Waylon Jennings - Do It Again Lyrics

In the morning you go gunning
For the man who stole your water
And you fire till he's done in
But they catch you on the border
And the mourners are all singing
As they drag you by your feet
But the Hangman isn't hanging
And they put you on the street

You go back, Jack, do it again
Wheels turning 'round and 'round
You go back, Jack, do it again

Well, you know she's no high climber
Then you find your only friend
In a room with your two timer
And you're sure you're near the end
Then you love a little wild one
And she brings you only sorrow
All the time you know she's smilin'
You'll be on your knees tomorrow

You go back, Jack, do it again
Wheels turning 'round and 'round
You go back, Jack, do it again

Now you'll swear and kick and beg us
That you're not a gamblin' man
Then you find you're back in Vegas
With a handle in your hand
Your black cards can bring you money
So you hide them when you're able
In the land of milk and honey
You must put them on the table

You go back, Jack, do it again
Wheels turning 'round and 'round
You go back, Jack, do it again

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Waylon Jennings Do It Again Comments
  1. John Wayne

    This one puts some KICK in it, Waymore lays it down!

  2. Al Barth

    Hoss sing anything

    You've been waylonized

  3. Aburns Djones

    Do it again Waylon Jennings

  4. Aburns Djones

    RIP Waylon Jennings

  5. Arthur Morgan

    Waylon jennings would beat blake sheltons ass

  6. Missy D

    Love anything Waylon sings!!! Tysm for sharing!! Just can’t get enough of the Hoss....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    You are very welcome. I am glad you are enjoying my Waylon videos.

    Missy D

    I enjoy them very much!!! Only one Waylon.....thank goodness he left us these treasures!!! ❤️❤️❤️


    That's for sure. Only one Waylon.

    Missy D

    pecvillian ❤️

  7. Phoenix arizona

    Oh I beg to differ. This is perfect song for ole waylon

    Tex 52

    10 xs better than that slow drap pot song, snort 2 lines walk up to microphone and sound like a MAN THE MAN of country music and Jerry Reed playing guitar w/ him cool man just cool

  8. RedDirtRules

    love Waylon dearly but this didn't quite work out

    John Peterson

    Agreed, but I give him kudos for trying.

    Donny Short

    I wish everyone was as respectful as you are when they disagree with something. I do agree with you. This one missed it.


    I don’t know why Waylon chooses to do this song faster than Steely Dan.

  9. Thomascow Mc Mullan

    Thank You Friend, great video , tried to sub –failed--BTU---Love ya dearly! Cheers OXOX


    +Thomascow Mc Mullan You are very welcome. Glad you liked it.

  10. Joe Eck

    This is one of my favorite Waylon songs. He is my favorite.


    Mine too.

  11. nick anthony

    I am a huge Waylon fan did not know about this I have found many covers on the tube lately turn the page , gold dust woman , and do it again.. did he do a album of covers that I don't know about if so I would love to find it


    No album of only covers that I know of, but he did do lots of covers on many of his albums.

    Seth Fortune

    It's because he wrote these songs. The other versions you hear are covers of this..

  12. pecvillian

    You are correct. I must have been looking at the wrong cover when I made this one.

  13. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    Thanks ! I was born to love Waylon. :)

    Dixie Lee Hendricks

    So was I but I didn't know about Waylon till on the 80s. Been hooked ever since. I am 75 and love WAYLON JENNINGS

  14. sauquoit13456

    On this day in 1973 {January 27th} Steely Dan performed "Do It Again" on the late Dick Clark's 'American Bandstand'...
    Two months earlier on November 18th, 1972 it entered Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; eventually it peaked at #6 and spent 17 weeks on the Top 100...
    It reached #39 in the U.K. and #60 in Australia...
    In 1980 Waylon Jennings covered it; his faster version was a track on his LP "Music Man" {its available on You Tube}...
    R.I.P. Mr. Jennings {1937 - 2002} and Mr. Clark {1929 - 2012}

  15. shammadamma

    Big Steely Dan fan -- just heard about this version and had to come to YT to check it out. I miss the breezy, jazzy swing of the original, but this is still a pretty interesting take. Waylon was a great performer -- a country artist with a rocker's heart, a lot like Johnny Cash. Nicely done.

  16. theWoodrow321

    this is from his vinyl album music man, great cover...my opinon, way better than steely dan.

  17. Ken Klocke

    Everything Waylon touches turns to gold!

    Daniel J. Scotti

    ahha, this one was gold before he touched it but i agree

  18. Joshua Anderson


  19. pecvillian

    @nylrede247amayu You are welcome Eden

  20. ♥Eden 宇山♥

    Thanks for posting Ron.
    Love it.
    My morning song!!!

  21. pecvillian

    @waylonfan01 Yes it is. I also have this on the vinyl LP

  22. waylonfan01

    This is on the black on black / music man album is kinda hard to find and I agree ol Hoss did a gr8 job on this one

  23. pecvillian

    @EPWJ it is a good one

  24. pecvillian

    @MrRex41591 You are welcome.

  25. pecvillian

    @Jebowski He's got a ton of great music out there.

  26. Jebowski

    Great version! Just discovering Waylon...

  27. mhtfixit

    Rest in Peace HOSS. You gave everything you had to give. We love you.

  28. pecvillian

    Glad you like it. Waylon did good taking rock songs and turning them into country

  29. pecvillian

    Glad I posted this one is one of my fovorites

  30. luther

    thanks i've been looking for this song