Waylon Jennings - Bob Wills Is Still The King Lyrics

Well the honky-tonks in Texas were my natural second home
Where you tip your hats to the ladies and the rose of San Antone
I grew up on music that we called western swing
It don't matter who's in Austin,Bob Wills is still the king

Lord I can still remember,the way things were back then
In spite of all the hard times,I'd live it all again
To hear the Texas playboys and Tommy Duncan sing
Makes me proud to be from Texas where Bob Wills is still the king

You can hear the Grand Ol' Opry in Nashville Tennessee
It's the home of country music,on that we all agree
But when you cross that ol' Red River hoss that just don't mean a thing
Cause' once you're down in Texas,Bob Wills is still the king

Well if you ain't never been there then I guess you ain't been told
That you just can't live in Texas unless you got a lot of soul
It's the home of Willie Nelson,the home of western swing
He'll be the first to tell you,Bob Wills is still the king

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Waylon Jennings Bob Wills Is Still The King Comments
  1. Tony

    Dont matter whos in Austin, Merle Haggard is still the king .

  2. Justin Stroud

    God this is heart beat of America

  3. Train in Vain

    Rip Bob

  4. Matt Miles

    The chinaman is not the issue here.

  5. I smoke Pen caps

    Girls:OMG kpop is the best and the boys are soooo cute

  6. C Synch

    From one Lonestar boy to nuther

  7. Littlewolf13

    Sure do miss Waylon.

  8. Eric Grieves

    Oh dear god I miss this generation.

  9. Hammerschlägen M

    Still my favorite Waymore tune.... thanks for the upload Timmy

  10. TXzombiekiller

    We miss ya Waylon....

  11. Paul Del Monte

    Love this song! But bob would flip over in his grave if he saw Austin now!

  12. TXzombiekiller

    This song should of ended with a

  13. G1Z1 M300

    once I start listening to old country music I can't freak'N stop.

  14. Michele Holman

    Real music

  15. Ishkabibble

    There hasn't been a country song written in over 25 years 😔.

    Alan Japes

    Ishkabibble I agree. Now in the modern world, music artists who pretend to be country have murdered traditional country classic music. I refer to Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Leanne Rimes, Trisha Yearwood, Luke Perry etc.. Because of them we don't hear a lot of the old classic country music songs on radio. No longer do we hear Dave Dudley, Del Reeves, Red Simpson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, George Jones, George Straight, Johnny Russell, Johnny Paycheck and others. It would also explain why young people don't know about the classic country music artists who made country what it is. It's not so much about talent but only money and looking sexy. Who needs Nashville.


    Alan Japes They have become silk shirt cowboys, music made in an assembly plant . Lyrics that are nonrelatable to everyone , inspired by someone's shallow understanding and ignorant insight of what country is. They must receive royalties everytime they say tailgate and old dirt road ( as opposed to a NEW dirt road ?). The dime store, supposed southern accent that is mandatory in New country is like acid to my ears, not to mention the country rap. Country music is dead , it is nothing but the sale of an image with housing development wanna be cowboys as the spokesmen.

    Alan Japes

    @Ishkabibble You're right. Country music is dead. Nashville is now Trashville.

  16. Joseph Gurzynski

    The Stones live version brought me to this. They do a pretty good job, but this is incredible.

  17. andrew tthompson

    Hes deluded dont he know waylon Jennings is the king

  18. AJ W

    Waylon is the King in my opinion

  19. Brian davidson

    What’s that song playing at the end is that just part of this song or is it another song and if it is another song I’d love to know the name thanks

  20. Mason Gates

    You damn right son. I'm a proud Texan and you bet you bottom dollar Bob Wills is still the KING!

  21. Righteous Viking

    I remember long road trips as a kid and my dad would play A LOT of Bob Wills, Waylon, Asleep at the Wheel, etc. I didn't appreciate it then but now I'm glad that music has been in all my 30 years of life.

  22. Gary Kerns

    Never knew there was a studio version of this. Well worth every second I spent listening to it!

  23. Phillip Chaz Dickson

    George Straight is still the king.

  24. QuapawMafia3 Mafia

    I’m 15 years young I try my best to not be a pussy and I know that modern country is shit Waylon Willie Merle etc etc those men know what real country music is


    This should be the Texas state song.

  26. Brendon Gunter

    The day I left Ft. Sill bound for the great state of Texas, I played this as we crossed the Red River. Nice to be back where Bob Wills (and Waylon and Willie) are still the kings! God bless Texas.

    Ryan Yarnevich

    Texas still gives a fuck about the constitution.

