Wax - Reborn Lyrics

A lot of backyard barbecuers use gas because of its convenience. However, professional barbecuers prefer to use charcoal because it adds such a rich and smoky taste to the meat

Well I appreciate your advice expert guy. Especially considering the fact that I'm having a barbecue today! Cooking some meat, inviting some friends, over to eat. Gonna be a good time

Voted as the best in the asylum
My words can cause damage like I'm texting while I'm driving
Not the type when I get festive to get violent
But I'll beat you puppets down like my Mexican compadres do
Ahead of ya like hal-le-lu
My crew put in work and we rendezvous
At a bar on Lankershim sippin' Anchor Steam
I used to wanna takeover I had that banker's dream
You know that speech where you thank God then thank your team?
At a major league-themed award show they say is esteemed
I know now it ain't as great as it seems
I'm singing la la la la la

I can't sing but I'll still try
'Cause one day I will die
And according to skilled scientists like Bill Nye
It's not true that I will fly onto a hill high
In a angel-filled sky where everything is amazing
So while I'm still here I add melody when I say things
I tap into that heaven that is part of us
If you ain't found it yet then you must not be looking hard enough
I get it started up and I do not think it's a head trip
I heard a voice and I listened when it said shit
That's why I'm based in Hollywood like I'm Frederick's
To entertain should be in my name like it is in Cedric's
My brain is such a powerful thing
It's connected to the gods by a powerful string
There's a phone on either side it's really loud when it rings
And the message of a melody it bountifully brings
Then I sing it to a crowd and it sings it back to me
Except for the rappers in the back who just act snooty
The few who adore it consider it euphoric
Whether deep or sophomoric, my people are all for it
So the verdicts either still out or it's a hung jury
Whether I will kill the game like Dude from Kung Fury
When I sing my shit I make sure it's sung surely like la la la la la

I feel like I'm being reborn
My brain was the consistency of cream corn
Cold soul drinking whiskey just to keep warm
Without power like how Jesus had his sheep shorn
They sleep on me they can keep snoring
The internet brought me to the world like I'm free porn
Rappers keep boring me
Your girl must be 4 out of 5 dentists, she always recommends oral B
Sometimes I rap morbidly like a 450 pound dude storming the beaches at Normandy at war then he drowns
But right now I'm just adoring the sound of my own voice
Speaking of which

My voice is a penis and the beat is a vagina
The love that we make is the sweetest of its kind, uh
You can't bring me down I'm too high bruh
You can't alter my course, I've made my mind up
My inner light is like them psychedelic northern ones
My inner child is like them stage mom performer ones
My deepest thoughts are some widely assorted ones
Future generations will be thankful I recorded them
I write under the California sun like Jim Morrison
A normal summer day I meditate until the chorus come
The universe is enormous and forces one to feel it
A break from the real shit we deal with
If you a lyric fan I'm your spirit animal
My next mixtape will be accompanied by a hymnal
Used to wait for the machine like the gym full
Now I keep it simple
No need to infil-trate
That side of depression with your dinner plate was not what you expected like when you meet your Tinder date
Yeah the picture's great
But something isn't right
Life's unfiltered Lucky Strikes not a Winston Light
One who went to Princeton might see a different sight when they viewing me
They may be new to tomfoolery
Allow me to say one more verse real stupidly

A common question I'm asked is when and where I'm at
Real soon I'll be back to take care of that
More tales from the road like I'm Kerouac
Pussy on the road like a feral cat
Dispersed through the Earth is where my harem's at
Around my house is where your bitch is running errands at
I'm too dumb for you to bother me
But still the most scholarly shopper on a shopping spree at the Dollar Tree
I'd hate to have to follow me because the greats fathered me
I'm on my own island and I run this shit with sovereignty
How could you not see the God in me?

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Wax Reborn Comments
  1. Stephen Shields

    Ur awesome

  2. ipetloudog

    rad wax

  3. Tiger Pawn

    I have seen rappers reach meteoric heights with less than 1% of this guys talent!!! How is he the most slept on lyricist(he transcends rapping) out there?

  4. Gene L

    Damn bro. "More tales from the road like I'm Kerouac" That line and reference didn't slip past me. So dope.

  5. MrAgentElsewhere

    Nice raps n Skills! Digging the Chicano Batman sample too.

  6. MAZEY 85

    Dat liquid swords sample doe

  7. MAZEY 85

    Man this dudes music puts me in such a good mood. #wasismadunderrated!

