Waylon Jennings - All Around Cowboy Lyrics

Just a broken down cowboy, all down on his luck
Been through the best of his friends
On a long lonesome highway in an old pick-up truck
Crossed Texas like a hot dusty wind

He was all around cowboy back in '49
From the top, it's been long way down
Since the whiskey and the women, started winnin' his time
They rode him high and hard to the ground

He remembers the thrill of bein' a winner
In the days of his first rodeo
But there's somethin' about winning
That didn't last forever
Maybe tomorrow things'll get better
If the devil lets loose of his soul
He'll be, be the all around cowboy again

So, he rolls up a smoke and he sips his Old Crow
Wipes the whiskers that cover his chin
And he grins as he dreams of old rodeo
He's the all around cowboy again

He remembers the thrill of bein' a winner
In the days of his first rodeo
But there's somethin' about winning
That didn't last forever
Maybe tomorrow things'll get better
If the devil lets loose of his soul
He'll be, be the all around cowboy again

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Waylon Jennings All Around Cowboy Comments
  1. Sun Flower

    Why didn't I found a cowboy to marry? I wish I could of. I'm on my mid 40s and I think that's all for me. One time a Gringo told me that we couldn't mix, that he was American and I was Maxican. Sure he had fun with me when he had me. Then, one day after he did what he did, he came to me and wanted to marry me, by then.. I had now a new man in my path, I told the Gringo, remember you said we don't mix? Well, I decided to stick with my own kind. I regret now not marrying that white Gringo. Blues eyes so handsome and hardworking. What a waste I did.

    Scott Liegel

    I would love too hear more about your story for real..Thanks Scott

  2. HaloFan

    The one and the only song I ever cried for after hearing.

  3. Cathy Slyter

    I've always loved Waylon. I got to see him and Jessie in concert in the late 70's. He was about an hour late to the stage, and so wasted he could hardly stand. It was pretty disappointing, but I still loved him afterwards. Jessie was great though.

  4. tony gonzales

    wish i knew, who those 17 tuhumbs down belonged too.

  5. mrbobevans

    I love the way Waylon sings this song. Another great, Marty Robbins, sang another song by the same name - All Around Cowboy. What is so cool is that Marty and Waylon are my two favorite C & W singers.

  6. Niels B. Larsen

    God... I miss Waylon!

    The Good Timin’ Men

    Niels B. Larsen me too!! That’s why I’m working on a “Waylon” tribute band.

  7. Johnny Reb 2000

    What country music needs is for artists to fill the shoes of Waylon, Willie, etc., and start another outlaw movement.

    Tex 52

    might as well ask for another John the Baptist and Apostle Paul, Waylon, Cash, Hank Williams... once all there is because they are originals not a product of marketing,

  8. MrJBjr1

    whoop whoop!

  9. Chris Supler

    I love Waylon but by far Chris Ledoux sang this song the best


    Chrus Ledoux sucked

    Jace Sheridan

    @filoIII Chris actually lived it. 1976 NFR Bareback champion.


    I know he did rodeos, but that doesn't mean he can sing.

    Jace Sheridan

    filoIII Not as good as Waylon but he can write some good songs 😂

  10. 357bullfrog

    Brian you and me. just have rolled out of the same tater patch

  11. Brian Clevenger

    I spent my youth living the words of his songs, and I have no regrets. I learned the hard way, got bumps and bruises; but always came out a man. Now almost fifty years later, I look at my two fine sons and my only wife that I'll always love.

    There is no artist I admire more, and perhaps that is a fault of mine; but I'll live with it.


    You are the Man. Im livin my life by the writings of Louis L'Amour

    Niels B. Larsen

    Brian Clevenger I wish I'd lived his songs. He's been a favorite of mine for the past 45 years. Had a smell of it though goin' thru Texas, Lousianna, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee.

    Mark Armstrong

    Damn Skippy !!

  12. Carlos Vieira

    Waylon Jennings = Country Music.....simple like that.

