Watsky - Strong As An Oak Lyrics

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (I'm fuckin broke y'all)

Them rims, them rings, them things
You can bring 'em out.
I just had my debit card declined at IN'N'OUT.
The line is flippin' out, givin me evil eyes.
Fuck the soda,
Rerun it with just the cheesy fries.

Cause' I don't think money is THE devil.
I'm not sinkin' I'm just kickin' it at sea level.
I got my floaties on.
I'm focusing on all the wonderful stuff
With the force of obi wan
Kanobi bro, I'm broke.
Although I won't be woe-be-gone.
Cause' even though my bank account is low or overdrawn, I'm down to mow your lawn.

I'm getting open, I'm soakin up every moment
And so we should make a toast.
We won't be sober 'til the broke of dawn.

Because beer is cheap, and because love is free.
I'm buzzin',
Feelin' like every friend is a cousin g.
And someday we’ll be reminiscent
On some wasn’t we.
Just so down and out.
But we were happy then cause',

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (I'm hella broke bro)

Why should I sit on my ass on the couch
Be askin' why love isn't equal
With lesser possessions I'm light as a feather
And so I can fly like an eagle
Cause' everyone dies
And I wonder why leaders in power
Would lie to their people.

Be planning like they could be fitting a camel up into the eye of a needle.
But dammit id settle for fitting a
94' Camry inside of my driveway
I'm sick of the image,
I'm livin' my life, and I'm doin' it my way.
I'd rather be makin' the choices I'm proud of
Than chasing the mountain of money.

But if that mountain comes,
To me, I'm climbin' it.

Got a brick and I'm laying it down,
Gotta shovel, now I'm breakin' this ground.
Because I'm in the red
But it's only a color that I will be
Paintin' this town.
Because when I make it,
Then I dedicate it to the friends that stood with,
Who would do me favors.
Even lend me paper, when I couldn't pay for
A little take-out.

And to the fact,
That whatever you think that it means,
I'll be here and be livin' my dreams.
And it's cause of the people I leaned
On when I came apart at the seams.
So give me the moon, and give me the spoon,
I'm lickin' it clean
Until there just ain't nothing left
But who would lend a hand, cause

Everything's A.O.
Everything's A.O.

So when I say dey oh,
Say everything's A.O.

When I say dey oh,
You say everything's A.O.

When I say dey oh,
You say everything's A.O.

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (I'm extra broke yo)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (broke)

Everything is A.O.K. (yep)
Because I'm strong as an O.A.K. (an oak)
But money don't grow on trees
And I'm B.R.O.K.E. (I'm fuckin' broke y'all)

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Watsky Strong As An Oak Comments
  1. Endless The failed myth

    2020 yall

  2. Dman Snyder

    I could watch this all day it is the best song

  3. Insane in The Membrane

    2020 for the Watsky

  4. Seth Cereal

    i love this, you look like micheal cera

  5. Ian Gallager

    I have the weight of the world plus 10 mil. You and your spitz are an inspiration and reminder for me. You have helped me!

  6. Parker Voller

    This song is literally so amazing and timeless..thank you watksy

  7. Dick Swaggins

    This song just makes me feel good even though there is only 5 bucks in mucaccount

  8. Savvy_with_Havvy!

    This always gets my spirits up. The beat and amazing talent is contagious and can turn into a smile easily!

  9. GD Raspy

    Broke college kid song

  10. Sawyer Harris

    2020 son

  11. Aris Academy

    this song gets me through my toughest days 🙏🏻

  12. GammaThe Mighty

    Miss the oldies man. Been watching for years now

  13. OrbitalCuriosty *

    It’s been so many years and this song still never fails to make me feel better

  14. Curtis Trumbo

    Yeah bro when I was homeless, this was my shit.

  15. Nour K

    Watsky emits SUCH GOOD VIBES. Always a mood lifter!!

