Watson, Gene - Most Of All Why Lyrics

We once were so close now the love light that glows
Has now gone out of our eyes
And a good life life we had for some reasons went bad
And the love that once lived here has died

How did we get here where did it start
When did we walk out of each other's heart
Where did we lose it how did love die
When where and how but most of all why

Most of all why we did that love die
Like the withering leaves in the fall
And why did we wait till it was too late
To realize how much we lost

How did we get here where did it start
When where and how but most of all why

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Watson, Gene Most Of All Why Comments
  1. Miss Kitty 1944

    Love gene thanks so much 2019 Mar great song

  2. Caroline Thrall

    Why isn't Gene in the Hall of Fame? Has to be the best of true country music
    We ove you Gene.

    sam carney

    because american are not smartenough to put him there

  3. Theresa Dupuis

    Love You Always 💗

  4. Miss Kitty 1944

    Beautiful song thanks Gene love this one too you don't sing a bad song only great ones

  5. Tina Beck

    Nice song very true in here

  6. Ruth Boykin

    Beautiful song, by the great Gene Watson!

    the winner

    +Ruth Boykin glad you enjoyed this one Ruth

  7. Sue mcIntosh

    Thankyou for letting me hear this great country singer Gene is one of kind ,I love to listen to all his songs ,him and Vern Goslin thank you

    the winner

    +Sue mcIntosh glad you are finding his songs on here to enjoy Sue

  8. Rebecca Jewell

    100%♡♡♡ great country music classic Gene Watson. Thanks winner a winner great music post Brent. Thanks

    the winner

    +Rebecca Jewell great that you found this one to enjoy Rebecca

  9. Karen Lindsay

    Thankyou for sharing Gene Watson sings it straight to the heart ❤️

    the winner

    he sure does sing strraight to the heart. thanks for listening Karen

  10. Julian Anderson

    Just more proof of what an amazing songwriter Dolly Parton is!

  11. Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it.

    excellent, not heard in a long while. thank you.

    the winner

    +Youggle-It ....... if-n ya can't fix-it. You're welcome. I appreciate your listening.

  12. mroldmusic1

    Gene is an underrated singer, he had lots of great songs. this is good song glad you shared it.

    the winner

    +mroldmusic1 Yeah, he has an amazing voice. Glad you enjoyed this one. Thanks for listening.

  13. MyBernie33

    Bonjour Brent

    c'est un excellent partage et un très bon choix, nous aimons beaucoup
    Félicitations et pouce en l'air
    Bonne journée
    Serge et Berny

    the winner

    +MyBernie33 Thank you very much for listening and enjoying this song.
    Hope you have nice weekend my friends. -Brent

  14. Christine Bories

    beautiful song he got such a good voice his music all ways tell you a nice sad story thanks for finding it I think you enjoy your job because you all ways find lovely songs

    the winner

    +Christine Bories Great that you enjoy it Christine. I appreciate your listening.

  15. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Brent!
    Nagyon tetszett ez a dal. Köszönöm ezt a remek élményt.
    Üdvözletem Budapestről Klára.

    the winner

    +Károlyné Szépvölgyi Great that you enjoy this wonderful singer. Thanks for listening my friend. -Brent

  16. Bjay1956

    Another great song here my friend, thanks for this one, John

    the winner

    +bjay1956 Yeah, can't go wrong with Gene Watson. Thanks for listening John!

  17. john sandiford

    Nice song,thanks for sharing Brent

    the winner

    +john sandiford Glad you enjoyed it John. I appreciate your listening.

  18. jo luttringer

    Hello, Brent. Good morning. Very good song, music and...singer. (JO)

    the winner

    +jo luttringer Good morning Jo. Glad you like this song. I always appreciate your listening my friend. Hope you have a great day. -Brent

    jo luttringer

    +the winner You work not, Brent ?