Wavves - Mickey Mouse Lyrics

I never wanna leave home
Everything in the back of my brain
Told me that I would be sick
When I'm out there

I never wanna leave home
Everything in the back of my brain
Told me that I would be sick
When I'm out there

I never wanna leave home
Everything in the back of my brain
Told me that I would be sick
When I'm out there

I never wanna leave home
Everything in the back of my brain
Told me that I would be sick
When I'm out there

Woo, woo, wooo
Woo, woo, wooo
Woo, woo, wooo
Woo, woo, wooo

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Wavves Mickey Mouse Comments
  1. itsbansheebish

    Found this song by listening to the whole album and maaans im sooo happy i found this sooong ooof 🔥🔥

    Rayne Birkin

    Same here!

  2. madi //

    remember listening to this in middle school, i’m about to graduate now.

  3. Frigus Reef

    *Brandon screaming with headphones in*
    Dad: *leads son away* don't do drugs

  4. Luke S.

    System Of A Down - Deer Dance?

    Rat King

    i see what you're sayin here lmao

  5. creepy Vintage Reacts

    Is the picture moving to anyone else

    Caleb Fogdt

    Cross faded Hulz ya.

  6. sarah luca

    Brandon Calvillo!

  7. Emma Kernkamp

    Thanks Brandon

  8. Glue Sticks

    The beginning of this song isnt original! These guys sampled Da Doo Ron Ron by The Crystals! They're a band from the 50's. So dope

    Selma Viveros

    Glue Sticks yes ! Love the crystals!!!

  9. Dolly Sinatra

    It's great.

  10. Isabella N

    Seeing this live was life changing. Aliens being thrown everywhere.

  11. dead inside prod.

    Dont mind me, just commenting to be #100

  12. Travis Garman

    Talked to Nathan on Saturday, he told me a new Wavves album is coming in february of next year

    Filmier Fitzpatrick

    I hope so ;-;

    Travis Garman

    @TH3 3L1T3 thats what he told me!


    oh boy! so many new albums!!!

    Z O M E R.

    Orwells and Wavves are releasing new albums in the same month?! SHIEEET


    hey, you were kinda right!

  13. Renzo Miranda

    suena demasiado a animal collective

  14. Saffron

    they definitely sampled da doo ron ron by the crystals. glad i'm not the only one who noticed that :)

    Robert Bitsilly

    Thought I recognized that sample in the beginning from somewhere haha

  15. MysticRosex_x

    who else was led here by Brandon calvillo

    Rhiannon Garey

    2kprincess I just barely got here from him because posted his playlist on twitter


    Rhiannon Garey lol well I commented this 9 months ago so I can understand that

  16. Janae M

    Brandon Calvillo. Enough said.

    katelyn marie

    omg yaaaaaaaaasss!! 😂😂

    vM WildRush

    Janae M never do drugs son

  17. jebbotron

    Please please direct me to more songs like this


    More songs like this include anything by but not limited to:

    Wavves (duh)
    Beach Fossils
    Together Pangea
    Ty Segull
    The Pixies

    Those are all I can think of right now


    Your comment is a bit older, but basically Animal Collective.


    No man the best bet you have close to this is Tame Impala look at the album Innerspeaker

  18. Caelan

    feels like a song for hotline miami

  19. Cheyenne Gace

    I fucking love it.

  20. Icy Jab

    I'm here from Brandon Calvillo.

  21. marcelo

    this sound is similar to animal collective, which is a great thing.

    Madison Case

    +Marcelo yesss

  22. Zsolt Rák

    Never smoke crack son!

  23. nineties



    not even joking

    That Guy

    +Airocker08 Nathan has said multiple times that was a joke

    Jack Firefist

    It is on iTunes

    Filmier Fitzpatrick

    Because iTunes sucks

    Adrian Hernandez

    Just be glad you heard it

  24. Laura Bowden

    It's weird but I love it :D

  25. Respawn

    I never wanna leave home
    Everything in the back of my brain
    Told me that I would be sick
    When I'm out there

    Adrian Hernandez

    Eddy Ruiz accurate

    peter long

    This song is about withdrawals

  26. Lal Şekerci

    Brandon Calvillo, anyone? No? Nobody? Just me? Okay..


