Wavves - Weed Demon Lyrics

Dark cave.
Dirt paved.
I love crawling.

Who are ya? [x4]

White pain.
I'd stay.
Weed cave.
Weed saves.

Who are ya? [x9]

Weed demon. [x5]

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Wavves Weed Demon Comments
  1. styrofoam pony

    im dying now

  2. dal is sad

    love this

  3. Seductive chihuahua

    wish i was at a beach hitting a bong listening to this gem but NOO IM BEHIND A FUCKING COMPUTER SCREEN SHSMEHZJWM

  4. g3rb3r NarlyNez

    at least their new stuff doesnt sound like their old stuff. thats would suck. dont get me wrong I like their old stuff more but people gotta grow n change

  5. The Loud Potions


  6. steve schlack

    there newer stuff isn't bad it's just that, New. if you don't like it then you don't like it but they're just a great band the new music will grow on you

  7. Milo Graham

    Ever since the day I first played Saints Row 3, and found out about this fucking band...

  8. Delta Co Karma

    This reminds me of Where the Wild things Are

  9. Aaron Timm

    this reminds me of radiohead lol

  10. Random MODEL

    Hierba todos los días.

  11. Ripplescape

    Just still can't get over that the band that made this is now the band that is slowly falling apart, making bland music to impress modern bland fans. Memories. Don't get me wrong, if you like Wavves and their music, it's cool. Just can't believe how much they've regressed, honestly.

    Edison Durosier

    Dude well said man. It fucking sucks

    Marilyn Wilson

    Preach! I’m here in November 2017 reminiscing of days gone by.

    Carter !

    firstly it was just one dude back then. now him and his bandmates are eating well and collecting that rockstar games royalty check. respect it

    Isaak Diamond

    Brother, you need some black magick in your life and then you'll see why Wavves writes music the way they do now.


    V is an awesome record but you’re welcome not so much

  12. Rene Cruz

    fucking brilliant

  13. Polaridade Desregulada

    Love that noise

  14. Joey Gimenez

    well. this sucks.

    Ian Carpenter

    It's all based on opinion, music, no?

  15. Joe Wilson

    This song...


    ...depressed me

    Aaron Timm

    ...Killed me

    Aubrey L

    ......is me

    Radio Friendly

    ...makes me think about running away from everyone and everything

    Reality rupture

    …is 2:39 minutes long.

  16. Dee

    My friend showed me this band and I'm absolutely in love with wavves. This band led me to a whole new side of music, and so I had to check more bands out who sound similar. They're awesome. And I thank my friend haha x)

    Mellow Jellow

    check out dead meadow

  17. zahira ribeiro


    Wombo Dombo

    zahira C

  18. sunrar

    Guitar at the beginning sounds like the velvet underground

  19. Jus' Trollin'

    *sound of afterglow*

  20. Chi_Town_RAISED

    Weeeeeeed deeeeeeeMON

  21. Will Hardcastle

    Reminds me of Caribou by The Pixies

  22. panzercat39

    @michaela coletta I did,and caught VD...BUT LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!

  23. Alex Kent

    This songs scares the shit out of me.

  24. xXjammerdrecivelaffertyXx999Z^2

    Go and begins to sing the main rhythm of the 5 Plagal chapter key. A unique major 11 chord chorus vocal harmonies, no, both tritone (would 7 11 3 ( contains tips for creating 9 minor harsh dissonance. Including ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~.


    +xXjammerdrecivelaffertyXx999Z^2 shut the fuck up nerd

  25. DeadbrainLives

    Staring out the window, too high to think straight.

  26. bravoameliabedelia

    summer 12'

  27. lauryn Diamond

    I like this song it's cool lmao

  28. michaela coletta

    id have sex with this song

    Wombo Dombo

    michaela coletta i think its a good plan

    Reality rupture

    michaela coletta Let's go

  29. GuyanaGirl00

    i'd have sex to this song

  30. Christina Butler

    Such wave west coast jammms plus great harmony

  31. DRS GR

    chxartuz what the fu_k are you smokin' dude?

  32. W33DDemon

    Who are you

  33. Maletchy

    No, this is not acid rock. Don't get caught up in genre namecalling though, It is for assholes. I you like this type of stuff though, try checking out The Jesus Mary Chain (Psycho Candy album), early No Age and Psychedelic Horseshit. and if you want it even more loud, try The Beardy Durfs or A Place to Bury Strangers.


    Times New Viking for the loudest. They're also from the same area as Psychedelic Horseshit.

  34. Alexis Duncan

    Would this band be considered acid Rock?


    Alexis Duncan stfu bitch

    Sleazus Christ

    @etc9111 lmao chill they are just asking a question, don't be such a toxic idiot.

  35. jill

    so in luvvvvvvvv


    this was uploaded on my birthday :D I fucking love wavves

  37. Apple Pie

    dark cave dirt paved crawling i love crawling who are you white wave white stains weed cave weed saves who are you weed demon

  38. Joe Dewick

    How High am I??

    Muskrat Wiser

    420 stories

  39. Janellepire

    I've got the munchies for this song..... *__*

  40. Mar Khorkhordina

    I wanna eat this song

  41. Nina Nicole