Wavves - Nine Is God Lyrics

A bullet in his head
Picking through the lead, who knows?
So one more in his eye, and now
I can breathe
Just push him off the ledge

One is nine
Nine is two
Holy God and holy truth
Nine is God
Nine could come
Nine to breathe inside your lungs

One is nine
Nine is two
Holy god and holy youth
Nine is God
Nine could come
Nine to feel

A bullet in my head
Picking through the lead, who knew?
That's inside of me
So one more in my eye, and now
I can see
Just push me off the ledge

One is nine
Nine is two
Holy God and holy truth
Nine is God
Nine could come
Nine to breathe inside your lungs

One is nine
Nine is two
Holy God and holy youth
Nine is God
Nine could come
Nine to breathe inside your lungs

Your lungs
Your lungs
Your lungs
Your lungs
Your lungs

Your lungs
Your lungs
Your lungs
Your lungs
Your lungs

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Wavves Nine Is God Comments
  1. DaSoleCollector

    Thank you GTA for this

  2. World Peace

    The maggots are all deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaad, finally.
    Been detoxing inteeeeeeeeeeeeeeead, it shoooooooows.
    Now sociiiiieeetyyy, has opened up their eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeees and nooooooooooow, we all can breathe.
    So keep pushing on aheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeead!

    One is some, more is two,
    Im a god with holy truth
    Nine is subjective ,whatever you make of it, nine is a symbol of the matrix.

    1 is some, more is 2
    Im a god with a holy view.
    Nine is subjective, the collective, focused, manipulation of the matrix. Aka manifestation.

  3. Black Lion


  4. Otherface

    This is their most famous song?

    Wavves is so underrated

  5. S0f47R

    Finally 👀🌊🌊🌊

  6. Barudieru

    nice song, but god is seven.

  7. John Martinez

    : “this is johnny on the spot, what can I bring ya boss? “
    - selects deluxo
    : “coming your way”

    -proceeds to destroy lobby whilst this track plays in the background.

    Swear it doesn’t get better than that lol

  8. Karlik M

    Getting stoned listening to this 😁✌🏼

  9. Unknown User

    Here because of GTA V ? yeah me too lol... song is🔥

  10. Paul Armstrong

    Tripping Daisy vibes here. Buena

  11. Lqics Tv

    Remember on GTA V☹️

  12. BYGDADI 12

    Nice music

  13. JaPa Master

    Satanic apology

  14. Ricardo Silva

    That drums is just fucking amazing

  15. Natalia Rock

    Gta5 ❤️

  16. Ethanox X_X_X

    Wait. The song says nine is two. Nine times two is eighteen. He says nine eighteen times. FBI not confirmed because 9 is eighteen

  17. Jr L


  18. Ethanox X_X_X

    *Reads account name*

    Me: Hertz?

    I love you if you get that reference

    SupraMk4Nerd 06

    No I don't get the reference:( what was it from?

    Ethanox X_X_X

    @SupraMk4Nerd 06 gta's doomsday heist

    Ethanox X_X_X

    @SupraMk4Nerd 06 avon hertz the tech mogul you meet in the beginning of it

  19. Hugo Espitia

    thanks you gta 5

  20. Kyrief Baynes

    Sounds like a song i have heard from 2007-2009

  21. Callie mar master gamer

    Gta 5 song ending song credits

  22. Nikusui Senetza

    Me: "Disney sucks'

    Also me: "It has a black and white mickey mouse, it has to be good"

  23. [Soul Rebel In Stereo]

    This picture is getting more relevant day by day everytime Disney buys a property

  24. Maker R6

    I love so much this song ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Mr. Gentleman Robot

    To the people who heard it from GTA V, I heard it after you but I found it in my recommended, not in the game.


    what are you trying to prove?

    Kaz kaz

    @rob that they're a real nigga for not listening to it in gta but rlly they just look like some gatekeeping virgin that needs the guillotine

  26. John Lostik

    When you hear this song you forgive the gangster, family guy, and drug dealer for the stuff they did

  27. RaeQuebra James

    Nine is really god

  28. Hype Lock

    BUT WHAT IS 10????

  29. Jah_mobil

    Just another day cruising past a tank rampaging by the eclipse towers in you T-20 or zentorno

  30. David Friend

    Your lungs

  31. Renan Fernandes baroni

    O melhor som da Vinewood Boulevard Radio disparado

  32. Terence Coneby

    This song is delicious.

  33. Lovelxss

    (idk much about indie music) this sounds like a grunge song to me tbh. still a beautiful track like always. :)

  34. Igor Muniz

    Essa música tem no GTA 5

  35. Artur Nurdinoff


  36. somacoda

    while listening to this, feeling.... stoical

  37. Canal Charada

    My 7 year old niece was playing GTA in my Xbox,she took a car and this song was playing,i'm already said "what is the name of this song" and ask her to press <---- thank you my niece and wavves hahaha


    2019 ~ and till forever the vibes of humanity exists

  39. Steven Rivera

    Thx vinewood!

