Waylon Jennings - Hangin' On Lyrics

It's true you have me twisted round your finger
And it seems that's where I belong
You know how to hold me, to thrill me and control me
Just enough to keep me hangin' on.

For now, tomorrow and forever
I guess I'm tied to you right or wrong
My love keeps a growing 'cause your love keeps a showing
Just enough to keep me hangin' on.

A love that's strong as mine
Will make me do most anything
Like hiding tears and heartaches
And dreaming silly dreams.

You've got me where you want me
You keep stringing me along
Just enough to keep me hangin' on.
Just enough to keep me hangin' on...

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Waylon Jennings Hangin' On Comments
  1. Richard Andreas

    I was given this album in the 70’s and still have it to this day

  2. Jimmie Allen

    I truly idolized Waylon. His music kept me going on those long lonely nights out on the road Rip Mr. Jennings.

  3. drawwing

    Woah. this is an incredible album. Thank you for the share.

  4. Eleanor Freeman

    What a voice!!! A big THANK YOU for posting this treasure music. He had more talent than these so called country singer's that are on the radio today. I no longer listen to the radio. He could have sung "MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB" and had a hit with it. I am so pleased to have seen him perform at least a dozen times. What a talent.

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  6. kelly aiken

    WAYLON you are missed...The man , the music the voice...Greatest for sure...


    Absolute best.♥ The realest of the real.

  7. michelle burcik

    Listening to this my heart aches.. He'll be missed always..

  8. Donna Bledsoe

    Will miss as long as I live, always loved him.

  9. regina burt

    Love the music, love the man, Waylon Jennings lives on in his music, forever Waylon the best of the best, singer, song writer and guitar player. Nobody could get even close to playing a guitar like Waylon could. Waylon could carry the load all by himself

  10. Tony Stallard

    These tracks bear the quality of that room. Studio B made anyone better, because it gave all of itself back to a player and an artist in the space between a single note and the next.

    “Let Me Talk to You” is so nice.

  11. Arlin Tate

    Met Waylon in 1967. Have promotional copy of The One & Only Waylon Jennings autographed by Waylon, his brother Tommy, Richie Albright & the Lyle Brothers backup singers in his band at the time. RIP Waylon - you are a legend.

  12. Rafael Alberto Prieto Vasquez

    Live Waylon Forever!

  13. The Mother Flower

    Give the Good Reverend a listen, won't y'all?  Devil done made a MAN out of him!  https://youtu.be/7MwcBvGLpV0

  14. instructme

    Thinkyouknowmusic on Twitter brought me here.