Wave, Rod - Misunderstood Lyrics

Yeah am for real...
...fuck it...
A-a-and it that soldier shit you know I'm saying...
You major baby

Now this one for the pain that I felt over the years
This shit ain't been the same ever since a nigga was lil
Be too much on my brain make me wanna shed a tear
I be tripping, reminiscing but I'm thankful I'm still here
And I'm so misunderstood this the real soldier shit
I never thought I'll see the day where I could go legit
I was just on a stroll with my cuzzo tryna flip
Sell over 30 minutes he said 'You need more than this'

Cause we swanging better have your fire
I got my fire, this shit be dangerous
I woun't tell no lie before I die I'll go out banging
Just tryna survive but this is the life of a gangster
It be hard to believe that I made it this far
Made it when it was raining, boy that shit there left me scarred
Often reminiscing about dasia, that shit hurt me to my heart
No trauma auntie crazy cause she died right in her arms

And I made it to the funeral but wishing that I didn't
I been dreaming about that casket ever since I seen her in it
I ain't tryna see no casket, I ain't tryna see no sentence
My bitch don't understand me and my family in they feelings
They say I might win a Grammy fuck a Grammy I need a million
It hurt me that I hurt you can't believe the way I did you
I really thought that we'll be married move away and have some children
And I can't even explain it, that shit be crazy

And I'm so misunderstood if I could ooh, then I would
But I don't get it, I admit it
Pain that I'm feeling, make me wanna cry sometimes ooh
It make me wanna cry sometimes yeah uh

And I'm so misunderstood If I could then I would
But I don't get it I admit it while reminiscing
It make me cry sometimes, ooh oh
Lord knows I cry sometimes

That real soldier shit though, you know that-that
That pain shit don't go no where like you know what I'm saying
But sometimes I be in my feelings about this shit
Am forever a soldier to soldier life, you know I'm saying
Thug to the bone, you know I'm saying

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Wave, Rod Misunderstood Comments
  1. Brix NoHi

    "i dreamed of the casket since i seen her in it"

  2. Towanda Cox

    Rod wave the goat💪

  3. Lalo Cabrera

    I’m starting to notice his genre is emotional rap music

  4. Don Shep

    You up Bru Bru. Big Truss

  5. Najai Smith

    that pain sht dont go nowhere, even though it’s temporary but still........

  6. jordan burton

    Keep doing yo thang 💯🌍

  7. Kobe Braithewaite

    Niggas said he da gangsta Sean kingston🤦🏿‍♂️😂😂😂😂

  8. XXX Wolfgang twin

    This song fire

  9. Kiara Perkins

    I don’t get it it’s the pain I’m feeling make me wanna cry sometimes ooooh I felt that😢💪🏾❣️

  10. Horton Biz

    https://youtu.be/M09VAXXed74 7 years ago I started a dream with no budget...fuck wit us we trying jus need connects

  11. sarah zavala

    This that real soldier shit🔥🔥

  12. Amber Sharp

    Rod wave is golden

  13. Joey Esparza

    Fuck a Grammy I need a million 👌💯

  14. John Henry Twitty

    No gay stuff but his voice is butifull

  15. Temeka Denmark

    This is the exact kind of rap we need back in the game again just hope he don’t let them goats to get to him and change his music

  16. Reginald Lee Student

    best raper i no yet

  17. Pamela Gordan

    No one knows who i am . I like music. cant be a fan. love should never blow, that foe. that's why i only fuck a jane doe. who seems high really thinks low. them your low blows. i need you , no shows. my shoes dont meet the razer road. ill pass out until my knees go. that means i need to go. you can have this words but CATASTROPHIC wrote them tho. on Forks

  18. The Black Vegan Buddhist Hippie

    He said on Snap if we get this to 6 mill. views, he’ll drop a new joint!! Let’s get it!! Keep pushing brodie!!

  19. Ryotaro Dojima

    protect Rod Wave

  20. Jacqualine Holt

    Who else been rocking with Rod Wave since 'The man who cant be moved ? 💜💜 ik you was gone blow one day 🤞🏽

  21. Brittany Oldham

    Rod wave please don't stop creating your Beautiful Masterpieces. You have gotten to far to quit now!!! Fuck who dont feel your music. I fucks with who you are in your music the longway boss!!!! You the Coldest in my book!!! I will forever remain your biggest fan, your biggest supporter( no matter if it's just buying a ticket), you're wifey 😉😏 LBVS!!! You go boy!! ( In my Martin and Gina voice) Rod Wave🌊!!!!!

    I never thought I'll see the day where I could go legit💯💯💋🔥🔥 ( You doing things, you making things happen)

    Brittany Oldham

    The haters are going to hate.. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. DE'JOE.E

    ...Perfect !!!

  23. Jatavious Leyva


  24. Maui Verse

    Big boy fire asf bruh these the type of rappers that deserve to blow up 🤘

  25. Toxic GOOSE

    His music can get you through anything💯🥺

  26. Ayo & Teo

    This that soul music 🖤

    official_ Dylan

    Omm it's is 🖤

    official_ Dylan

    Ayo & teo y'all should make more music


    Check out my YouTube 💜🎵

  28. Yb Daily


  29. Orrin Thompson

    I've got a 17, 16 and 12 year old sons who love rod waves music, so I checked him out and I like it young mans definitely talented I hope he stays on the positive side he sounds more genuine to me,

  30. Młody Najsek

    Hi, I have suggestions. Would you record a note with me?