  27. Kind Man

    Waylon is the man 😀

  28. Crazy Ivan

    I agree wit ya sonny.

  29. mike stratocaster

    Armadillo World Headquarters🍺🎻🎸

  30. Andy Calie

    A shout out to bob wills and the texas playboys !!! Perfect song for a shout out !!!! The old hippie " byrdman 62 " enough said

  31. pawg lover209

    julian from tralier park boys lol

  32. gregory pettit

    they don't make men like Waylon Jennings any more

    Alan Japes

    I agree. Country music took a nose dive given all the modern country wannabes out there. Modern artists like Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Leanne Rimes, Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood pushed aside the country classics that made country what it is today. It's all about making a buck and having good looks not so much on talent. The only possible good artists today are Aaron Tippin, Sammy Kershaw and Alan Jackson.

  33. Greg Thompson

    I want to comment on one of my very favorite musicians. I am opinionated but I have studied a lot of things and I would vote this as the best country song ever. Let me explain my point of view. People from Texas are very proud of their state and they should be. You can tell that Waylon really loves Texas and as a fan of his, I believe he really threw down on this one to pay his respects like a gentleman to Bob Wills and his home state. I can really pick up on he really wanted to nail this one and drive it out of the park to make Texas proud. It is also well sang, great lyrics, great instruments, and a beautiful ending. Everything a Country and Western song should be. I tell you what.

  34. wilfred heggart

    the year on the eight track is 1977 Willmott started the fight on track 2 and kevin and coiln I eneded it on track 3

  35. Richard Fuller


  36. Squee Dow

    "Texas is the finest portion of the globe that has blessed my vision." - Sam Houston.

    BTW, George Strait is now the king. Thank you, Bob Wills, for keeping the throne warm for all those years.

  37. Serzh Qesteri

    Waylon was the most respectful to the ancestry of the country music. The perfect example of respect and love for old time music.

  38. Kevin Parker

    my kind of music, always has been. raised on ol waylon, thank god.Never will be another one like him,EVER. Fuck this shit they call country today it is nothing but bubble gum faggot music! wouldn't go around the block to listen to it if it was free, emberassing shit. Long live waymores music. You are the king, always will be.

  39. Wade Cooke

    who gave this a thumbs down?

  40. Conwayfan98

    I love how at 2:22 the band starts playing the intro of Bob Wills's song, "Faded Love", Awesome!

    cleo rivas

    Conwayfan98 THANK YOU, I was JUST 'bout to ask for that info.

    Dakota Johnson

    I wish Waylon would have recorded Faded Love

    wilfred heggart

    not for sale ever

  41. ArtyD1991

    born in Houston raised in Austin and I still think WAYLON is the king.

    Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

    ArtyD1991 Waylon Jennings was my grandpas 2st cousin...but, im mostly german, and i still think,bob wills is the king...

    Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

    And waylon and Stevie Ray Vaughan deserve there place, as apart of the all time greats

  42. Jeph Mason

    d-w wills everyone says David Allen Coe is....

  43. Jeph Mason

    dang gary griggs.. i envy you.

  44. Broke Dick

    17 Iranians viewed this post.

    cleo rivas


    wilfred heggart

    play it right to the silver my eight track

    Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

    Even iranians cant hate this...It mustve been a computer glitch...But even Glitches cant hate this...So it must be you hallicinating that people actually disliked this

  45. gary griggs

    I grew up back in the day when on any given weekend for $20 you could go see Waylon,Hank,Willie or Johnny Cash in concert, sometimes all four of em at once, man what good time it was back in 70's & 80's. Young people today don't know what they missed

    Wotan's Wolf

    23 year old and I had at least the honor of my mother may God rest her soul show me Waylon, Willie, Hank, and such. Thank God my Tennessee mother didn't introduce me to modern music row trash.

    Hayden Salmonson

    Now I live in a small harbor town in Massachusetts that’s populated by yuppies and rich fucks with Mercedes Benz and my grandfather always tells me about what it was like when he came there to start his sign making shop from Worcester Mass and it used to be a gritty oil town and that’s what he came here for. Now he hates the town, he wants to move to New Hampshire and it’s crazy how thing change


    We know what we missed....

    Trust me there still some real Texans out there....

    Trust me.


    This one does.

  46. MemphoWrasslin1

    Would Waylon like Rascal Flatts?


    @MemphoWrasslin1 it can't be. It can not be!

    wilfred heggart

    I hate the sunva bicth

    wilfred heggart

    I agree

    wilfred heggart

    one person sandy reid i like

    David McCollum

    MemphoWrasslin1 probably not hell I don't like rascal flats

  47. D-W Fox

    Greatest Country Western singer/song writer ever. Great natural voice. Listen to the backround instruments!! Great composing.



