Wavves - Up And Down Lyrics

My ice cream talks to me in dreams
Meltin' into my hands
The sun speaks in whispers to me
Says she's never coming back

I was upside down, livin' it up
I was upside down, don't give a fuck

My ice queen talks in her sleep
She's never waking up
The moon speaks, it sings me to sleep
You'll never be good enough

I was upside down, livin' it up
I was upside down, don't give a fuck

Upside down and inside out
Take me home and kiss my mouth
Fall asleep, don't wake up
Taste so good I can't get enough

And if you're still here, please go home
I'll just get high and I'll die alone
And if you're still here, please go home
I'll just get high and I'll die alone
I'll just get high and I'll die alone

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Wavves Up And Down Comments
  1. sarah Elizabeth

    I only wish it was longer! I love this one!!!

  2. sappyjohnson

    This sounds like a Meat Puppets song

  3. Psyc-Höe Pöets

    Sounds like fidlar

  4. TrippingInDenver

    "I was upside down, don't give a fuuuuuck" best lyric I've heard in ages.

  5. gwhaberlein

    Lovely beat, and great piece for the year.
    I like every part of it

  6. Derk Ender


  7. adamngrin

    Well I'm so lonely I could die Put the fingernails in my eyes ~

  8. friendandpoet

    can't wait to see these guys tonight!

  9. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Up and Down" debuted at #27 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week:

  10. ElectrikForest

    Sounds like the perfect intro to a 90s teen TV show.

  11. Pickle Rick

    Mutant is better 😬

  12. Pickle Rick

    Mutant is better 😬

  13. kevin nichols

    Jesus fucking christ, this shit is terrible. There's no shortage of good music out there, why would Brett or anyone else waste their time on this narcissistic hipster garbage?

  14. Dead Dinosaur

    Google play music when?

  15. Susana Olivas

    Afraid of the beach

    Rome Demetri

    Suki Suki YES LMAO

  16. atomicgarden89

    Take this as a lesson kids... While having a white trash/cokehead hipster party boy image might draw in some short lived attention, it won't help you write a good song.

    The Retreat

    atomicgarden89 are you talking about Nathan?

    Joey Pierce

    Have you ever actually listened to Wavves though?

  17. Boy McFacto

    The song is rad, but the lyrics feel like a fuckin FIDLAR song


    So, basically, it's heaven?

    Boy McFacto

    So, basically, it's pretty average


    And sounds like Mighty Lemon Drops with some of the same lyrics also.

    Total Garbage

    Boy McFacto A Wavves fan that doesn’t like Fidlar? Huh


    @Total Garbage I feel like it's more common for Fidlar fans to dislike Wavves, than for Wavves fans to dislike Fidlar. Not surprised either way though, cause the bands themselves have some sort of problem between them.

  18. Gamelu Armstrong

    Not bad.

  19. Andre

    eh kinda dig it

  20. Drunk Pastor

    Honestly, this song is pretty shallow. I love Nathan regardless. This song is a cheese fest tho

  21. Drunk Pastor

    This comment section sucks...

  22. naiathatz gaee

    I fucking love this song!!!!!!!!

  23. K de keso

    now epitaph recors is about indie bands?XD


    what do you mean ''indie bands'' lmfao

  24. Andy

    Hell yeah wavves

  25. iambetterthentiger

    I like Wavves but this is bland

  26. 画伯


  27. BlackestOfTheBlack

    Sounds just like mutant :/

    We'll Do It Live!

    At least I'm not the only one


    You say that like it's a bad thing xDD

    Nacho Avila

    is mutant, but let's say mutant was the demo

    Total Garbage

    BlackestOfTheBlack this has a happier chorus than Mutant

  28. سكرانوس ايمو


  29. Andrew Clapper

    what a bop

  30. Night Queen15

    Haha first comment

    Leonardo Oliveira

    Paige Matthews Congratiulation 😎

    Night Queen15

    Thank you 😂

    Leonardo Oliveira

    Paige Matthews 😂😂😂