  31. DemiGod Pena

    dont go to xxl freshman please you way to big to be on there (talking abt his fame not his weight)

  32. David Teran

    It hurt me that I hurt you can’t believe the way I did it 💯💯

  33. D Lew

    Lord blessed us with this nigga frfr

  34. North Side

    This forever on repeat 🖤💔💯🤝


    Getting a Valvoline ad right before this 😂

  36. SquadedUpRVD

    who is deja ? & why does every time he says her name in his songs i hurt 😔

    VZ Typics

    SquadedUpRVD that was his close cousin that passed away they grew up together


    Girlfriend dat died from cancer

    VZ Typics

    Xerzx that was his cousin

  37. topballa03

    💯 misunderstood but still making moves in 2020 & beyond 🔥🔥🔥

  38. yOung CEO

    Yb and rod make a music video I’m never beating this pain

  39. jaece jaecity

    I don’t think I Ever played somebody music as much as I’ve played his #NoCap I think tht statement alone speaks volumes ..... #NoExaggeration

  40. jaece jaecity

    I don’t think I Ever played somebody music as much as I’ve played his #NoCap I think tht statement alone speaks volumes .....

  41. Chris Johnson

    Rod wave different god please keep him in your protection at all times

  42. Alexis Hill

    Im always misunderstood all the time 💯💔

  43. Alexis Hill


  44. G Swervo

    This hit way different when you walking by yourself

  45. Giselle

    deadass, he needs to go on tour

  46. RawKid39

    Every word he spit i spiritually felt it

  47. dj stripe


  48. Mysteria Scott

    I love rod wave 😍 like he speaking to me

  49. Denascha Bateast


  50. Onea Lundy

    I mean he my man he won’t let me down

  51. Onea Lundy

    Hema man he will let me down

  52. Mukie 12th Dozen

    This Lil Niggaa the Truth 💪👍💯☝️🙏

  53. Quëën Denisëë

    he deserves to be more known and higher in the rap game

  54. dEE THA artEEst

    Check out dope reaction to the vid. Its dope af. Fukken hilarious!!!

  55. TRAE XV

    rod haas the most insade voice..

  56. Matt Damian

    I love your music man keep it up Idk you but I feel like you and me are the same in some ways but keep it up bro

  57. Iriengelo

    rodwave sound it in this song like NBA younboy

  58. askaboutke Tv

    This the one Frfr !!!

  59. Jay Pee

    This song go

  60. Baby Girl

    Rod wave music speaks to my soul everytime🗣💞🔥

  61. go oo

    The end was my favorite part when he was in the car🤣😂😂

    go oo

    Thug to the bone😂😂

  62. Night ToonZ

    Only 4 million wtf lets hit 100

  63. Blitz Gamer27

    Rod wave is underrated

  64. Justin Bonilla

    Bro i feel like Trippe red and his voice would mend well together

  65. Justice Thomas


  66. Eddie B

    This one song that I just won't leave in 2019. I felt this one Rod🌊💚

  67. Adil Avez


  68. Not for The vultures

    https://youtu.be/jHa9wbCZNp4 come see me

  69. Vapory Potatoes

    i think we found an xxl freshmen 2020 candidate.

  70. Julio Yanez

    This is lizzo hood brother so stop playing with her

  71. quazy4rmthevill

    He make music for them stormy nights.

  72. jamol reason

    Way Kevin Gates at he needa hop on this fr

  73. Street Dreamerz Inc

    #PainMusic 👌🏾

  74. Quest Kapri

    Hit me up nigga

  75. Tony Baker

    Welcome home https://youtu.be/KNvFNcbj06E

  76. Swavey_Moe 1998

    Underrated 🐐 🔥🔥🔥

  77. Cleve Land

    If I could 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  78. 2k subscribers with no video

    *Imagine riding in the rain at night listening to this*

    freddy tepetitla

    50,000 subscribers with no video did that shit just now on my home from work lol

    Toxic Meeshy

    @freddy tepetitla howd it feel? Did you start crying

    The_kidd Smith

    @Toxic Meeshy lol hell yeah


    Off that og

  79. Thire Johnson

    St. Pete Stand Up 💪🏾

  80. Jayoo

    Yb Nd rod wave the new pac and biggie🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤟🏽

  81. Trav256

    shit goin hard whoever did that beat goin hard 2

  82. TFP JayYT

    i really got this song on replay on apple music 🔥

  83. Victor Pagan


  84. Chris Johnson

    I pray that everybody in the world have everlasting happiness forever

  85. keithboy23

    @2:04 my boy rod smoking out the trash bag (turkey bag)

  86. Suwoo Lucc

    I remade Rod Wave - Poison on my channel . Link down below


  87. Taner Noble

    He was having trouble getting up the stairs at the beginning 😭. He said fuck them stairs

  88. Shawn Wallop

    🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

  89. KDot


  90. Carolyn Garrett Harper

    2020 u go boi. Ty

  91. Chief Reef

    Lotta 💔 in St Pete

  92. Q. Ayesha Nnamani

    I cant stunt im not even into fat men but i got a weakness for them cutw cuddly ones. Rich or po po id love da fuck outta bruh. And ge a lil emotional his whole chemical makeup is on point ✊🏽👌🏾

  93. Gunna Gildens

    Yung Biggie

  94. 7 foot Flex

    Lizzo just sat on you

    Like to breathe again :(

  95. Life with Yassini

    this my nigga like this

  96. Carson Tinsley

    This song hard to listen to