  8. Anthony Truman

    The few who adore it consider it euphoric

  9. Seri0us Sh1t

    this is greatness

  10. Spyrohiphop

    Hah, I just realized fuck taking anything seriously

  11. Jon Revere

    Booker t and the mgs dope!!!

  12. Jeremy Clark

    Who dat sleepin in yo loungerrrrrrr

  13. Everyday with jack

    dope.... same shirt from cooking on high... dope

  14. KingSteezRIP

    done killed the game like dude from Kung Fury.

  15. Quincy Skead

    I love you baby

  16. ikeluv25

    I’m so glad wax is back making music, not sure if he exactly stopped but I myself was bumpin Wax hardcore 10 plus years again, even before his vibe magazine freestyle, which he absolutely killed like every other freestyle he did while drivin the Kia thru the streets. I really thought at that point he was gonna be the next big thing and blow up into superstardom. Hopefully it’s not too late with all the competition in his category (Mercules for example) he’s actually more like a lil dicky, dude is super smart, can spit random shit dope af, super clever with vocab but after hearing this he def still got it. Just like he always has. Can’t wait to hear some more new music and hopefully an album. If u happen to be reading this it Would be fuckin awesome to see in person perform live but I am in CT all the way across the country. If your ever out in nyc it would be great if u did a show locally, like at Toads place in New Haven. U could def pack that place out. Dicky had it sold out before 9pm. A lot of great artists perform there. I’ve seen jadakiss, red n meth, joe Budden, slaughterhouse, dicky, wu tang, mobb deep RIP Prodigy 👏 Etc etc. anyway glad to hear u doing your thing bro and anybody that has been day one supporters bumpin wax eom and herbal t throw a like up ✌️

  17. Luke Killian

    wax keep it up with the raps

  18. Scott Horton

    My voice is a penis and the beat a vagina the love that we make is the sweetest of its kind bra, the stuff that Wax comes up with is so amazing and hilarious. He's a true lyricist!!!!!

  19. Justin Pagano

    Showed a girl this song. She said it reminded her of hobo johnson. I stopped talking to her after that..

  20. Victor Gonzalez

    Wax is the Jack Kerouac of Rap!

  21. DUK-82

    The hallelujah line was funny

  22. hype love vlogs

    B.I.G WAX

  23. hype love vlogs


  24. Lulu Rapstoo

    I shared with song with my girl at her friend's party but she only got to 0:03.

  25. Chase Proctor

    The style is smooth af

  26. cptcouch

    ive watched this video a lot..... awesome every time I do!

  27. dubbs19831983

    I believe in this dude so much! If he doesn’t succeed then shame on this world! Wax is dope!

  28. Gabe McDonald

    this should have 80 mil veiws ugh

  29. Vaughn Bennett

    Yo man.. FLAWLESS forever. Mad love

  30. Pineapple Jugo

    Can’t wait to see you perform

  31. Frizzy

    Wow the "Im a head of ya like hallelu" and "Your girl must be 4 out of 5 dentists, she always recommends oral B" lines are genius! On top of many other amazing lyrics in this whole album.

  32. xdizzle13

    10 years later and wax is still one of my all time favs. I Cant listen to radio music after raps like this!

  33. Just Us Jet and Jen!

    Come to the bay area!

  34. Neva' eh's Natas

    I live next to you. Could you please keep it down. Thank you. Don't make me come over and beat you at a rap battle.

  35. Miss Vixen

    You're the BEST!!!!!  Happy Rap :) with lyrical dopeness :) Message!!!!

  36. danny Tool

    what sample is this from? or if its even from a sample. is this a tradgically hip song

  37. Nathan Chase

    The other day "Wax Goes Bananas" came on randomly on a friend's phone and I WENT CRAZY. They were all like "this is dumb as fuck, change it." I went off on them, saying things like "you don't even know...this is the most intelllectual, talented rapper you'll ever hear..." They responded with "yeah, ok, he may be great but not in this song."

    Needless to say, I felt extremely sorry for their already apparent horrible taste in music. They basically thought I was stupid and a snob for praising Wax like I did during that track, and I unapologetically said "fuck you, fine, change the song, I'll listen to it later for the 1000th time and sing it word for word without you fucks interrupting me."

    Fuck everyone who doesn't put Wax in their (AT MINIMUM) top 10. For me, it's top 5. If he focused on rapping from the get-go, he'd easily be better than Em, and that's coming from a guy who puts Em in his top 3.

  38. sign watcher

    My brain is such a powerful thing it's connected to the gods by a powerful string.amen if they only knew

  39. sign watcher

    So fuckin dope

  40. TreyMMA

    Is that Herbal T loungin'?

