Wax - I Got It Lyrics

(If you listenin' to this on a low volume
Just hit skip, skip this song
Otherwise turn it up)

You lose, I'm the best
Your crews a snooze fest
My style was hatched inside of a cool coos nest
I could choose to rest on my laurels
Sit back, sip yak, and smoke [?]
But to always seem to have something off my chest
And these words pop in my head it is genetics I guess
And plus rappers are pathetic at best I must say
I'm surprised they put that shit up on public display
It's as if they don't try they just sorta slide by
With the sorta rhymes I
Would be mortified by
Ey ey
Them bars that you cherish
Make me wanna ask you
"Aren't you embarrassed?"
To get familiar with the typa joy my vocals spark
Take off work today and go walk in your local park
I'm like the melody of a metal lark soothing
The catalyst of a mood swing bitch

I got it
Yea yea
If I got beats I ain't goin' nowhere
Mothafucka I got it
Yes yes
You ain't never heard a mothafucka this fresh
Little homie I got it
Yea yea
If I got beats I ain't goin' nowhere
Don' worry about it
Yes yes
You ain't never heard a mothafucka this fresh

Hotel motel holiday inn
My show sells so well I gotta play again
I do play to win
Judge me like you Ruth Bader Ginsburg
The exhilarating words that I rhyme
Make your mental device release endorphins
It's like parental advice
I might offend orphans
Buried in your fricken seratonin
Card carryin' barbarian compared to Conan I
Listen to rap snootily like I'm wine tastin'
Usually come to the conclusion that I'm time wastin'
"Is it over yet?" lookin' at my watch
Am I not sober yet I could go for another scotch
Won a bet like Midler
You greener than the riddler
And if the roofs on fire then I'm hotter than the fiddler
You a fuckin thumb twiddler
I take action
Insert photo of my face captioned:

I got it
Yea yea
If I got beats I ain't goin nowhere
Mothafucka I got it
Yes yes
You ain't never heard a mothafucka this fresh
Little homie I got it
Yea yea
If I got beats I ain't goin' nowhere
Don' worry about it
Yes yes
You ain't never heard a mothafucka this fresh

Alright yo, check it out right here
Ooh yes, I confess, I'm blessed
I gotta pinesol sheen and a lemony zest
Hella finesse, breath Colgate, Crest aqua fresh
Like a Dead Kennedy's patch on the back of a denim vest
I'm badass
Tell me who [?]
I'm hotter than droppin' Polliwogs on your mom's chest
We can Netflix and chill
And then we can have sex to my VHS box set of Faces of Death
Ayo bet
I'm maniacal when I be bustin'
My style's mad retarded 'cause I've had four concussions
Holdin' my nuts scoldin' a punk is how I function
If you don't know my name
Let's end with an introduction
J is for juvenile
A is for asinine asshole
R is for ridiculous ass flows
V is for very, very, very, very dope
If you didn't know guts, now you know, mothafucka

I got it
Yea yea
If I got beats I ain't goin' nowhere
Yes yes
You ain't never heard a mothafucka this fresh
Yea yea
If I got beats I ain't goin' nowhere
Mothafucka I got it
Yes yes
You ain't never heard a mothafucka this fresh

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Wax I Got It Comments
  1. Tyler Mada

    Dude$!!! Jarv and Wax

  2. How Mor

    just seen him in Greeley Colorado... Wax is at his best right now. If he sees you in the crowd.. he acknowledges you. Try to get that from EMINEM. He dont rap like hes somethings hes not. Go see him... he will see you back!

  3. Brendan Doslea

    This some of the fuckin best shit in a hot minute!! Like wow!!!

  4. Glok 713

    Songs like this make me wanna hang out with u smoke a bowl and chill with u for a week. I'd come back all sorts of motivated. And I know that's what u want out of this too. I would love it dude. I don't even rap. But I could if u heard me sing

  5. Howard Ewing

    So dank!

  6. jake macpherson

    Wax is the most underrated in the game...

  7. Krylonn Joel

    I literally been waiting for this collab 😁

  8. Hades XX95

    How can I send you some beats????

