Wax - Lackadaisical Lyrics

Just woke up man, let's do this shit

On my good time shit
Like Janet in her youth
Laid back on a hammock in the booth
No offense to Jesus but dammit I'm the truth
But that sweet talk stuff could cause damage to your tooth
That cavity rap get you rapidly smacked
I happily attack since I got my faculties back
But I don't get up
Drive-by slap from a bucket seat
Smoothly disguised but a rugged beat
Like a last minute shoulder check
Of the approaching threat of a wide cobra neck
You don't really know it til it grips you
Knocking on the studio door before it hits you
You'd've thought there was an octagon there
Pull the curtain up to reveal a papasan chair
I grill you up a superb chop of veal
Little did you know that it would be your last meal

A leaf floating by in the wind
But that leaf might puncture your skin
Seaweed out in the waves
Like a lion at the zoo behaves

I exist in a timeless mist
Where there's no time to get violent or wild and pissed
I dismiss that roller coaster ride turbulent-ness
And keep a whole host of vibes at a tournament list
Retiring the signature, vet of sports
Old geezer by the miniature tennis courts
Between sets fresh mango juice
Shoe string's tight but the kango loose
And every old folks' home here to Boca Raton
For rocking vocals like I'm Joseph Ramone
Today's jazz clarinet and tomorrow's freestyle rhyme
But in the meanwhile I'm bumping the beat sent from E in my Sentra B
Essentially illest of the century
If they don't mention me with the greats
I ain't gonna hate
Hatefulness ain't one of my traits

A leaf floating by in the wind
But that leaf might puncture your skin
Seaweed out in the waves
Like a lion at the zoo behaves

The half Burger King half IKEA
Brand new thing but it's a bad idea
If you work in here you should have a staff ID
And don't holler at the moon before I have my tea
For real though, how happy can a bad guy be?
I keep it dark in the middle like a black eyed pea
I'm at the VIP
I see MBG
I like to go see them
And see if they see me
I'm at the Rollie [?]
Sippin' a yogi tea
It's karaoke night
I'm picking ODB
Send emojis please
Baggie, I pickpocket trophies
Wondering if Urcle and Nad are still homies
It must get lonely in the bowels of space
Rapping crop circles, all the local cows escape
I'm at my aunty house she made a thousand k
She heard my new LP, she said it sounded great
And I'm lackadaisical

The glycemic index of Froot Loops is somewhere between 69 and 74 depending on which glycemic index you look at. These are highly processed grains, that really are not good for you in the first place. And then they add insult to injury with things like yellow 6 and blue number 2, these artificial colors again are something we wanna avoid, especially when we talk about things that we're going to be giving to our children

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Wax Lackadaisical Comments
  1. hype love vlogs


  2. PrezPoet


  3. Michael Angelo

    madvillain vibes from that beat

  4. Presto Ernesto

    imagine this song with palmer squares in it also. 🔥🔥✌

  5. jay sohappy

    I find herbal t and dumbfoundead to be lackadaisacal as well they should spit some fire to this beat

    Presto Ernesto

    palmer squares!

  6. Devan Salazar

    HUGE fan from Saskatoon, SK. Definitely come here 1 day Wax, been watching you since the beginning!

  7. stephanie williams

    Kill jill

  8. bco187kill

    I wonder Ignignokt and err are still homies

  9. Andrew Ponce

    so is that laugh Skull Kid?

  10. iiiEyEZz

    Unlimited internet so i can listen to the album off youtube to stream on the car thank you extra money worth it 😬👍🏻

  11. 8-BitAlphaPunk

    I NEED the instrumental

  12. Presto Ernesto

    pickpocket trophy!!!!

  13. Presto Ernesto

    its half burger king and its half ikea

  14. F U

    Beat drops hard, Wax is crazy af as usual. Annnnd First line of Mike Eagle is just so mesmerizing haha

  15. DABeardedHippy

    i just found about this album is there any way to illegally pirate this until I get paid wednesday

  16. Jesse Crispy

    yo respond to your fans wax

  17. Justin Hunsaker

    thats not over medium fam, you burnt my eggs with that fire

  18. bennykell3

    Favourite so far

  19. bennykell3

    This is fire!! So dope, the beat the bars!!!!

  20. Elizzle Stove

    lackadaisical is one of my new favorite words

  21. Jesse Dewhurst

    open mike eagle is the best rapper of all time he just is

  22. Ally Marrufo

    fuck yea ! some tour dates out here in inland or beach cities hoping man

  23. Xaiver

    EOM fuck yeahhhhh

  24. My Other Ex-girlfriend

    this is that shit ive been wanting since ive heard of both you fuckers, whens the milo and Wax collab coming???

    Joshua Moreno

    wax🔥 and anderson .paak🔥 would be flamesss🔥


    they do have multiple songs. But it was when Anderson .paak was under the name "Breezy Lovejoy"

    Joshua Moreno

    +chrlau1628 cellphone was the summer hit


    +Joshua Moreno Cellphone, Feels Good, Summer Breeze, Wine, I'm on It

    Presto Ernesto

    wax speak collaboration would be fiiiillllthy

  25. ders

    been waiting for this collab

  26. Rizz

    Respect for the notorious W.A.X !

  27. marino4691

    the beat


    EOM bringing the heat.

    Andrew Weaver

    his shit is chunky

  28. Mos Def

    come to montreal, fuck a ban

  29. Mos Def