  41. marauder

    Shit is dope wax! Awesome flow as usual!

  42. Galaxy Family

    God damn... TY for your existence, inspiration fur lyfe fameelee...

  43. Richard s

    who's got better lyrics with such intensity like this? no one

  44. AJ Lydon

    One of the best tracks from Big Wax of all time

  45. what you see now

    coll man

  46. Francisco Guevara

    Is wax an atheist i don't really care if he is or not im just curious.

  47. Jake Jarrell

    showed this to some kids i work with, they said migos is better. we stray further and further from god each day.

  48. KashStrings

    you my god bro. lol

  49. Mecks1ne

    Wax on and Keep on

  50. Jesse Marshall

    If this had been one second longer I would have yelled conspiracy

  51. Krafty

    Always dope. Not really sure why your views have got all fucked up but it's great to see you still posting!

  52. gardenhead420

    WTF did we just witness?? Brooooooo! or for the rest of you, Brruuuuuuuhhh!! Wax is just plain out stupid with the bars.(PERIOD!) Even after hearing this track from the get-go, I am still catching S#!t I didn't from before... Dude is straight godsend with the flows! And to top it off without sounding biased, he is also a chill dude!

  53. BlueMaxxW

    I'm always happy when WAX drops more records.

  54. Xavier Brenneman

    the man still got it

  55. Swinston 310

    that was fire

  56. Keith Fox

    By the way I bought Wax tickets to a place two hours away and got a hotel room, turns out it was a mistake and they were using your photo to sell tickets. Got a refund, but still missing what I came for bro. Hope to see you around central or north Ohio sometime, keep rocking those hits.

  57. Keith Fox

    One of my favorite songs by favorite artist, but why am I just seeing this? Thanks youtube for Wax-blockin me

  58. John Lennon

    The beat fire tho

  59. EpicUltraKingSmizzy

    This song and lackadaisical are my fav on the album, shit, that whole album is my fav

  60. Willie Wang


  61. tuanisthename

    wax is good

  62. Demetrio Landeros

    Oxnard, Cali represent

  63. Demetrio Landeros

    Love you, brother

  64. FiveMinTalks

    I was always wondering why wax and lildicky never made a song or two together?

  65. Chris Carson

    your girl must be 4 out of 5 cuz she always recommends oral, B.

  66. Matt Dawson

    Most underrated.

  67. sergio elyseo

    wax u da best keep put ill keep listening 🤘

  68. Mack Grant

    So underrated, I wish more people were fucking with this!

  69. PerfectlyChaotic

    I think I found you 6-8 years ago...and it's so good to see how far you've come! I literally fell in love😍 with you from the first video we seen of yours! Keep it up!👏🏽👌🏽

  70. Barry Strohl

    wax the killa

  71. cad swa

    now thats some fucking music

  72. Blag Flag

    yes so dope

  73. David Castillo

    sorry I couldn't stay awake.U ALWAYS DESERVE POSITIVE COMMENTS.LaterMasturbator!!

  74. high diego

    he looks baked haha

  75. 10Chills

    Some go some change but Wax will always stay the same!

  76. GJO95

    Dude I love wax he brings me happiness as crazy as that sounds fuck the bullshit

  77. JayroyMusic


  78. Owen Ness

    this is so great!

  79. Clayton Kilgore

    mann. you gotta come out to the 757 again. hampton roads needs mike! bring it back to the Mcgreger days

  80. Cali Queen

    sexiest nerd ever!

  81. Herp All Day

    Pussy on the road like a feral cat 😂😭

  82. MonkGoneGamer

    Legend has it if you like this comment Mr Wax will reply.😉

  83. steezbird

    it has been so ridiculously long since i heard a new feel-good hiphop track that makes my soul smile like this. thanks wax

  84. Scott T


  85. Brus Lji

    WHAT A BOSS!!!

  86. ENZO

    I'm glad I found you because your music is so positive and your talent is amazing I appreciate the shit you do, honestly I hope I could kick it with you one day

  87. XTheSonofTheSunX

    fuckin ruling it, like always.

  88. OJ Pimpson

    is this the same wax as the guy who made the song bloodsweat and aisle 10?

  89. Ian Katz

    Tonight in NYC!!!!!!!!

  90. Pineapple Jugo

    underrated asf

  91. Zach Bink

    Am I the only one who thinks a wax x chris webby track would be the illest

    Tyler Springstube

    absolutely not I think it would be interesting I like webby and wax both very skilled artists

  92. Wrench life 604

    More music. Wax is backk

  93. Trey Dissolution

    The best there is.