  9. Bruin Productions

    This shit is way too fresh

  10. matthew stroy

    Roast beef!!!.... how about a back flip snap kick.. Oddmechanical..on that...hot s#$%. Ooooh .hit um with...hot s#÷$...

  11. SweetLeaf Binder

    It might just be me... but Jarv gives me this pest vibe....like the john leguizamo pest....and i fucking love it ❣

  12. Brandon Atwood

    Damn goat qualities displayed artistically! Wax is definitely GOT BARS!

  13. Billy Cruz

    Helll ya wax 🔥

  14. SweetLeaf Binder

    You wanna bet...like midler 😂😂❣❣

  15. ato mato


  16. Brad52883

    If you down voted kill yourself lol

  17. Tre Curt

    Oh fuck, it's happening folks

  18. queenpxn

    classic wax, i missed this sound.

  19. Justin Leon

    Caliente 🌊🌊🌊

  20. IAmMrWaCK

    :-: This was one of the best Recommended Tracks I think I've ever had pop up on my YT Feed.

    Edit: REPEAT!!

  21. MomChill Yordanov

    I always knew this was bound to happen at some point.

  22. Abstract Approach

    Juvenile Asinine asshole Ridiculas Ass flows Very very very very dope. ...... Long name

  23. Amazingly.Anna42 O

    So flipping chill... sit back n relax Big Wax Gots it

  24. Monty

    everytime Jarv drops a bar his hair grows longer

  25. Bufo Alvarez

    The beat is nasty as it gets. What?

  26. Andrew Diaz


  27. marty

    sucha goody

  28. Haley Sahara

    fucking love this Wax. Ive been with ya since your first album! keep em coming

  29. ParadoxAssassin

    Yeah, yeAh

  30. Lincoln Lloyd

    throw these 2 on a psquares song n its a wrap!

  31. M B

    2 of THE BEST! This is so dope!

  32. Zach M

    Both of you?!? Legendary!!

  33. Neil Crocker

    Fuck yeah! Jarv getting some love!

  34. pawlo beats

    Card carrying barbarian..... stealing bars from term......

  35. Cody Julian

    If you get to be on a song with WAX you know you’ve made it and “Got it”! Much love from Canada Alberta!

  36. David KaZm Ramsey

    DY casa

  37. Sam Wh

    This exactly the type of Wax music I long for. Love that funky oldschool vibe!

  38. lawrence shadow

    awesome collab

  39. Austin Jossart

    So good

  40. Eddie M's

    Mother fucker you got it! 🔥💯🌊🌊

  41. Alex Walker

    Fuck YES

  42. Joe Ryan

    Wax = G.O.AT. Come visit Chicago again, lets party brother!

    Joe Ryan

    P.s. wax you need another with Anderson .paac and doumbfounded

  43. Glenn Strunk

    Yo shouts to Term from TPS for the card carryin barbarian line

  44. curt sharp

    Super dope Jarv and Wax killed it

  45. Poor Bill

    Whaaaaat you Jarv on a track together?! Holy shit!

  46. J[x]NNY ACE

    Wooowwww!!!!!!!! "Parental Advised, I might offend orphans" this whole track is just stupid dope!!!!

  47. Royce York

    I never thought I'd say this but... a feature goes harder than Wax on his on track. And don't get me wrong, Wax's verses are dope as hell.

    Poop Trashbucket

    He was dope, but no.. just no

  48. Patrick Joyce

    the catalyst of a moodswing

  49. Chris Elm

    Yooo fuckin fire!!!! 🔥🔥 I love the collab!

  50. Granics

    Wax keeping this summer hot with all this magma he's spewing

  51. Benjamin Waldman

    Keep killin it Wax

  52. Kevin L

    That Sebastian sample was smooooth

  53. MrBillSasquatch

    hell yeah

  54. Reggy Forman

    Wax and Jarv together is YouTube underground peanut butter and jelly. 🔥🔥♥️♥️

  55. Benny Bananza

    wax is the greatest he's dropping the latest !!! don't think its hard well he featured jarv

  56. Fitness tes Fesses

    Yo I just can't wait for this album !!

