Wax - Better Than Normal Lyrics

Much like that plane that you can kinda hear
In the faint distance in the sky
I used to always be high
I used to smoke a lot of weed, y'all
A lot of weed I used to smoke
And I still do partake, I still partake in marihuana
But I don't smoke like I used to, man
And I've come to find out that when you don't smoke all the time
You enjoy it more when you do, you know
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder
And I think that's also true of weed
So the other day, the other day I was high
And kinda feelin' the vibe and I wrote this little song
It's like a little ode to bein' high

I hear the bees buzzing more than they normally buzz
I feel the sun shining stronger than it normally does
I think the roses smell better than they normally do
'Cause everything seems better than normal when I'm with you

I think the seats seem more comfortable when you're in my car
And the red lights seem way shorter than they normally are
The other drivers smile more often than they normally do
'Cause everything seems better than normal when I'm with you

But now my only issue
Is when you're gone things are a bit off
Like when I go to sleep not with you
My mattress does not seem as soft

I hear the bees buzzing more than they normally buzz
I feel the sun is shining stronger than it normally does
I think that the roses smell better than they normally do
Yeah, yeah
'Cause everything seems better than normal when I'm with
-thing seems better than normal when I'm with
-thing seem better than normal when I'm with you

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Wax Better Than Normal Comments
  1. Paul Duran

    Dude love the music

  2. Timothy Lewis

    Frank Sinatra, Beatles and Beach Boys.

  3. piano shack


  4. MadGamingDude

    love these new tracks. reminds me of your continue album.

  5. Ravenclaw KC [sniper]

    I want to like this but the sound effects are so corny that I can't. Great song tho, bump the original acoustic version.

  6. Robert Virgint

    420th like on a wax vid my life is now complete

  7. Nalyd yelworc

    Pumped for this.

  8. Michael Espinosa

    This song makes me feel like I’m in a Walt Disney cartoon


    🔥 Dope track. Love how you do that shit. Love from Detroit.

  10. bojangles322

    hot fucking fire

  11. nunya bidness

    Man can you rap over one of my beats. That would be crazy. specifically watch?v=dgHdothLBTA

  12. Julian PRT

    It was better before... EOM I miss U

  13. letshearyourverse


  14. Erin

    when they turn my life into a musical this song will be in it

  15. bioshocked100

    I like this :)

  16. Robobert .official

    Great Stuff! GREAT! I love the simplicity. Yo WAX, sound Effects and instrumentation with the harmony is amazing! Thank you! So much for your dedication I know a donation would speak my gratitude in louder volumes however


    I don't get high often...but did just before hearing this...and it's magic

  18. odd_duk

    I simply am not able to express how exquisite I find this. *Heel Click*

  19. Alan Calvillo

    now I'm Better Than Normal from the start.

  20. TheJointBlog

    Fucking awesome. The diversity in your songs is impressive.

  21. ato mato


  22. Fierce Light

    Such an awesome song, was listening to it for the first time with my girlfriend, now it's gonna remind me of her hahah
    Thanks again for such an awesome display of talent man, you are so awesome, wish I had the chance to travel to the US to one of your shows :(

  23. Tony Tortellini

    You gotta sell this song to Disney or some company like that. I could definitely see this in a children’s movie.

  24. B Frizzy

    finally! i had to rip this off youtube to play in my car before LOL

  25. Thomas Coupland

    Purely positive vibes! So good. I Needed that. Summer lovin

    Thomas Coupland

    Wax - you have an old soul man. Great music

  26. superp25

    Sounds like it comes from an old Hollywood musical. Totally here for it. Well done.

  27. Vince romero

    the five thumbs down are queef sniffers...song is great

  28. SweetLeaf Binder

    Awe 😍❣ this melts my heart❣

  29. Eddy Jackson

    Need these T shirts 🔥

  30. Brian Goodspeed

    Wax is comfortable making any type of music

    j.j johns

    After a couple decades of practice. I would agree wax is like bill murray just gets better with age

  31. Idk I just work here man

    “I hear them buzz”

  32. Joshua Dunseth

    Thought it was more of a new song deal . But these studio versions are cool. Just meeeh .

