Wax - Hang Glider Lyrics

I'm a hang glider
Glidin' with the will of the wind
A hang glider rider
Landing point to be determined

I've never really hung glided before but I'd imagine
That when you're up in the sky you ain't thinkin' 'bout crashin'

I'm nothing like a seagull
Seagulls were intended to fly
The thing about people
We always find a way to get high

Would you rather be flyin' or would you rather keep standin'
Wait forever to die or have a fast crash landin'

That plane sound
Came at just the right time
I jam with nature
I jam with the cityscapes

To be a hang glider
First you gotta jump off a cliff
The next thing you gotta do is just
Hold on tight while you drift

There ain't no engines and there ain't no captain
There's no controllin' the wind you never know what might happen

The world gets quiet
When you hang glidin' around
There's no anxiety
You left your bullshit back on the ground

Strap me in to that apparatus
And watch me fly and possibly drown

I've never really hung glided before but I'd imagine
That when you're up in the sky it ain't nothin' but rock'n'roll baby
And you ain't never comin' down

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Wax Hang Glider Comments
  1. coka cola

    TRUE... when i listen to this i leave my bullshit behind

  2. TheNIX001

    Amazing dude

  3. Logan Roberts

    We want more!

  4. Andrew Merk

    This song makes me think of king of random now ....

  5. Justin Chappell

    Anyone that disliked this has a pea brain

  6. SweetLeaf Binder

    The 3 people who disliked this have no soul ❣

  7. Steven L

    Missing the airplane interruption in the middle, such a gangsta moment that was left out from the original live recording you did the first time. Still a great song though! Loving it all the way!


    🔥 🔥 🔥 Love from Detroit

  9. Petey Parkz

    I ordered 2 tshirts and a bottle opener from you. I would have preordered this album if the option was available. I'll definitely be buying a physical copy if and when you planning to put it out!

  10. Nermak Black

    Wax my man; I Love how in touch you are with them. Those who listen will hear, am I right? Much love for you doin you no matter what - Nermak & Bix Wax on a track 2025

  11. stephanie williams

    Awe fuck it

  12. stephanie williams

    Thank the winds

  13. Joel Varela

    I’m proud of you, Michael. It’s been quite the journey so far. Keep-keepin’-on, brotha. In everything you do. Hope to see you live soon. Much respect from PA.

  14. Travis Peterson

    Cheers to the pilot!!!!

  15. SweetLeaf Binder

    I needed this this morning ....❣

  16. juan flores

    It ain't be much but everyone who listens to this can truly appreciate someone who is very much underrated

    william hermel

    Wax ,Herbal T, DfD, and the palmer squares are the most underrated artists out there today all their stuff is fire


    Please never stop making music <3

  18. TheOfficialLardVader

    Dude... this album is almost certainly gonna be an instant cop for me.

  19. Alan Calvillo

    I'm on a Hang Glider.

  20. ato mato


  21. snes

    Maybe it's cause I'm baked as fuck but I particularly enjoyed this one, cheers people.

  22. Aɢɢʀᴏ

    Not something expected from Wax going from the Facebook song to this but I’m not complaining this song is mellow.

    Poop Trashbucket

    Wax can't be put in a box, he's always jumped around and mixed genres. That's part of the reason he's my favorite current artist, and one of the only people I actually pay for their music in addition to seeing live.

  23. Brian Wilson

    I've wanted a studio version of this for so long man can finally really hear it! Hope that plane sounds still in here lol how perfect was that?

  24. SweetLeaf Binder

    This is a deep fucking song.......💚

  25. SweetLeaf Binder

    I just love hearing you sing ....😌

  26. A Name

    Bruh you said you never hang glided before but you doin it right there in the album art

    Alan Lacosse

    Lmfao 😂

  27. Idk I just work here man

    So glad this ones on it. Been jamming the video to this so much lately

  28. Jonathan Smith

    Awesome! I remember the original that you did in the backyard. I miss the guitar beats tho

  29. MayThe4c3

    Drinking my coffee and listening

  30. Ian Getchell

    Now if you do one for Ranch Dresing ill straight up shit my pants

  31. July Duran

    Yo wax love it. Why is your song "crazy ones" not on youtube anymore

  32. Fillup 82

    My whole life I thought it was "hand glider".

    Mind bottling isn't it.

    Brandon Atwood

    Well paid

  33. Kapital Smalls

    You are a true musician wax. I'm digging this week's drops!!

  34. Samurai Medi

    We always find a way to get high 😗💨

  35. Jacob Fancy

    Keep flying waximus 😎🤘

  36. AZ Battle School

    I mean it’s cool just ... way dif than expected

    Herp All Day

    AZ Battle School and you are complaining? Or what?

    AZ Battle School

    Herp All Day just unexpected like when you are craving a burger all day, and some good pizza is on the table % wyd it’s good, just not the taste I was expecting.

    Herp All Day

    AZ Battle School put the blunt down child

  37. Doob

    Are you at war with bowling for soup?

  38. distill

    Big Wax

  39. Cobra Commander

    To be a hang glider first you got to jump off a cliff the next thing you got to do is just hold on tight while you drift

  40. xUPxINxSMOKEx

    I jam with nature... I jam with the cityscapes!

  41. xUPxINxSMOKEx

    I am so STOKED that this is what you put out for the acoustic week!!! One of my all favorites, best yet good sir and there all top noch!!!

  42. Brent M.

    My roommate farted just now and its humid as fuck. Hang glider helped me get through this, Thanks Wax!

  43. Yesta_fiesta

    Its a honor being one if the very first listners. Super cool. Im pretty lit rn. Buzzlightyear vibe forsure.

  44. Joe Gresser

    Listening at work

  45. Matt Stanislen

    bong packed, I'm flyin' high with ya on this one Mr. waxman.

    Uncle Ryan YouTube

    Same. Bong packed,cali OG ready to listen

  46. Michael Espinosa

    Smoking and drinking to this jam and it feels good man!!!

  47. Michael Espinosa

    Summer jam fasho!!! Keep it up WaX!!!

  48. Herp All Day

    You the man wax!!

  49. Dan 662

    Pimpin on WAX