Waylon Jennings - Her Man Lyrics

I'm gonna change my ways of doing things around here
I'm turning over a new leaf gonna get myself in gear
Cause I've got a woman who's better than most
And I've made a mess of her plans
So startin' today all I'm gonna be is her man

I've been a wild catter and a go go getter
Been an SOB right down to the letter
I've had misadventures I even got pictures
Of even more than I can stand
So startin' today all I want a be is her man

I'm gonna give it all back cause all I've done is take
I've put her on the back burner while I was out on the make
But I've got a woman who's good enough to give me
A second chance again
So starting today all I'm gonna be is her man

I've been a wild catter and a go go getter
Been an SOB right down to the letter
I've had misadventures I even got pictures
Of even more than I can stand
So startin' today all I want a be is her man

I'm a little bit late but I'm wise enough
I'm taking her by the hand
Startin' today all I want a be is her man

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Waylon Jennings Her Man Comments
  1. Karla Kean

    This IS Waylon's song!  Not that whiney Gary Alan!

  2. Love J Beene

    He sings it better than Gary Allen does hahaha. For all you haters out there, that's old country and that's way better than any new country out today

  3. Andre pungskalle

    Waylon the boss

  4. dorothy bell

    He was her man for sure and she is his womanxx

  5. dorothy bell


  6. Walita Smallcanyon

    Miss you baby, Kenny Young, he had proposed to me and said, "baby, this is our song", couple months later he passed. I know where he's at, I will forever keep him close to my heart. It hurts, but I will never forget him. We danced to "Amirallo by Morning", when we first met again, after 15yrs. Love you forever, until we meet again.

  7. Missy D

    Wonderful song.......love Waylon!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Chris Pokorney


  9. Tommy Petersen

    whenever Waylon did anything like this you know he had only one thing on his mind......Jessie. God I want to love a woman line he did her.

    Kelton Lefthand

    Waylion Jennings

    Mary Mcwright

    He hung in there long enough to find love. I love reading about Hoss. May he rest in peace

  10. James Boyd

    What album is this on? p.s. HOSS IS BOSS

    Eric White

    @James Boyd The Eagle

  11. Zach Taylor

    Damn good song

  12. Coral Ball

    Smoke rings in the dark

  13. Coral Ball

    Alright guy

  14. Brazen Cub

    Jesse parked her cadillac and took her place in line ...

  15. Rick Rude

    John Prine and Waylon are my two favorites, can't put a label on either one of those men

  16. Patti Braun

    Waylon's version is the best. But Waylon owned any song he ever sang...

  17. Frances DeMers

    I'm even more than I can stand! LOL I knew this little gem had to be from Teddie. Thanks

  18. Rick Rude

    Billy Joe Shaver started it, Waylon perfected it... Long live Outlaw Country, P.S. Bob Wills is still the King....

  19. dakotagirlusa

    Wow! Been Lookin for this one for a very, very long time!! Thank you for posting it!

  20. timothy wagner

    gary allan did awesome cover.rip waylon

  21. Frances DeMers

    Teddie, did you know Jesse Colter was married to Duane Eddy years ago? She saw Waylon and it was the end of that. She said, there was just something about Waylon. (puttin it mildly).

    Woodsman Ghost

    Frances DeMers leaving your spouse bc you see someone else isn’t right or respectable, it’s a sin and trashy and I would never trust a woman who did something like that

  22. CountryBoySC1993

    Wow, Just learned today that Gary's version was a cover.. Found out by Gary himself.. Still an awesome original and awesome cover by him.

  23. marybethmarks

    Man I love this song. And I love Waylon. Thank you for putting this up. I ordered "the eagle" because of this song.

  24. Obi Juan

    @teddie488 Nobody is perfect

  25. alamanderflash

    Now, I love Waylon's music but I really prefer Gary Allan's version of this. Waylon does the song a little too upbeat for my taste.

  26. Maxine Sanchez

    Thanks they are both great artist in their own rite.

  27. Maxine Sanchez

    I like both version, they are both great artist.

  28. MiddleMadMen

    @MiddleMadMen if anyone gary allan has more emotions in his music then anyone in the muisc buisness today

  29. MiddleMadMen

    you are all nuts yes waylons is the best but for the person who said his didnt have the emotions like this one did yeah it did

  30. aaaaa0000000000

    I didn't know that this is Waylons song, wow, there just isn't too much he couldn't do, was there !?! Man country music misses him more than they know!

  31. teeger66

    I never tire of this one...hmmm...I wonder why?! lol

  32. tuph63

    @krazy4ga i thought it was a gary allen song too glad we found it

  33. krazy4ga

    Had never heard this version... have listened to Gary Allan's cover for many years. Thanks for posting for us.

  34. teeger66

    I just love this one! There ain't too many of Waylon's songs that I DON'T love!

  35. ilbtsfiles

    waylon or gary??
    Great Song never the less

  36. dagny1207

    Hope so...lol. Great song:-)

  37. robert1884

    absolutely great. Thanks for puttin this up teddie, Waylon's the man!

  38. Marion

    I 100% agree with you teeger(;-)

  39. simmplemann

    great song yeah come on country rocking

  40. Erik Smith

    I had no idea this song was done before Gary Allan! Waylon is really the best ever. He doesn't get the credit he deserves. No offense to Johnny Cash, but Waylon was musically more gifted and did more for the genre with less fanfare. He took country music in a new direction in a way that no one else has since (well no one else has shaped it in a good way; you could argue Garth and Shania took it in a new and crappy direction).

  41. teeger66

    Because I am? I love romance!
    ...and these two were the most "in love" people I have ever known.

  42. teeger66

    Wonder what Jessi thought of this song.
    She loved him so much...she always forgave him! and he loved her back...