  49. akeagleTL

    Lots of respect for Texas. Alaskans like to make fun of Texas, and I used to buy in to the negative stereotypes people have, but the more I learn about Texas the more I respect. Texas is where it's at


    I'm not getting into a battle of states. if you ever want to see how great Alaska is, come see for yourself

    David Alexandert

    akeagleTL I would to visit Alaska from what I seen its probably the most beautiful state we have. and I'm fro the the first frontier Kentucky

    wilfred heggart

    nope I figured it out in my mind

    wilfred heggart

    nope i have owner ship of the tapes

    Gary Kerns

    I've lived in West Virginia all my life (55 years as of next June 10), and just may move to Texas one day. Go Astros, Rangers, Texans, and Cowboys!

  50. Terry Weddington

    Waylon is my idol, who the Hell gives this a thumbs down? it's a shame that people don't know what true country is this is country.

    Terry Weddington

    +Naj Ponk I agree

    leonard lhirondelle

    excellent, from[ canada--your younger bro]

    wilfred heggart

    I also agree

    wilfred heggart

    i agree this is one of my tapes still have it got a freind to upload all of mymine kevin did them for me i taped the ]m all onto cassette in other words theses are my recordings

    Just Call Me Damien

    Mike Sumrall well he certainly wouldn’t the original David Allan Coe version then lol

  51. Roland Cole

    Thanks Fred man for introducing me to Bob wills and his Texas Playboys

  52. Roland Cole

    this a great song but I think the dukes of hazard will allways be his best known song

  53. Susie Blair

    its a good song

  54. graham bull

    Here in the UK,I always tipped my schoolboy cap to the girls,women and ladies. Sometimes I'm tempted to wear one of my cowboy hats,so I could still do it!

  55. bw3ttt

    This is a real man. That beard wasn't grown to look cool. That beard was grown because Texas men like my dad and granddad didn't have enough of a break from working hard to shave. I saw a guy jumping around with eyeliner on CMT today. I didn't bother to cry. Like my dad and granddad, I'm from Texas and we don't cry. You get a one time pass when they pin the medal of honor on you. Otherwise, don't cry and don't wear eyeliner on CMT and call yourself country.


    LOL yall

    Bill Bill

    Same with my Dad , Grandpa , great-Grandpa

    Rip Dad 1922-2018
    Rip Grandpa 1892-1982
    Rip Great grandpa 1866-1964 (died when i was 12)

    Seumas Hotson

    This is a real man. That beard wasn't grown to look cool. That beard was grown because Ontario men like my dad and granddad didn't have enough of a break from working hard to shave. I saw a guy jumping around with eyeliner on CBC today. I didn't bother to cry. Like my dad and granddad, I'm from Ontario and we don't cry. You get a one time pass when they pin the medal of honor on you. Otherwise, don't cry and don't wear eyeliner on CBC and call yourself Canadian.


    @Joey Ledford or vinegar-based BBQ sauce!!

  56. Sandra Sutton

    Beautiful music, especially the fiddle. Waylon will live on forever.

  57. Richard Vallery

    Waylon Jennings is still the king

    Alan Japes

    You ain't whistling dixie!

  58. BigBucks191

    Indeed, Bob Wills is still the king.

  59. D Tittle1964

    I bought Bob Wills autobiography the other day. Co-written by his daughter I paid 68 cents for it in a local thrift store. it's in excellent shape with some great pictures in it. I've read it twice already.

  60. james rothchild

    Real outlaw country Waylon still the king

  61. Eric Schmidt

    I'm a city boy and this music is bad ass. love Waylon

  62. Jordan Walrath

    Awesome song

  63. John Brown

    Echoes from the sub in the garbage truck at 4a.m.

  64. TexanOutlaw11

    this is the good stuff y'all!


    Yes sir!!!!

  65. BryanJ729

    The six folks that don't like this tune, y'all reckon they're city boys?

  66. hulksmash

    I was a kid and I remember Christmas at gramps, him playin the fiddle and ma on the piano, playin old songs like this, then I got into heavy metal, stayed there for 20+ years, still listen to it, but I always come back to this old stuff, something so honest about it. Can you imagine what Waylon would think of the state of country music today? He must be rollin over in his grave, it's good we can always come back to the pioneers of country....RIP Waylon, you were among the very best.

  67. BigBucks191

    Reminds me of Tumbleweeds in Stillwater, Oklahoma back in the day!!

  68. sugarfoot59

    It's more than that............it just plain stinks!!