    You posted this three years ago and this year he still listens to it in jasons vlog

    Habibi Hassan

    LLAMA LLAMA which vlog was it?

    Haziq Turab

    Haha brandon pluz shazam

    Andrew Wineburner


  27. Sig Asad


  28. Glue Sticks

    Weeeooo wee ooo ooo!!!! x3

  29. Daenerys

    I was expecting more butthurt comments about illuminati haha

  30. Billy Chustah

    sample anything of phil spectors and it will be a hit... again.

  31. harmonica lewinsky

    Anyone else think this kind of sounds like Animal Collective?


    the clapping and guitar riff yeah!

    Abby Clarke

    Sounds like Da Doo Ron Ron by The Crystals!x

    Greg Corricello

    @abbyclarke_xo That's what they sampled.

    Evil Ear

    this sounds a lot like Panda Bear's "Comfy In Nautica" yeah

  32. brrnay

    very animal collective and by the transitive property also very, very awesome. hah.

  33. Arie Ortiz - Affiliate Jump Start

    When i first saw this song in the suggestions i was expecting a wavves cover for the mickey mouse tv show theme song

  34. ScoutTheWookie

    Sounds animal collective-y imo

  35. Stacy

    Search for a song called Da Doo Ron Ron by The Crystals. :) It may remind you of something.

  36. octobermoon619

    dude ...just stfu

  37. devin pena

    when you're sad , turn this full blast and skate, its like heaven

  38. dave rumbear

    Thanks wavves for being my life soundtrack so far in my teen years. You rock and continue to make my playlist, peace.

  39. daniel hoffstrom

    good call

  40. Nathan Darellis

    This is the best album cover i have ever seen! Thanks Wavves for chilling out me and my friends when we get drunk!

  41. FN dz

    stonerskatepark sk8rat <3.<3 steez

  42. Burak Can Bağ

    Wallpaper link ?

  43. clownnookie

    I think I'm going to OD on this song.

  44. Hazuinf h

    Both written by Phil Spector.

  45. Ludvig Roxström

    the beat is from Da Doo Ron Ron - The Crystals. Great song!
    Love Wavves!

  46. 2D Ronin

    somebody hand quagmire69giggity some aloe vera. that burn must have hurt.

  47. goddernit

    "i never wanna leave home, everything in the back of my brain told me that i would be sick when i'm out there." oh, how i can relate.

  48. Justin Johnson

    A really excellent use of sampling.

  49. Joe Campbell

    yeah man, they sampled it :)

  50. Dan Garb

    I'm using this song for my skate part. <3

  51. Connor

    im obsessed with the beginning

  52. octobermoon619

    you know your a virgin when you have THAT as a username...

  53. NiaMae

    I think I found my new love

  54. Forbrtishesyesonlyy

    The intro sounds like The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron

  55. bravoameliabedelia

    i love wavves so much!!!!!!!!

  56. Matt Kottak

    This is rad.

  57. xlrious1


  58. Brother Lorne

    I knew the intro sounded familiar...

  59. FrankyDBrook

    this song is the worst song that I've ever heard

    Justin Y.

    Turn the sound up.

  60. Fooblestheclown1

    Correct! what the Waave people are doing is called looping. They took a sample of Da doo ron ron sped it up, and add a drum track and there you go a whole new tune. Angie, you got my respect.

  61. burgermeister meisterburger

    Da Doo Ron Ron by The Crystals

  62. BreatheMeIn69

    Hey I dont mean to distract you from Wavves ladies and gentleman but it be cool if you guys would check out my channel I'd appreciate it , check my songs out like suscribe comment and what not. just making music I think sounds hip, very into wavves. Thanks !

  63. Katie Bronder

    best wavves song

  64. Alex Rae

    please die.

  65. Brooke Paulsen

    I think mickey mouse can fit as a background song in just about every scenario in life.

  66. HollowJGB

    Kony 2012

  67. freakbag556

    amazing skate song