  33. Litavius Munn

    You a goat and if you don't mind me asking when are you going to be making a another song like coins just spitting bars


    peep "station break" that i just put out last week

    Justin Kurasz

    Lmao Was just about to type that wax!!!! Station break was fire!! That jumping jahosafats line.... Your a god wax

    Cobra Commander

    waxandherbalt looking forward to that new album homie

  34. Tim Ricketson

    Great song, like the acoustic version soooo much better though

  35. Abdu Abdullah


  36. CrackerMac

    Nice one

  37. Uncle Ryan YouTube

    Dude has talent. Not just a rapper. Not that rap doesn't take talent. Js

  38. Nick Luke

    Ugh trash ur guitar.

  39. Bart

    Thanks for making the summer more enjoyable than it already is WAX!

  40. Jorge

    Love this tune bro.

  41. Senk Yoghurt

    oh shit!!!! fucken banger

  42. One Love

    Smoke some oil crack an IPA and watch the squirrels to this shit.

  43. Craig Gilkerson

    Was hoping this one would be on the album!

  44. Kevin L

    YEAAAH. yo wax, Meatless in Seattle got taken down for some reason or another. Basically I can't watch it without going on Facebook. Can you reupload it?


    Kevin L bro ive been dm’ing him about that for months😂😂

  45. Purplereign

    feels christmassy

  46. LegitimateJuice

    Seriously so good. You've always been a great singer Wax, and everyone knows it; but you just flexed on these haters

    Ass Ypr

    What haters? Wax is loved by all! :D

  47. Larry Legendary


  48. Desoto Stew


  49. Fillup 82

    Did you just do a barbershop quartet on us?


    Fillup 82 barbershop single

  50. Mac Faerwald

    😊☺️ thank you Wax and herbal T

  51. aKawaiiLizard

    Good stuff as always, Wax. Keep it up

  52. AZ Battle School

    Whoa only 64 likes - new drop! Hmmm ? More subverted than starwars but.... somehow it sits better. I’ll come back when I’m in the mood for barbershop style ( it happens) this will hit the spot

  53. Mr Daydreamer

    Everything seems better then normal when I'm listening to wax! I needed this buddy thanks!

  54. Cobra Commander

    I think the roses smell better than they normally do cuz everything's better then normal when I'm with you

  55. Aidan Vickery

    Yooooo the acoustic stuff is finally here 🤩

  56. xUPxINxSMOKEx

    This song is just perfect bigawax!!!

  57. Krafty

    Wax always killin it, no matter the genre 🔥

  58. zelupl

    Good to hear that song on my brother's wedding day ;)

  59. Chris Field

    So happy for some new Wax❤️❤️

  60. Kyle Christiansen

    Also BARZ

  61. Kyle Christiansen

    Your an awesome musician so eclectic and simply beautiful.

  62. 龍Shun

    Great song

  63. upermans

    Wax and Max uploaded exactly the same time


    Which one?


    @Idontknow max the singer


    @upermans soo thats his name.. Max the singer is a singer named Max the Singer? Ps I'm from Germany so please excuse my narrow knowledge on "Max the singer" lol


    @Idontknow no his name is just max

  64. Kyle Christiansen


  65. Blackout Guy


    I'm so happy it's on the album! 😀

  66. Michael Espinosa

    WaX be harmonizing hahaha love it!!!

  67. Alex Alt

    Hate to say this but all the acoustic reiterarions haven't been as good as the originals imo!
    Ranch dressing, When Im Gone, Hang Glider.. which will be next I wonder? (If even at all) :)
    SCRATCH THAT, I just realised hang glider dropped too and I dig it.

  68. Andrew Diaz

    You gonna need some sunscreen, Wax

  69. Michael Espinosa

    I sing this song all the time and people look at me and laugh but with a smile hahaha love this jam wax