Watsky - There And Back Again Lyrics

Sometimes I think I'm too honest
But to be honest I'm sick, I'm bubonic
But less black than the plague which is vague
Cause the Black Plague as a name's kinda ironic
in that most black folks don't actually kill entire populations of European people, or move chronic
Who said they move chronic?
Were you away cuz
Cause if you ever smoked bud you know trees make you cough like the plague does

I hold my smoke in, toke up, lightweight Yankee you'd faint from a baby buzz
Fuck you random English guy, take a long nap
This my song. Begone, move along chap
Yeah, that's right, walk away bitch
Remember what my name is (WATSKY)
Good, now that square dude is gone we can party
Let's get some Mardis Gras beads, weed and bacardi
The weed's gone, that British nobleman smoked our shit
and no one noticed it
Who cares bro, I party sober, I'm over it
I'm with my dogs yo, my dobermans at In N Out
feeling dope and shit
It's a local thing I get the cheese fries, then go home for a boca burger and a mocha drink
I go to Yogurtland
I'm blowing smoke rings and speeding in the fast lane yodelling

Road soda tucked in the lap of the kid riding shotgun when the cops roll past motioning
For us to pull over but I don't, I roll through a toll booth
And then do donuts in the shoulder, knowing I'm the Sofa King
I won't brag
But believe me, I know swag
I'm feeling so sav
My friends in the backseat follow our police chase live on the plasma screen Headrest TVs that I don't have
They warn me about the spike strips I swerve, and I fly through the burbs, but then I hit the curb
And my tire pops
I flee on foot but get tired stop
And invite the the firefighters and the night cops out to iHop
this is the life, homie, why knock it
I get high fives when I pop the top off my beer bottle with my eye socket
And I'll be fine
I'm bleeding but the best beer goggles is to be blind

Is this seat taken?
Is that you British fool?
I can't see shit, but know there's a seat vacant
It's me
Well sit down dude, there's mad room
We just got food, but there's bound to be round two

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