  69. Mark Pinheiro


    wilfred heggart

    sprained ankle tonight three wheeler kick start kicked back

  70. Leeroy Troy

    Im an Ohio boy born n raised and this song chills my bones every time. Love Waylon and good country music!

  71. wavygr

    Had a distant cousin who drove Waylon's bus in 70s. He use to bring bus to my parents house so he could get a home cooked meal. He could really tell some road stories. He was going to get me backstage when Waylon was in Nashville in !974 but Paul McCarthy was backstage and they would not let me in. Boy was I mad. If Bob Wills was the king Waylon was the prince.

  72. Eddie Hayes

    I agree EXCEPT for one-The KING OF ROCK & ROLL is ELVIS PRESLEY and will all ways be."Without Elvis their would be no Rock&Roll"-John Lennon

  73. DreadRaider76

    Okay, several Kings...Bob Wills is the King of Western Swing, Elvis is considered by many to be the King of Rock but it's truly Buddy Holly...and George Strait being the King of Country is laughable. Jimmie Rodgers? Hank Williams? George Jones? Johnny Cash? Any of these are more legitimate choices than George Strait (like country music started in 1979 or something).

  74. DreadRaider76

    I highly doubt it...

    wilfred heggart

    not joking a good four hours worth of his shit

    wilfred heggart

    a famous singer wore dads guitar starp when connie when back in 1989 when her dad died

  75. DreadRaider76

    David Allan Coe's still drawing breath.

  76. DreadRaider76

    The King of Western Swing

  77. astrodue2

    I am just discovering Bob Wills after listening and playing country music for 50 yrs...I keep hearing he was still the King ...San Antonio Rose is his most famous song...

  78. dlshiver1

    I've heard about Bob Wills as long as I've been alive from my grandpa. He actually knew Bob Wills back in the day he and my grandma went to the dance halls where he would play and Bob would always announce his entrance as soon as he walked through the door

  79. AnopliusZero

    Waylon Jennings is the king.

  80. June Elizabeth Garner

    I aint from Texas. But my Uncle Elmer Whitte was inducted into the westernswing hall of Fame with Bob Wills...Big Fan of the Late Waylon Watacha Jennings. :)

  81. john greatorex

    wot can be said abatt towld wayle wor a bloke

  82. Ray Russell

    It isn't even close to music. It's just loud, None have any real talent.

  83. kneapoe51

    Kick-Ass Waylon tune. First one of his I remember REALLY LISTENING to, in about 75. My step-dad had this 45. Loved my Sabbath, ZZ, Montrose, Foghat, BUT. started listening to the Outlaw Stuff from Waylon, after that "hit", & well..my son is named Waylon. I did have a great dog named Ozzy. lol-lol Not politically correct I guess, but me & him, smoked a lot of weed together, lol-lol listening to Waylon, & Ozzy, of course :). Reminds me of being 15 again.& discovering another genre of music. Thx.

  84. Thomas Ferrell

    livin in the past is a fresh breath of air, the air of today is stale

  85. Opinionated Times

    Just discovered this tune on The Rolling Stones Big Bang. And I am a WHalon fan!!! Thanks dude. Stones cover it kinda cute.


    I just discovered this after listening to Are you sure bank done it this way

    wilfred heggart

    that is my cooper shoe

  86. Cory hESS

    and you forgot Aaron Watson Jackson Johnson Strait , Jason Boland and the stragglers Josh Abbott Band

  87. BigKatz

    nuthin' wrong with that. fool'n around's a big part of life

  88. tim wells

    im proud i used to fool around with a Texas girl and im proud


    Sorry I'm 15 haha oh well


    I'm 14 and I have most of the bob wills albums on my phone. Dad also has a ton of his records. Love this song!!

  91. SocialAnarchist

    Its a darn shame haveing to grow up with people who have no darn musical taste all it is nowadays is katy perry and lady gaga! Then there is the people who killed country music like keith urban, lady antebelan, and kenny chesney! The only ones we really have left is Hank Jr and Willie Nelson at least oh and i forgot merle hagard! :)

  92. SocialAnarchist

    me too im a TEXAN also! :)

  93. cody barnett

    yeah come to texas! first rounds on me haha

  94. Amy Wright

    Aaron Watson does an AWESOME cover of this song!

  95. Amy Wright

    AMEN!!! King George!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

  96. cody barnett

    no elvis haha bob wills and king george, as in strait

  97. aaaaa0000000000

    I guess conservatives have to move to Texas or hole up in the hills!

  98. Don Jen

    don't forget the NY crriinal perverts