Watson, Gene - If The Shoe Fits Wear It Lyrics

You brush off the truth as if it was a salt on the table
You slip and you slide through a mouth full of beautiful lies
There's no way around the cold fact that you've been unfaithful
You're really not fooling me girl so I'm bothered to try

If the shoe fits wear it
Wipe off that innocent look on your face
If the shoe fits wear it
Our love will never be right till the wrongs ain't erased

You made your own then now lay there and talk to your conscience
Be sure that your mind is in tune to the music you hear
You can't run away from the dance you're not Cinderella
You're really not fooling me on I can see through your tears

If the shoe fits wear it...

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Watson, Gene If The Shoe Fits Wear It Comments
  1. rita kopetzky

    nice music....thanks so much....

  2. barrygioportmorien1

    Excellent tune by Gene....

  3. graham bull

    Good combination...Gene,one of my favourite singers and Ray,one of the best and most dynamic live performers, I’ve ever seen!

  4. George Hayden

    Another Misty😍hopefully the shoe does fit.👍

  5. Unita

    Thanks ❤❤❤🎶🎶🎶great soñg and a great country singer.

  6. Lilmike Lilly

    Great country song, thank you misty from NZ 💗💗💗

  7. Primrose Haran

    Fantastic love genes voice great song to thank you for this lovely post

  8. gina404

    Hello Bianca!
    A very nice song and a beautiful video. Thank you for that and a wonderful weekend wishes you Regina, Best regards.


    Thanks, Regina! Have a wonderful weekend also!

  9. Ruth Boykin

    Love that great voice of the GREAT GENE WATSON! Great song too! Thank you, Bianca!

  10. CountryBoy Williams


  11. Barbara Mattox

    I've had the pleasure of seeing Gene Watson in person several times. I have loved all his songs through the years, he is one of the most talented performers of today!! Thank you.

  12. Marryann Lamb

    Thank you so much for sharing .