    Bradley Whipple

    I love this song from Waylon. I noticed a song with the same name that Marty Robbins wrote and recorded. Waylon and Marty are my two favorites, with arguably the best voices in country music. Can you tell me if this version was written by Waylon or someone else. It definitely does not sound like Marty's All Around Cowboy.

  13. Linda Day

    Why haven't no one ever made a movie about Walons life like they did Johnny Cash..."I'll Walk The Line" ? It would be a hit movie.

    Peter Antonellis

    Linda Day call it never could tow the mark


    @Peter Antonellis I would call it "I've always been crazy"

    Mark Armstrong

    @Mr.ManMakesLotsOfCan 🤣😂🤣😂

    blah dude

    If you go on hulu and get cinemax there is a cartoon made by the guy who made king ofnthe hill that is about waylon it's called tales from the tour bus. Its definatly worth a watch and the johnny paycheck one as well

  14. Malcolm Chatellier

    Country Music !!

  15. Charles Gisby

    They say if you can shut your eyes and the song becomes alive in your mind they you've found a true country singer. Welcome to the world of Waylon Jennings.

    Rob Taylor

    Through the smoke and the mud and the blood we walked
    Behind Robert E. Lee

  16. Pat Grohs

    Great song by the fantastic lovable Waylon.

  17. grwoodsman

    check out a guy named Toby Aderhold,( i think its the correct spelling) New guy,not sure how well known but if you like Waylon you'll like his music. I know he's on the tube

  18. mike de boer

    @1937waylon Well thank to you mister. It's good to hear some people in the world do know music. Kind regards.

  19. Jens Munk

    @103mikee Hello Mikee...you´re gonna be a REAL MAN! Very nice to hear from a young man ....with excellent music taste! God bless you

  20. mike de boer

    Music needs people like Waylon, today there is no music anymore. But the music of great artists like Waylon never dies. I'm 17 years old right now and I only like this music.

  21. tim hanson

    damn 'ol hoss your sorely missed, aint nuthin even close to you these days.

  22. Chris

    first time I've ever heard waylon sing this song that I can remember great tune

    Ken Tomlinson

    All around cowboy was penned by Roy Rogers the original all around cowboy,what a great guy he was

  23. deepwoodskentuckian

    oh god why did you have to take waylon? i got tons of other artists you could have instead

  24. Brent Adams

    Got me 5 acres in the country with an old country house back in my home town of Roswell NM, with a horse stall big enough for a handful of horses ..... and I'm gonna go be a cowboy for the rest of my life with my sweet darlin wife ........

  25. fearghailM

    yeah b listen 2 this 1 honey

  26. Bob Ginn

    Love the tune, thanks for posting =)

  27. ilyenz

    Super Lied...angenehme Stimme! Tolle Video!

  28. Deborah Dyess

    loved waylon jennings. he and johnny cash were two of the best and they are missed

  29. Erik Romano

    DREAMIN' MY DREAMS (1975). The CD has some extra tracks.

  30. Joe Slawson

    this song is from the soundtrack of Mackintosh and T.J. from 1975, the last feature role of Roy Rogers, and what a movie it is. Thanks so much for posting it, I have several record albums of it.

    Tony Clarke

    you are absolutely right!! I saw the movie when it came out and i still have the soundtrack album..! don't get much better!!!


    what CD is this from or where can i find this my father loves waylon jennings, he has everything by him except for this song!!

  32. teeger66

    You said it better than I ever could...sadly enough...there will never be another Waylon! His music lives on....

  33. teeger66

    Ah...Chris was undoubtedly a better cowboy...but Waylon...a much better singer! The Best!

  34. teeger66

    Waylon...the best cowboy/singer ever!

  35. jamie spooks

    my life [live on cowboy to tuff to break]

  36. moonrunner1972

    Great song, thanks for adding this one!

    jesse black

    moonrunner1972 I was 11 when you made this comment, I’m 21 now