Wax - Good Feeling Lyrics

I got a good feelin' 'bout today
Like everything is gonna go my way
Ain't got no rhyme or reason
I don't know
I just got a good feelin'

The birds are singin', yeah they all in good spirits
But today it's as if I can understand their lyrics
They be singin' 'bout the sun and how they love it when it shines
And the bees be buzzin', havin' nothin' but good times

And it almost seems like nothing could go wrong
It seems like I am right where I belong
So if I seem extra glad it's 'cause of this feeling that I have, yeah

I got a good feelin' 'bout today, yodel-ay-hee-hoo
Like everything is gonna go my way
And I hope it do
Ain't got no rhyme or reason
I don't know
I just got a good feelin'

This feeling that I have I don't know if it's got a purpose
It's hard to put my finger on it like a hot surface
I'm a child at the playground standing on top of the slide
About to make my way down and it's gonna be quite a ride
The current's runnin' through me like the engine of a Tesla
I'm higher than the flyer of a single engine Cessna
Feelin' extra extra, you can read about me
When I got this feelin' there's no reason you should doubt me

And it almost seems like nothing could go wrong (Ayy)
It seems like I am right where I belong
So if I seem extra glad it's 'cause of this feeling that I have, yeah

I got a good feelin' 'bout today (Ha)
Like everything is gonna go my way
Ain't got no rhyme or reason
I don't know
I just got a good feelin'
I don't know
I just got a good feelin'

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Wax Good Feeling Comments
  1. Pembroke United Methodist Church

    A good one for a music video

  2. SweetLeaf Binder

    Ive had this on repeat for days.....❣

  3. SweetLeaf Binder

    That yodel tho 😍💚

  4. Presto Ernesto

    I got that feeling today👍👍

  5. Timothy Lewis

    Dude collab with Kristoff Krane. That would be absolutely legendary.

  6. rendr fio

    Thanks wax!!

  7. Swags456

    Wax come back to Cleveland Ohio!! I need to see you live again!

  8. Andrew Diaz

    Yo da lay he hooo

  9. Sonny Sinclair

    Love it. Jammin still ❤️

  10. samallen22

    Love this song. I listened to your backyard version a couple of months ago then I got a call for a job interview and got the job. So now this is my start the day off right song.

  11. yougotmike

    Playing this through out the day on the 4th!

  12. Justin Brown

    This album is going to be so good. Every song you’re putting out recently has such a great vibe.

  13. Okayman

    Just in time for pride

  14. Jon KS

    Love it

  15. Carl Conroy

    Man I'm so glad you just keep making music! Really brightens my life.

  16. Poop Trashbucket

    Love this. Nobody does this type of music like Wax does it. Uplifting good vibes stuff

  17. Julian Rodriguez

    Love this song when id go in to work id play this song

  18. mrgoat02

    solid track. My ears and heart thank you! Keep it up man.

  19. kriz zirk

    God this is amazing. Thanks for blessing us

  20. J[x]NNY ACE

    Yo.... How is WAX still getting better and better? This is fuckin dope

  21. johnroyYHZ

    Soundtrack for life, wha!!!

  22. EpsilonThirteen

    Fuckin' love this song since I first heard it a lil while back

  23. Benjamin Waldman

    The good vibes make this song a total bop

  24. The Farmacy Seeds Network

    Yes! This is going on my "reboot my mind" list.. When I have a bad day from now on.. This is my re-calibration.

  25. KingCandymanz

    Love your feel good music man

  26. luisneumannp

    Am I the only one who likes this more than the "main" song today?

  27. josh6557

    Hell yeah brotha

  28. Kai

    I saw this was released when I woke up and it was the first thing I heard all day

  29. Ali Shah

    This is dope! Welcome back Wax, you've been missed.

    Kyle McMahon

    wax never went anywhere

  30. Jeff O

    Is it just me or is this not on Spotify ?

  31. Lukas Schnelling

    Much love from Germany. Saw you live in a Town called Munster. Was a damn pleasure being able to talk to you and EOM. Never forget that day

    Herp All Day


  32. GoContour

    Dig the back up ladies!

  33. njr

    I mean, seriously....who downvoted this?

  34. Eddy Jackson

    Vibes 🔥

  35. Shawn Drew

    Summer Jam

  36. Wildflower361

    Broooooo 😭😭😭😭 I was fkn hoping he would make a single out of this backyard jam. And its sooo good 😍😍😍😍

  37. Queenofdubstep

    Still one of my favs

  38. Belle G

    Coming out on a Friday? Now that's a good way to start the weekend :)

  39. erick leon

    youre the best !!!

  40. Manmeet Singh

    First person to drop acid to this


    What about already having dosed before this and stumbling across it while trippin? Cause I'm exactly that

  41. iDealaeDi

    I feel like these songs are so good at their rawest form in your backyard or in the car but then the released versions are so over produced and seem to not be mixed very well. 🤷🏼‍♂️ just my opinion which very well could be a very uneducated one. You’re still the dopest ever I just think these recorded tracks stifle you’re greatness for somebody who’s never heard of you before. I’d much rather show them the other versions.

  42. Mr. Anonymous

    smoking wax while jamming to wax!

  43. Owen Haroon

    I hope when my songs drop ill get half the welcoming you do big man thank you for carrying me through my life so far soldier keep on keeping on hold tight Love from Owen (British maynnnn)

  44. Yannick Rothenbühler

    What better way to start summer break! Got a good feeling 🌼

  45. Petey Machete Muziq

    Song made me feel good on my drive to work had to listen again to feel good about actually working now

  46. Justin M

    acoustic rap is a lovely genre

  47. 100%CanadianMapleStirUp!

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeh-start off my day with WAX fresh from his ear to mine! SICK

    #BestYouKnow #KickAssComeBack #MikesBackTellAFriend. @waxandherbalt- Thank you! DO YOUR PODCAST AGIEN ITS DOPE!

  48. Balázs Szeidl

    for some reason, every time i started to randomly sing this song, i had a terrible day after that
    but i still keep singing because it's an awesome song :D

  49. YaBoyGreggy

    Big Wax killing em

  50. staybile

    This makes me happy I stayed up past midnight!

  51. Joey Weavver


  52. Shock2YoSystem

    Good feelin' bout today

  53. Pedro D. Flores

    FUCK YESS! This is as good as the acoustic version!

  54. Nego Crusher

    Wax is the best.

  55. Martin Manweiler

    Love the vibes on this one

  56. seamonster4554

    Such a chill album

  57. Joe Gresser

    Love this one!!

  58. Rob Raps

    Two weeks ago I was hecka bummed cause I didn’t have much in my calendar this summer BUT here I am second Friday of this Summer of Wax and I was looking forward to it all week and gonna get my vibe on this weekend!

  59. Rob Raps

    Yo da lay eeeeee whoooo

  60. Kevin Mendez

    Every song is fire

    The Irish Potato

    I agree amd most if not all have some meaning.

  61. TheOsu22

    It's big Wax, the best I know

  62. milk mon

    Chill braw

  63. Michael Espinosa

    Love this track, one of them feel good songs

  64. Grant Lomas

    It's Friday! I got a good feelin' bout today.

    Chris Whalley

    Grant Lomas, agree, perfect start to the day!

  65. Roemann Goldstein

    Awwwww yeah!