow

    Interesting information on this song. The only version I ever heard was by Gene Watson. I think he had it out around the mid to late 60's. I've been looking around but haven't been able to find it.

  6. Scott Wallace

    they must have been really the greatest of friends

  7. SkidRowJim

    'The Singing Star's Queen' / 'John's Back In Town'
    Written in 1965 by Waylon and his fellow DJ from the late 50's, radio
    legend Bill Mack (his biggest 'Blue'- LeAnn Rimes). Written for Johnny
    Cash's May 1966 album 'Everybody Loves A Nut'. Johnny recorded
    'The Singing Star's Queen' in Jan 1966 for his album...
    'John's Back In Town' recorded by Waylon Sept 1966 for
    'The One And Only Waylon' ...Nov 1967 RCA Camden album...

  8. SkidRowJim

    When Johnny Cash recorded 'Singing Star's Queen' Jan 1966...Waylon
    had only 3 national RCA singles released -'Stop the World' was the
    highest # 16 - and no national albums (only the Phx JD's LP)...In the
    lyrics for 'Singing Star's Queen' .... 'Now Waylon is a singer a record
    sellin' star "... Waylon was NOT yet the 'record sellin' star'...It was written
    as Johnny not Waylon...When Cash recorded it he changed it to Waylon...
    'good one' on Waylon!...srj.

  9. Constantine Caviris

    Ha ha...great I never new Waylon also recorded this one....Johnny Cash recorded the same song about Waylon under the title "Singing Star's Queen" and there is also a version of both of em doing the song together on the Johnny Cash show....great stuff thanks for posting it

  10. bridgetlaher

    hi teddie,
    a good idea of you to put this funny song on you tube, tks very much, take care, bridget. he sure had a gd sense of humor, don't you think

  11. Marion

    Love it!!! Thanks Eddie.. My two favorite Guy's Johnny & Waylon!

  12. teeger66

    WJ and JC were good "Buds' all their lives...equals...but different...and loved needling each other!