Watson, Gene - The Look In Baby's Eyes Lyrics

There's our house, the porch light's on
I know she's waiting for me to come home
Then I've got to face the look in baby's eyes
I wonder how many times she's cried
I guess as many times as I've lied
To help put the look in baby's eyes

She don't have to say a word
Lord, 'cause she talks with those eyes of hers
They always say I know and follow me wherever I go
I've gotta change my ways
And I'm gonna start today

'Cause I don't wanna see the look in baby's eyes
Lord, I hope, that she will understand
I'll do my best, and if I can
I'll change the look in my baby's eyes...

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Watson, Gene The Look In Baby's Eyes Comments
  1. Mary Fontenot

    I love you music Gene Watson, listen to you a lot ,like day and night
    Never did I think I would give up the television but did.

  2. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love you Gene thank you for all good music 2019 god bless you great song

  3. Willow Follows

    Gene....do u smoke....I'm disappointed in u if u do

    Fortnite Gaming

    Not anymore

  4. Gramma Dee

    THANKS enjoyed this mans wonderful voice

  5. Jean Harkins

    Gene is the singers singer. he could sing the phone book and sound great!