Wave, Rod - Brace Face Lyrics

Trillo Beats, you did it again
Ill Will made the beat bounce
Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh
Okay, um, let's go
(Um, let's go)
Um (Let's go)

I know you know what you do to me
I'm a fiend for your soul, so good to me
I forever want you next to me (Yeah, yeah, uh-huh)
I'm addicted to your ecstasy (Uh-huh, yeah)
I forever want you next to me, uh (Okay, okay, okay)
I'm addicted to your ecstasy (Yeah)
Look, look, look

What kinda woman you is? What kinda man you like?
What kinda shit you like to do to make you feel alright?
Bae, you the sickest, I'm feelin' I need you in my life
Your people trippin', my people tripping, let's catch a flight
Yeah, and we'll be gone for some days (Okay, what up?)
It's back to chasin' paper, I'll be gone for some days (What up?)
I hope that you don't take this in the wrong kinda way
But baby, your ass the baddest, I want you here to stay
And you be fuckin' with bosses, baby, come and be my girl
Life of a youngin, baby, come get in my world
We Sprinter van hustlin' (What up?), city to city
On the road chasin' money, you should come chase it with me
She be fly like the kid, baby love that designer shit (What's up?)
She do hair, she, lashes, all kinda shit
Hope you can keep it real 'cause I'm fucking with you
But you start playing games and we can do that too
I'd rather be your N-I-G-G-A (What else?)
So we can smoke weed and sip lean all day
Bae, come put that pussy on me (What else?)
Stop lookin' 'cause she tooken, homie (Bitch ass nigga)
She in Calabasas cookin' for me
I love the way she wear her hair, lace fronts and all
I love the way she make 'em stare, do makeup and all
If you seen her in them drawers, you'd see what I mean
Bae, I'ma keep it G, I need you here on my team

I know you know what you do to me
I'm a fiend for your soul, so good to me
I forever want you next to me
I'm addicted to your ecstasy
I forever want you next to me, uh (You know, you know)
I'm addicted to your ecstasy
Look, look, look

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Wave, Rod Brace Face Comments
  1. Asia Allen

    dis song bring out the real mee

  2. lil mase straws

    Yo rod wave this song is lit me and my cousin listen to this song like every day you are like my favorite YouTuber

  3. Toxic Bane

    The song is so soul talk and it get me in my feelings I'm addicted to his songs there sober 🥴😩

  4. Kenyata Brown

    So good to me

  5. Aaliyah Wilson

    This is my favorite song 😘😘😘😘

  6. Aaliyah Wilson

    My dad and mom know this song

  7. Holly Wood

    My shit..let's gooo 2020

  8. Ancient Slant

    This shii addicted

  9. Maqueria Fuse

    Rod wave

  10. Queen/yaya Williams

    Thank u rod wave for being awesome

  11. Juanita Gibson

    2020 anybody like if so

  12. Belinda Howard

    I forever want you next to me(okay,okay,okay)what kind of women you is your people trippin

  13. Kevin Scott

    I love this shit man

  14. Tori Myhon

    My boyfriend sent me here

  15. Gangtolitty

    He got one of them good ahh church voices

    Lil Kid

    Gangtolitty 😂😂ong

    Sharnay Knight

    Gangtolitty fr

    Mia Elizabeth

    This made me laugh 😂😂😂😂 but on God

  16. unicorn_dabs unicorn_dabs

    I forever want you next to me

  17. makaila graddick

    i love this song make them longer

  18. Ajanae McCoy

    If you guys are real bracefaces

  19. star coney

    Just heard dis shit and its a banger

  20. It Nyaa Twins

    His voice is jusss ughhh😍😍

  21. Deshineda Conner

    Who can
    dislike this song

  22. We Do Backflips Nell Jay Greg Nene Backflip twins

    I know u know what u do to me is my fav part

  23. Almeda Jefferson

    I love this song😘🥰

  24. Deshineda Conner

    1:45 omg

  25. Deshineda Conner

    0:00 to 3:02 is the best parts

  26. Laila Williams

    this is my songg 💜💜

  27. Queen Iyah

    “So good to meh”🥺🥺😍😍!!!!!!!!

  28. Nicole Tv

    0:28 is the beat part

  29. Jiffy KBae

    Brace Face ON REPEAT 🎶🔊🤞💯💯💯

  30. altaree Harrison

    This song is fier🔥🔥

  31. Lamesha Hodges

    Ik y’all females be feeling rod wave 🌊 pain man look fat people need love to it’s nothing wrong with being fat people

  32. Juanita Cardin

    Wow great playlist

  33. Kiera Selia

    Upcoming Chicago Artists 🔥🎼 He Hot ! https://youtu.be/sR8Ya57eZ9Q #Share #Listen

  34. Kennedy Galloway

    “I know u know what u do to me🥺💕”

    Dollaa Nation

    i'm a fiend for your soul so good too me

    Kennedy Galloway

    Dollaa Nation I forever want u next to me😩

  35. Que'niya Brice

    I wish I could come to your concert where I can see you sing brace face live but I'm only 9 years old I'm way to young.☹️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  36. Netta Netta

