Wave, Rod - Abandoned Lyrics

AceLex got a full one

He's been abandoned his whole life (Oh yeah)
If loving me is hard, I apologize
If I push you away, promise you'll stay by my side
He's been broken, traumatized

Yeah, yeah, uh (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah-yeah-yeah, dawg, yeah-yeah-yeah, dawg
Uh, okay

I can remember, gotta remember way back when
Since a small small kid, I didn't ever have no friends
'Member daddy went to prison, Uncle Derek took me in
Then Uncle Derek went to prison, that's when my troubles began
Mama went off and found her some happiness, she got married
Missin' my daddy badly, I turned my back on the family
And that left me looking for love in all the wrong places
Now my heart that was so full of love is full of hate
Everybody that I invested trust turned to be snakes
Everybody that I invested trust turned to be fake
I know you're frustrated, you want me to open more
But it takes a strong, strong heart to heal a broken soul

He's been abandoned his whole life (Oh yeah)
If loving me is hard, I apologize
If I push you away, promise you'll stay by my side
He's been broken, traumatized

Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh
Yeah-yeah-yeah, dawg, yeah-yeah-yeah, dawg

Now here's a toxic trait that I have
I beg for distance when I'm mad, but bein' distant, we won't last
And if it's best for you, then go be free
But if you plan on comin' back, then baby, you shouldn't leave
'Cause by the time that you get back, I'll be gone
Too scared of bein' alone, and where I lay my hat's my home
And I know that you're frustrated, you want me to open more
But it takes a strong, strong heart to heal my broken soul

Broken soul
Broken, soul, yeah
Bring the hook back right there

He's been abandoned his whole life (Woah, woah, his whole life, his whole life, yeah)
If loving me is hard, I apologize (Yeah, yeah, yeah, woah)
If I push you away, promise you'll stay by my side (Push you away, yeah, if I push you away)
He's been broken, traumatized (He's been traumatized, traumatized)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah-yeah)
Yeah-yeah-yeah, dawg, (Woah, woah, woah, woah) yeah-yeah-yeah, dawg

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Wave, Rod Abandoned Comments
  1. Nashoa Rockey

    Dam Hollywood Anderson doin good fa himself 😂💯

  2. Sarah Jessicah


  3. Leon Lerma

    My life

  4. Dominic Jones

    Dedicated this my ex I just broke up with I pray he finds himself one day

  5. IMVU-baddie QUEEN

    I get this song so bad😔 if you sit there and listen to it then you will understand I’ve been abandoned times to and it was hard ☹️ it feels like it’s only you against the WORLD

  6. Keasha _lees

    I am depressed

  7. Sharina Stroud

    I Like Green ligh

  8. William Boscolovich

    It gets better guys been through a lot now I’m a father of two

  9. Percy Greene

    Mannn🙏🙏 pray for me plz

  10. Jakita Mayes

    Felt this when I listened to it couple days ago.. 🙏

  11. RBLCliff. Vibeś

    "if loving me is hard i apologize" :(

  12. bubblegum gummy

    Comments: agreeing with the song or sum

    Me: "why he say 'frustrated' like dat??"

  13. dionjohnson39

    My crush have me singing dis song

  14. bodymore 443

    This hit me hard this take me way back when me and my babymama used to get into my mama went to prison grandma used to abuse me and they sent me to a foster home and group home i used to act out bc i felt abandon it took my finance to heal my pain from it all nomatter what we went through she never left me she still by myside to this day

  15. jgreening

    It is really hard to love me, 🥺I love this song so much.

  16. Skittles Love her fans

    Yes yes rod wave period

  17. 4frmda 4

    Lul bruh continues to surprise me. I felt this whole song.