  57. Tuperovski

    Its nice you drop these on fridays, another weeks passed and we are rewarded with that sweet sweet wax.

  58. Harley Pletz

    Smoke up my friends

  59. Ian Caines

    Fuck yeah! With Jarv!

  60. Mario Cantu

    Damn wax you dropping gems thanks homie i need more new shit with substance and i have a feeling this album is just what im missing. This shit reminds me of eviction notice i bumped every song on that album spring of 2012. Shiiiiit still do

  61. zingiestmeerkat

    Wax brings the heat again, friday'sss are going to be the best this summer

  62. Killa Bee

    You've done it again Wax... You've done it again. Keep up the great work.

  63. Joey Ott

    Fire in the hole 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  64. Seventh Trumpet Tattoos

    Smooth as butter... loving the new jams!

  65. Grimmm

    Having thos big party and this is gonna play👌
    Jarv plus wax is fucking insane

  66. Cody O'Brien

    Fuck yes, Friday is the best day of the week now.

  67. logan Solomon

    Damn this is an il tune

  68. One Love Gaming

    I like this

  69. Alan Lacosse

    Wax and jarv? Oh man wasn't expecting that. This is gonna be dope as fuck.

  70. wholesofparodox

    Just made my summer. Let's gooooo

  71. Gonzo Waters

    Who the fuck disliked this? How can one dislike such dopeness?

  72. Chris crumbles

    Fuck yes !!! Jarv

  73. David Swenson

    thank you for making music big Wax.

  74. Alex Miller

    My two all time favorite rappers, unbelievable. I thought it was a joke when I woke up this morning.

  75. nadjiwanj

    My top two favorite artists in the game. Dream come true! Please Wax and Jarv do lots of music together. A whole album is something this world needs!

  76. BishiWill

    What a combo!


    now waiting for the palmer squares and jarv collab!

  77. xUPxINxSMOKEx

    I was just thinking these two would light shit on fire together!! Wax this is fucking awesome man!!!

  78. Why Google?

    Get Logic on a track and it’ll explode

  79. breakfast face

    Caught me way off guard ... Was not expecting wax to ft jarv .. this is legendary ..

  80. Warren Hartman

    Never heard of Jarv, but he reminds me of Cage at what I consider his peak.

  81. SweetLeaf Binder

    This is great...💛💚💙 damn right you got it.....you always will❣
    Faces of death...nice 😂

  82. Dodger Gaming

    I'm a simple man. Wax releases a new song I like and share.

  83. anakin psywalker

    he's got it was the first thought i had when i listened to wax 8 years ago, is what i thought over the years and is what i still think now. this tune rings straight from L.A to Lübeck 🔥🔥

  84. Yannick Rothenbühler

    Exactly what I needed today! Thank you Wax🔥🙏🏼😀

  85. RipEat Afender

    Damn its gonna be a good day! Thanks for making Fridays even better!!

  86. Jon KS

    This beat makes me smile a big smile ear to ear while bobbing my head 😁fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  87. Presto Ernesto

    Sounds kinda hard at normal speed. Check it out

    Those GMV Guys

    No duh. That's how it's meant to be heard.

    Presto Ernesto

    @Those GMV Guys how sure are you? Maybe you should ask wax!

  88. Jacob Fancy

    Wax AND Jarv.. the combination we didnt know we needed ✌😎🔥

  89. Nick XL

    damn ive known of jarv since he wasn't really gettin views, this is dope


    Nick XL dope comment 🤫🤫🤫🤫

    Nick XL

    @Pat hey go fuck yourself, pal

  90. Corey Rees

    Wax and Jarv??? Never clicked on anything so fast in my life

    M B

    You're not alone!

  91. Devon Drake

    2 absolute legends.🔥🔥🔥

  92. CoincidentalBandit

    godly collab! palmer squares also woulda been so nice

    One Love

    Palmer squares=💩

  93. josh

    yes yesss!

  94. Tyvan Hardy

    Wax is an unnoticed icon

  95. Joey Weavver

    Fire 🔥