Wavves - Emo Christmas Lyrics

Something about Christmas makes me cry
And I don't know why
I still think about you all the time
And I don't know why

D-do-do, do-do
Do-do, do-do, do-do, do
D-do-do, do-do
Do-do, do-do, do-do, do

Haven't seen you since Fourth of July
No time to write
Watch the snowflakes fall out of the sky
And I don't know why

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Wavves Emo Christmas Comments
  1. mjlotus

    Solid seasonal entertainment

  2. hunner burger

    I think Nathan is sad

  3. Ganzorf

    Hey this is pretty good

  4. Cris Cris

    love it

  5. Rock Album Review

    Hey kids, I'm a huge Wavves fan so I did a Rock Album Review for "Emo Christmas", you can watch here: https://youtu.be/56Z3-7KGE5M

  6. Paul-Michael Perdon

    Is it ridiculous that I've listened to the song like 20 in first night.? 🌞

  7. \ JAWA /

    I’m going to be listening to this song all year around 🙏😤

    Just a Bean

    Are you still listening to it?

  8. Monique Iniguez

    Cute ❤️

  9. Have a Great Gay

    Hit Er Miss Christmas,, now this??? We just need FIDLAR and Mike Krol to drop a Christmas song now..

    \ JAWA /

    Have a Great Gay wait a minute, I know u... it’s me Wavves fanatics