  18. Zamion Oneal

    My brother love rod wave song

  19. Denita Jones

    Now here’s a toxic trait that I have I beg for distance when I’m mad, but being distant, we won’t last on God this my story

  20. mizzbyrd4eva

    I didn’t understand my child’s father until He told me to listen to this and I understand him so much more he just couldn’t express it and our communication is so much better we are so much better I’ll never abandon him never have never will I love you blaze daddy

  21. Shavonna Wilder


  22. tevon wynter

    this nigga deserve to be rich

  23. Necold Dillard

    "Everybody that I invested trust turned to be snakes"
    That hit different😢

  24. Kiera Rankins

    I love this song

  25. Zaire Ra-Horakhty

    *I was abandoned my whole life*

  26. Larona Jones

    Love this Song

  27. lifewithnessa

    His song be raw asf💕

  28. Death

    *It takes a strong, strong heart to heal a broken soul*

    I really fucking felt that verse moe. 😐💯

  29. Damia Williams

    It’s Feel different when he tellin yo story 🤧

  30. mari lyrics

    Man I'm finna kill my self im tired of this ~shamariana alisigwe

  31. Shaliqua Williams

    Damn this song hit no cap 🧢 😩🥺‼️💯

  32. Legacy Robinson

    “It takes a strong strong strong heart to heal a broken soul “ I felt that 😩

    Carren Wiggins

    okaayyy , it hit different😩!

  33. Briana Hines

    I LOVE ROD WAVE SONG!!!!!!!!!

  34. Briana Hines

    i love your song

  35. Katrina Kennedy


  36. What’s TEE


  37. Antoinette Ellis

    Hey I wanna know you got

  38. Gigi Brown

    This a different type of pain #RODWAVE feel & its true at that swear i love him

  39. Gigi Brown

    I love him to death

  40. Tiffany Williams


  41. Tiffany Williams

    I be feeling your songs so much it make me cry

  42. Tiffany Williams

    My family cannot stop listening to your music

  43. Chris Williams

    Bro did this kinda speaking on my life i grew up in foster care both my parents gave me away so yeah


    Chris Williams they didn’t deserve you tbh they will need you more than u ever need them

  44. Naila Hill

    everybody i invested trust turned to be snakes everybody i invested trust turned to be fake😿🤬

  45. Ren Zoe

    Damn I feel that pain 😔

  46. Amira Ring

    "Missing my daddy badly I turned my back on the family" unfortunately I felt that😩💯😭

  47. Amira Ring

    "Missing my daddy badly I turned my back on the family" unfortunately I felt that😩💯😭

  48. Mike Jones

    That niggah shouldve won a grammy nocap i felt this shit 🔥💯

  49. Kia Davis

    Felt this whole song in my soul 😭😣💕

  50. Krysten Yanez

    You are the hottest of the hot. Whooh🥳

  51. Kasiadashabomb

    This is crazy I listen to this song over and over again when it came out I was listen to it over and over again


    I swear his music puts me in my feelings

  53. Dyneisha gang Mclemore

    Try to sing this to mom I like this song

  54. Jevon Brewer

    Rod Wave 🌊 is so hard I love his music💯

  55. Sarahlalay

    My boyfriend( idk if he’s a ex yet) makes me think of this song because I really feel he’s broken and traumatized because he acts and pushes me away and wants me to fight for him

    Timia Hart

    ong he do

  56. Artric Conley

    This nigga so deep 💪

  57. Odeidra Scarborough

    My song

  58. Kristin Chapman


  59. Ciera Overtion

    “If loving me is hard I apologize “🥺😩💔

  60. Poodie Jones

    He gett realer in every song 💞💞

  61. Rfig 18

    “Goosebumps were given” 🥶

  62. Joylove Brown

    Go to God

  63. Andrea M

    Rod wave songs hit hard asl ghe but dis 😔like dang ghe 🥺

  64. Mequasia Brown

    This song explain me so much and what I went through 😢😢

  65. Draco

    So poetic and relatable asf, Rod Wave fr up next📝💔

  66. im lit _queen 00

    I used to love close enough to hurt then Dark conversation and then counted steps then Soldier life then chip on my shoulder then Titanic but now abandoned

    Chop Stixx

    I fell you. I be stuck on a song then I listen to another one then be stuck again . Listen to Heart For Sale by him

  67. im lit _queen 00

    Who else loves rod wave 😊😊💙

  68. Mell Dat DreadHead

    Same Story...Search My Name.. Check Out The Music😭

  69. SexyBrown Mocha CoCoA 2020

    This song is so touching.😢😭😢😭💙♥️❤️💖💖💗💕💚

  70. TehCNinE

    Been going through the most lately but I ain't here to spill my feelings out on the internet I just hope everyone is okay man yal stay blessed 🙏

  71. Michael Barnette

    Mannn i feel like you told my story bro..

