Watsky - Women, Women, Women Lyrics

To answer your question

Looking out my window
Talking to my cat like he's kinfolk
I sip a Coke and I drink slow
I'm in limbo
No plan B
No girlfriend, I just need to meet a nympho
But I won't cause I'm more sensitive than my lymph nodes
and I give too much info
You can't upzip
After saying dumb shit like,
Like I hear your name every time the wind blows
I gave a chilly chick my jacket and my skin froze
and then she jacked it and just ran off with my thin clothes
I guess that shit makes her a heartbreaker in my windbreaker
I'm not tripping off the bimbos, I just think about the puns that I can spit later
she couldn't salt me, she was just a hip shaker
And to answer the question that you implied in your eyes
No, I don't think that I'm smarter than a fifth grader

Ladies, ladies, ladies
Women, women, women
Honeys, honeys, honeys
Girlies, girlies, girls
Ladies, ladies, ladies
It's so bunnies
Women, women, women
And my honeys, honeys


Reality valedictorian
Graduated to the next level and I hopped in my DeLorean
Aurora borealis in my rearview, man it's glorious
waking up at noon, I'm notorious
I'm gonna roll the dice, I'm very lucky, but fuck it
Papa needs a new pair of huggies
in this life of hard knocks
feeling like the Hulk, I throw my enemies against the wall across the room like they were my alarm clock
After dark, car parked right on our block
arm wrapped around the card stock chick propped up in the passenger seat for a sweet one-way heart to heart talk
I think I'm ahead of my age like I'm Dippin' Dots
These women that I've dated really seem to think I'm odd-- Strange
They just nod
which is hard without a head on their shoulders like Ichabod

Ladies, ladies, ladies
Women, women, women
Honeys, honeys, honeys
Fillies, fillies, fillies
Ladies, ladies, ladies
Sexy so-in-sos
Women, women, women
Excess chromosomes

What's a fourth word for girls?

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Watsky Women, Women, Women Comments
  1. Triljoona

    Where is this beat from?


    As we Enter - Nas ft. Damian Marley


    Thanks man!

  2. Volound

    ethio-jazz. nothing to do with damian marley.

  3. Quinn Elsea

    This is awesome! XD

  4. DrOctagonapusBraaah


  5. Manfred Mammut

    at "aj cohen" the sound is from mullatu atatke

  6. misterhijack

    as we enter <3 420 blaze that shit er'yday

  7. Heather D

    "As We Enter"

  8. The Rat Prince

    so edgy

  9. Aj cohen

    where did this beat come from

  10. DrOctagonapusBraaah

    an hero

  11. mitchblahman13

    lol idk I was just naming another "fillies"

  12. The Rat Prince

    ...How does that at all make sense in the context of this song?

  13. mitchblahman13

    Phillies, Philadelphia baseball team

  14. Asher Showalter

    that would be awesome

  15. The Rat Prince

    noun /ˈfilē/ 
    fillies, plural

    A young female horse, esp. one less than four years old"

    Regardless of which... It was a joke.

  16. XXL Dubstep

    This is craaazy

  17. Darren

    this is off the hook!!!!!

  18. yeltay21

    Just need to meet a nympho :)

  19. Jack Reynolds

    i know watskys music.. i heard this and my jaw dropped :D

  20. Mezza87x

    Don't even joke about 'Bronies'! :P But cool, I'm English so I didnt know if you used it over there! :)

  21. The Rat Prince

    Actually, I've heard it used mostly in the American South.

    But I was making a joke.

  22. Mezza87x

    It's a funny posh English word for a nice woman. No-one here ever really uses it though tbh. :P

  23. ESpencer


  24. Evan Glenna

    no... he didn't spell it the same way they did... they typed "chromizomes", and he typed "chromosomes" you're an idiot...

  25. 陳奕年


  26. mrx2925

    @diestooslow not really

  27. The Rat Prince

    @Noideawhyisuck Oh god no. Bronyism has been around since the end of 2010.

  28. Jessica Ayala

    @Sanguinis666 both

  29. Vindetta

    @yupitsjessbbyx3 Because he knows the sex chromosomes? or cause he incorporated it into a song so well?

  30. Jessica Ayala

    XX chromosomes? this man is brilliant <3

  31. krunkenfunken

    You were your schools valedictorian? O.o

  32. crissy vevo.

    i feel flattered

  33. crissy vevo.

    i love this

  34. Dylon Cayer

    @maddawg7 are you trying to sound smart? cuz you spelt it the exact same way they did

  35. Magnus Sungam

    @ragnaroksbringer damn well hope so.

  36. The Rat Prince

    "Fillies, fillies, fillies". Is Watsky a brony?

  37. yeagerkid

    @LoneWolf13679 XX chromizomes, men have XY females have XX

  38. getsome4420

    xx chromizomes numb nuts xx like female

  39. ALovingLamenter

    sex cromizones

  40. BlinxTheCat

    "Talkin' to my cat like he's kin-folk" One of the best lines I've heard in any song ever.

  41. A M

    Sounds like Asher Roth in this song... =/
    (Dont want to compare just sayin)

  42. sheehan35

    nas & damian marley beat :D

  43. Joel Soto

    friggin sweet.....

  44. starrskater12

    first and last this is sick thumbs up ?? (: