Wavves - So Bored Lyrics

His feet were torn
By his skateboard
Ripped jeans, too short
Won't do no chores

(oh oh oh oh oh)

I'm so bored
Yeah I'm so bored
Skin like dirt
Christian death shirt
Sunkissed and burnt
Those guys were jerks
I'm so bored
Life's a chore

His feet were torn
By his skateboard
Ripped jeans, too short
Those guys were jerks


I'm so bored
Yeah, I'm so bored
Yeah, I'm so bored
Yeah, I'm so bored

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Wavves So Bored Comments

    Lo-fi?! Uh uh...No-fi.

  2. K E V I N R A M A G E

    Skin like dirt!!! Christian Death shirt!!!

  3. K E V I N R A M A G E

    His feet were torn flyin skateboard!!!!!..........

  4. izzie

    sunkissed and curved

  5. Avalon Valley

    This just surrounds you... mmhm.

  6. Dreaming 777 Feigning

    Hella nostalgia

  7. steven neal

    I don't even skateboard. But I like this song lol

  8. steven neal

    Man so I was on my roller blades right ( I took a fuckful of shrooms) Nathan Willams shows up out nowhere and calls me a "a stupid fucking fruit booter"

    Proceeds to smash his skateboard on my head.

    We make out for like at least 10 minutes.

    He nuts on my face I shallow all of him.

    I didnt even know who Nathan Williams was until today.

    Your welcome
    Hail satan
    Haha just kidding

  9. NoxDeadly

    Lavender hour

  10. Lucas Larsen

    why the fuck does it sound like it went through a dozen indian audio editing apps all while underwater

  11. iitears


  12. gbrs smth

    his feet were torn
    flyin' skateboard
    ripped jeans to shorts
    won't do no chores

    i'm so bored
    yeah i'm so bored

    skin like dirt
    christian death shirt
    sun kissed and curved
    those guys were jerks

    i'm so bored
    life's a chore

    his feet were torn
    flyin' skate board
    ripped jeans to shorts
    those guys were jerks

    i'm so bored
    yeah i'm so bored

  13. Jradd

    hey if you like scuzzy lofi music check out my project https://jradd.bandcamp.com/releases

  14. Antonio man

    Always gotta do line of some fuego coke to this

  15. christopher pesce

    my gosh


    These songs would be so much better if they weren't so distorted


    not really


    This song was made in nathans garage

  17. Destro

    yo this makes me so nostalgic

    Lauren Nerual

    Chill Ass Dude Same :'( and lmao nice pic

  18. ramona vader

    immmmmmm sooo booored, come to argentina someday forros :(

  19. Leonardo


  20. bleujae


    team snacks

    basically the same song

  21. Xochi Chung

    stuck in my head hours 1-7 every weekday

    Hayley Rice

    every time

    Brendan Hunter

    your name is cool

  22. Dominic

    currently bored

    Viktors eWsamn

    god u goods

  23. Rebeca lelis

    Love this song

  24. Joe Wilson

    I jam out to this song with friends all the time we'll have this album on repeat for hours, good times

    Max1mus Matt1cus

    The album is pretty dope, agreed.


    Joe Wilson I wish I had friends who likes Wavves...

  25. Gillian Dillon

    Mmm good song to chill out to

  26. gonzalo pillaca

    Wavves is my favorite band q there for me are the number one

  27. Fabro skate

    me recuerda la primera vez que me drogue.vomite toda la noche, y pensé en esta cancioooon

    Martín Montañez

    @fabrit cios muy hermosa tu historia toy lloran2

    Fabro skate

    @Martín Montañez que extraño que te produzca tristeza, pero bueno cada loco con su tema , saludos

    Martín Montañez

    @fabrit cios jajaja te estaba jodiendo papá, alto flash recordar la cancion asi igual es genial

  28. Juan Medina

    I remeber the time, the pizza venue was ours to play for 6   hours with our new rockband, 60 bucks for each one and  a beer, we played the best we could, owner kicked us out after the third can, then we ran to the shore and i smoked some weed with that girl,
    what a great time.. 

