Wavves - How Are You? Lyrics

There's a hole in my head
I'll only get to twenty-five

He's at the foot of my bed
I'm happy just to be alive

And he said how
How are you?

I said I won't see twenty-five
But I'm here for twenty-two

There's a hole in my chest
Big enough to fill the sea

I fake a smile to myself
Wishin' I could fall asleep

Then I say how
How are you?

I said I won't see twenty-five
So I'm gonna see you soon

Real soon

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Wavves How Are You? Comments
  1. broodjebakpao1994

    I didn't think I'd live to see 25 either and here I am.


    Congrats (?


    Let's see til 27

  2. Jessica San Lucas

    God is die

  3. Tarik Williams

    just listening to this 5 minutes before i turn 25 lol

    João Chaveiro

    Tarik Williams hold on):

  4. Sayuri Beetroot

    I find this very emotive ;)

  5. Reggies Olis

    thank u guys!

  6. water buffalo

    this songs doin somethin to me i cannot describe


    +vanessa fonseca Insanity

  7. water buffalo

    I, SO SAD

  8. water buffalo



    me too bud

  9. water buffalo

    fuck me up

    Sayuri Beetroot

    Here I come

  10. Remy

    I love this fucking song!!!!! XD

    Aaron Timm

    just the fact that your profile picture is a pentagram makes it all more creepier knowing the kind of people that listened to it

    anthony salazar

    Yeah Aaron, who gives a shit

  11. Remy

    its beautiful!!

  12. Manuela Jimenez


  13. Jacob Garlowe

    So copacetic ! Right on

  14. eyedontfollow

    I just heard this for the first time and a single tear slid down my cheek. How did I not know about this song?

  15. King Sheegadorah

    damn deep shit how come wavves doesnt do more like this?

  16. Brooke Paulsen

    What is this song about? Someone please explain this to me.

    Bing Crosby

    Brooke Paulsen it's about buying a big Fenway Frank and putting all the toppings on it and then dropping on the floor


    Maybe 4-5 years ago I was assigned to analyze a song for English class. I chose this one.

    I interpreted as someone who is depressed/suicidal that is talking to ''death''
    ''He's at the foot of my bed...'''
    the person in question is aware and/or accepted that death is coming soon and I think the title is supposed to be Ironic since we always get the question ''How are you?'' but we never answer it truthfully.

  17. Aus10sRad

    Unicorn kid??

  18. ArchieBradley


  19. infinitejest

    Jared Loughner vibe.

  20. Search Magic

    This song hits home everytime.
    "I said I won't see 25, so I'm gunna see you soon."

  21. beachmonkey124

    @jamesandjackproducts Thats perfect thanks

  22. Johnny Berry

    and i said how how how are youuuuu

  23. beachmonkey124

    @SunFlowerrrrr is it A Minor and E minor? it doesnt sound quite right to me, but thats the closest ive come

    Vlady Boy

    It is A and G#

  24. trismatics

    @bibekd I'd figure this song is about dying, talking with Death, and coming to terms with dying.

  25. Carlos Almodovar

    is this song on any of the albums?

  26. Genevieve Kuzak

    @mikeymikeyW you can file convert it to an mp3