    I know all the words

  37. Nora Byrd

    I know you know what you do to me 😩😍😍

  38. xxmiyaxx

    Luh this song

  39. KY FLOW

    1:38 definetly felt that

  40. Arianna Price

    I love when he says “I’m addicted to your ecstasy, I forever want you next to meeee” 😩🥰

    mareia life period


    Malia Watkins

    Arianna Price I know right 🥰🥰😍😍

    star coney

    Right shit slaps

    mareia life period

    @Malia Watkins yep

  41. DeShonta Smith

    “ letttttttttttt goooooooo “ 😩😩😩😩😩😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💕💕💕

    Anita Lawrence

    Next to me

  42. lo juvieworld

    I’m forever want u next to me🥰

  43. Amara Turk

    this song makes me think about my crush i may ask him out tomorrow

    Camiere Keys

    Period 👅🤘🏾

    Ycc. kash

    UNT UNT make him ask u out 😭👌🏽

    Itzzz _nasia

    Ycc. kash right😭🥴.

    Deshineda Conner

    Foreal i think about him him when I listen to this song


    Amara Turk k

  44. mareia life period

    This how I feel about my bae/Baby

  45. Insomni

    Rod up next💸‼🗣

  46. Jayla &jamarien channel

    Keep making songs

    Cynthia Johnson

    I keep replaying it over and over

  47. mzhotniz86

    He tambout me w my braces

  48. Ericka Parks

    The Shit

  49. Belinda Young

    I love your music

  50. Finesse Kuhleia

    Hottest song out 🗣💰💅🏾

  51. Torvoris McClendon

    Is this good or not😎😎😜


    I love this song


    This song make me think about my ex I love her I'm get back with her tomorrow

    Pasha Wilson

    Did y’all get back together?

    Inevitable Change

    Did Uu get her back we need an update 😭😭

    Garrens Catul

    Did y’all get back

  54. Nieem McLendon

    Imma sang this song to my crush❤️❤️

  55. Feyuina Williams

    Ok ok but ok ok

  56. Zaeya La'Kiya



    his voice on 0:17 wheww

  58. Victoria Christina

    When I YouTube brace face I don’t want to see this I was to see my show

  59. BeiingTaii

    Bae , you the sickest i need u in my life . 🥵🥵

  60. Alexis Bradley

    ❤️❤️🥰 I foreverrrrr wantttt you next to me ❤️❤️ this my shit 😩

  61. Chocolate Queen

    1:05 aww that’s so sweet 😍♥️

  62. kay kay the singer

    This my songgg 💯💪💯💪💯💪

  63. Marice Williams

    Oml repeat

  64. Teona L

    That voice tho ‼️🔥🔥🔥

  65. KOTA ko


  66. Delmaree Griffin

    “ I know you know what you do to me “🔥🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  67. Amani Long

    I wanna make a Funimate to this whole song 😭💕😩

    Kaila Areona

    Amani Long i already did but it’s not the whole song 🤩💜!


    Amani Long do u sis

  68. Diszafry


  69. Najah Humphrey

    Im a fiend for your soul when u next to me 😍

  70. Anime Gang

    This how I feel about my crush/ bae

    Nieem McLendon

    Anime Gang on god

  71. Keiva Weston


    Victoria Tucker

    Next to me babe

  72. Lexi Kitchen

    First time hearing this and I’m addicted 🥰😍🤪

  73. miya hasugulgam

    loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thissssssss songggggggggggg

  74. KaexRaw 22

    follow my ig young23kae if u tryna date

  75. Michelle Sheree Biddle-Sandoval

    Good 1!! #braceface lol. Luh u

    Deshineda Conner

    😲 omg

  76. Julian Gonzalez

    The Beat Fire !!

  77. BlueGodest _

    I’m addicted to your ecstasy😍💕💯” this my favorite song right now 🔥

  78. Niqque Thomas

    R.I.P Li Phat if you gone steal his lyrics give him Respect!

    Delmaree Griffin

    Niqque Thomas you a hater get with it or get gone 🔥🔥🥰

    Niqque Thomas

    @Delmaree Griffin BITCH SHUT DF UP UON KNO ME


    Niqque Thomas u needa stfu bc he didn't steal anything while u over here being a hater so bye u don't needa listen to his songs if your going to hate all day and Lil phat didn't make it up Tupac did so get it right and no has to know u I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to either smd


    Delmaree Griffin simple

    Leslie Miracle

    Niqque Thomas I was just looking at him saying he reminds me of him, which lyrics did he steal from him ?

  79. Nia B

    • come thru rod , 😩🔥

  80. Victoria J

    I forever want you next too me 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Makayla Makayla

    Victoria J malia

  81. give me your love!


    Deshineda Conner

    I think about my crush on that part


    Subscribe to me

  83. Jhamir James

    Cool song