  29. wii3willRule

    I prefer King of the Beach and Afraid of Heights to this album, but this song's always a good listen.

  30. Hassan Ihitasquierrelitchangedmylife

    thoose guuys weeere jeeeeeeeerks

    Jessy LeDane

    Omg I thought you were talking about the guys in the band and then I heard the lyrics "those guys were jerks" and felt so stupid 😂

  31. Andreina

    I'm not a fan of this music lo-fi but i like this song

  32. thedogoffaleash

    As far as to why Nathan's music was so lo-fi at first, I've heard it was because he incorrectly recorded the first album (since he was new to the software and recorded it in his room).  I think with Wavvves he just stuck with the same sound because changing otherwise might have made too drastic a change from the first album.  With King of the Beach I just think he didn't give a fuck anymore about maintaining the same style and actually recorded the album normally, like in a studio and with correct use of the software.


    I love all their albums. Even though apparently it's cool to hate on Afraid of Heights


    @jase276 I hear ya.  I think Afraid of Heights has some great tunes.

    Nathan Howard

    I wouldn't say that the self titled and this album have exactly the same sound, to me the self titled was barely listenable, even by lo-fi standards (digital distortion rarely sounds pleasant to me, I wish he had a cassette-based portastudio instead), here you can see some improvement has been made. @jase276  I've not had much of a chance to listen Afraid of Heights, but from what I've heard, most of the hate seems to come from a change in style and/or weaker songwriting more than the production, King of The Beach was fairly well produced in comparison to what came before it and it also had some cracking tracks.


    +thedogoffaleash he recorded wavves and wavvves at the same time but took the extra year to make the 2nd one sound as good as possible. he was slowly leaving lo-fi but after babes was cancelled he stopped caring about lo-fi completely


    He recorded the first album, 'Wavves,' in his parents' garage on a MacBook using a trial version of Garage Band. He used the built-in mic for all the recording and blasted it into the stratosphere

  33. Mikehuntisdry

    he just went with the labelling

  34. Mikehuntisdry

    its lo-fi because nathan was poor

  35. April Sky

    I LOVE nathan

  36. Justin Loucks

    it's lo-fi. it is intentionally supposed to sound like that!

  37. Anngie Murillo



    I watched your upload, "Andreína". Very nice, I enjoyed it.

  38. fladam1994

    Sat in the college canteen on my own doing maths coursework during the holidays. I'm so bored.

  39. bravoameliabedelia

    soooooooooooooo goooooooooood

  40. Kin

    Oh god, I love this song but it is torture with a decent pair of headphones. SO MUCH TORTURE.. yet I keep listening to it.

  41. guy0Npage38XBL

    Think its a joke homie

  42. YellowKazooie

    drums out of tune

  43. Phazonmines2319

    i cant stop playing this

  44. BreatheMeIn69

    I dont mean to distract you guys from Wavves guys but check out my page and my band Breathe Me In.just starting this out so bare with us suscribe if youd like:) we are very influenced by wavves indie and punk rock¡!

  45. Ivan Viveros

    sweeet ill go check my Amoeba this friday thanks.

  46. ianiks

    Yes it is! I just purchased this vinyl yesterday from "Criminal Records" In Atlanta.

  47. Ivan Viveros

    does anybody know if this is out on vinyl????????

  48. windspeed11

    me drunk

  49. sickoftypingthisshit

    It all sounds like the Pixies to me???? Good tune...

  50. Mark Goedecke

    I love the guitar solo at the end, the song really sets it up for it.

  51. Stroke Me Gently

    West coast's the best coast.

  52. anthony ferrario

    really can tell this band is from the west coast!! i love it:)

  53. cynthia cartier

    I can get into this.

  54. RaykuProductions


  55. sh00tmyself