  40. mateus gamer

    Nines god I. LOVE 💓💓💓

    mateus gamer

    GTA 5 💗

  41. Salty Satan

    this is weirdly hypnotising

  42. jenn Marie

    This song was written for Michael... btw ... well like the death wish shit .. ugh I love this game tho 😫❤

  43. trevor rededly


  44. Necro Orcen

    What's this style called?? I keep looking for bands specifically like this but i cant find many besides early 90s acts


    Indie rock

  45. Matheus Dias

    We only had this song in Spotify because the license of GTA radio, i wish the other albums.

  46. stamatis dimitriou

    we used to drive down the highway while listening to this with my friends before they moved to next gen, good old days.

  47. Michael Smith

    Can’t wait to get a tat of this

  48. ANormalRobloxPlayer Idk

    i just like the song not GTA lol.

  49. wolfdude6969

    Nah this grates my nerves in a bad way.

  50. Tony Fetuccini

    State your favorite character
    Choose one


    Lamar Davis

  51. Jose Luis Cazador

    Any other psychedelic songs with "God" in its title? I'm making a playlist

  52. Topper Hardcore

    this remind me some stupid movie, with reynolds and melissa mcarthy, about nine and ten numbers, strange movie, i didnt remember much plot.

  53. DEAD END!

    Anyone knows where can i find similar songs to this one?

  54. TheBigMoon

    The clip of end of gta with beautiful pics of the game
    ( Choice C is best )

  55. •-•ジュニア

    Best music 😍😍😍😍

  56. Aaron Zen

    Enlightenment is the Highest Value of all Dominance Hierarchies in the Human Species.
    9 in Numerology is Symbolic of Enlightenment.
    The Price of Awareness is Paying Attention which is how one ascertains Enlightenment.
    In all of the Societies, Civilizations, and at the Core of the Human Species, it is Enlightenment that puts one at the Apex of all Dominance Hierarchies to give Oneself the Power of High-Executive Functions. The Almighty Dollar is Worthless compared to Enlightenment.

  57. Steven douglas

    Yes yes yes times a million

  58. Anti Furry Death Squad


  59. Y2K

    Hurricane swells brought me to the song and gta5 brought me back.

  60. Beach Greaser

    The lead singer sounds terrible live

  61. Mariana Game plays

    Alegrou meu dia ainda mais

  62. Léo Ribeiro

    Brasil gta v 2019

  63. Franciszek Gabara


  64. Errant Vice

    Rip Etika

  65. Daddy Dallas

    Listened to this in the credits after I killed Trevor. It made me feel relieved..

    Kim Jung Un

    U could have killed none of them bruh

  66. Eric Renquist

    I love how the guitar feedback at the end resembles the sound of someone flat lining in a hospital. It goes so well with the theme of the song.

  67. Oskar Górecki

    Nine Is Gta V

  68. Andradeジュニア

    *_Nine is god_* 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  69. Jake Wood

    man wavves got super shitty since their first album

  70. Erica P

    Finally. This song makes me happy.

  71. SeedIs Trash

    The beginning is so good but after that meh


    the entire song is good


    the ending gives me fucking goosebums

  72. Jell O

    needs some zach hill

  73. Furkan Bumm

    |F| Trevor öldü |F|

  74. Sarah

    I like reading comments while listening to songs but this is only about GTA
    g e t s o m e p e r s o n a l i t y

  75. Madd Joseph

    Whatever <3

  76. Kittykatkattoo XD

    Thots : thanks GTA I love it
    Real men who found the song when they were going through the worst years of highschool: * N O S T A L G I A *


    People who point out that this was made for GTA: W O W

  77. dane ricardy

    Yes I’m going home now I’ll be around the next two weeks yetwyywywywyyy was my birthday so you could go vxvxv v bxhhxbxbxgxhbxgxjxxudbdb porn

  78. NickRamone0

    Amazing song. Straight Interpol influence tho. Not a bad thing.


    I didnt get any interpol vibes. Plus, Interpol is legendary


    @Derek agreed! mostly just the verse guitars remind me.

  79. Universe mistake

    1 is 9 and 9 is god ?

  80. Larz_Vox

    _A bullet in his head.. finally_

  81. NickRamone0

    So did this bans get super popular after GTA V or what is the story?


    Nah not really. They have some good tracks but even GTA V can't make you big.


    @bbvproductions wouldn't mind being as big as these guys haha


    Heading to sandy shores blastin this in the sultan rs

  83. Zed

    Does this remind anyone else of HEALTH's early albums?

  84. The Infamous

    Idk why but this reminds me of Lil Wayne's Prom Queen

  85. XtotaLRageX


  86. angel romero

    I miss playing GTA V Online.

  87. royalewithcheese

    The good ol days

  88. johnny cat

    this comes from the bahai religion, total bullshit

  89. Andy's History Lessons

    GTA V...Enough said...