  72. Flower B.

    Another sell out sob story fr


    Speaking real 🔥, I think poison is still my top favorite though, but this one is pretty good.

  74. Amazing Lashay

    This is so deep I feel the pain. I was molested homeless from group home to group home always feeling like i was alone. I feel his pain

    Ahmed Osman

    Amazing Lashay you’re not alone 🙏🏼 the world is full of hatred and love but I can never hate anyone so even tho idk you just know I love you ❤️ and life will get better, you just gotta wait, good things will come your way.

  75. Prinxess


  76. Lea Wright

    Ayye rod wave blowing up

  77. Kennedy Galloway

    “Broken,traumatized “🥺🤝

  78. Takeyah Shane

    Feel everything 💯😉💙 definitely hit my soul 💔

  79. praise is What i do

    Dec 31, 2019 while Everyone ringing d new year I'm here praying for a strong strong heart to heal my broken soul 😭

    yo niggas favorite


  80. ernest mace

    song bring back memories bout my grandma/great

  81. lamor3110

    Well I’m in a toxic relationship with a guy and he just had me listen to this song. We’ve been together for 7+years and I’ve been dealing with emotional,physical and mental abuse. I understand that everyone goes through things and I try to show him that I genuinely care about him but he just won’t let me fully in. I ask him to go to rehab for his problem and he feels he doesn’t have one and feels like I’m always against him.....what am I supposed to do? Continue to Stick around?

    Mo Fari

    LEAVE HIM NOW AS QUIETLY AS YOU CAN!!! Don't continue to pour into someone who leaves your cup empty. You'll never be fulfilled if you stay. It's easier said than done. Keep telling yourself that you are strong enough to leave. Then when you're ready you'll be courageous enough. No matter how much you love him. This is not okay, to tolerate what he says in this song. I can relate. I'll never again tho. Good luck to you 🧡

  82. ViNina Dixon

    Yasssssss Rod 🔥💕

  83. Jeanette Benavidez

    This my life to a damn T😭💔

  84. Sapphire&Abe4L SA4L

    Damn talk about this song mad deep

  85. James Allen

    I felt this whole song toxic trait that I have being distant when I’m mad but being distant we won’t last

  86. Life As Tavia


  87. Myasounique

    this is a good song love this song is so good

  88. Joe Smelley

    (Oh Yeah)

  89. Destiny Robinson

    This song came down to my heart

  90. Nneka Coleman

    Man I swear it’s as if he’s speaking my whole life 😪😭😭😪

    C.J Johnson

    Seem like speaking a nigga life

    Shaliqua Williams

    Nneka Coleman same here wtf

  91. Tryston Dillard

    I'm listening to the song abandoned rod wave

  92. Antonio Fl

    bro i got BPD this shit hits way too close

  93. Dekedrian Spearman

    I can relate to this it go so hard

  94. annakay Dallas

    I'm 24 n I know this song is dedicated to me only I'm a girl I feel every word

    Shaliqua Williams

    annakay Dallas we’re the same age love omg

    Shaliqua Williams

    annakay Dallas and same here

  95. Kiarra Stuckey

    The best song ever it make me cry ever time pray for me

    Trezure Mills

    Kiarra Stuckey I’m here for you ❤️

  96. bum bump

    I wander wats his zodiac sign 🥺

    maser rife

    bum bump he a Virgo ♍️

  97. Kevin Gray

    Dark Conversations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zghnlNGPmBM