  16. I eat dogs for a living



    When does Watsky play CT?
    Watsky and Spose Show Possibly?

  18. payton lammers

    dude my brother just reminded me of this song we used to listen to it when we were like seven ur the best still @watsky

  19. Anonymous Ghost

    So many good rappers emerged in the 2010’s can’t wait to see what happens these next ten years for you watsky

    Eli Cochran

    Anonymous Ghost if it’s anything like what he’s doin rn it’s gonna be wild to say the least

  20. The Jack Rabbit

    Glad to some watsky clones were adopted or at least A OKAY

  21. Jesse Miller

    This is watskys best era of music. Wish his newer albums had this albums style....

  22. Jordan Hart

    This tune has been playing in the back of my head for years...

    Jordan Hart

    I love watsky

  23. Hassam Daudi

    This was 6 years ago?? Holy Shit I'm getting old

  24. huntersandwich

    This song came on in my science class.

    Nothing wrong with that, just thought that a watsky song playing was pretty cool

  25. Alia Ris

    fuckin love this guy.

  26. Chris P


  27. White Trash

    This song is still relevant as ever.

  28. Tyler Noernberg

    Who is still here in the current year?

  29. Acacia Kennedy

    Anyone else think he low key looks like Ned from Buzzfeed’s Try Guys?

  30. aj fisher

    This is still an anthem my guy

  31. Andrew Messer

    Where the flippin heck did this go?! I can't find it on Spotify

  32. Team Brandon

    My new theme song 💖
    Despite the fact that this song is six years old!

  33. Gary Hope

    Hey George. Just a heads up that I wanted to say thank you for the music. This song means a lot to me and belive it or not, my daughter loves it too, I think she gets it that Daddy isn't rich. I'm down right struggling right now and have been for awhile.
    I'm back studying to get myself out of this hole so hopefully I can live a better life and provide for those around me.

    My little girl calls this the "happy song" because the way I explained it was, it's all about staying positive and making the most of what you've got when you don't have a lot.

    I wish you could have read this back in 2013. That is if your eyes ever glance over this.

    Thank you Watsky.

  34. KH Samurai

    my only question to life is how am I just now finding this 6 years later?

  35. Michael W.

    Broke af

  36. hippie Love


  37. Dudepool

    Yo George. I need to thank you man. 10 years of me against the world, just trying to get anyone to actually listen, not just hear, to me about the support i needed for pure mental health issues. Well, i was finally heard. Thanks to your messeges, and all the other tunes i listen to (like medicine for the people) i never gave up, even for a few years when i was truly alone. I actually tried to kill myself a few times, and this song reminded me of who i really am in those moments. Thank you.

  38. xCaptainSyGx

    The beginning of this sounds like "never get naked in your shower" by Julian Smith.

  39. Louis Ramos

    Who is here in 2019???

  40. Ashlyn Tirko

    Omfg this song spoke to my soul lyric for lyric. Wyrd.

  41. Troy Williams


  42. Sasha Evans

    Still listening in 2019

  43. sam

    this still hits 6 years later

  44. Anthony Truman

    I just had my debit card declined at In N Out

  45. Impuhlz

    Still a gem- I think this was the first song I listened to of his back in high school. Totally underrated message he's spilling here and he does it beautifully. Long live Watsky!

  46. Rio Horn

    This right here will never get old.

  47. Wyl

    This song taught me that life goes on. and on. and on. If you didn't get lucky this time, Keep positive and keep trying!!!

  48. Rhubarb Pie

    Another reason to like Watsky: showing the subie crowd some love 👌

  49. Mark Harlow

    Money dont grow on trees n I'm B R O K E I'm hella broke

    😔 I relate

  50. Joel Perez, Jr

    Used to listen to this when I was like 16 , now I'm almost 22 , and I can still relate , I'm broke AF tryna get my own place with my fiancee and save up for a wedding on a $9.50 an hour budget , but fuck it , beer is cheap and love is free

  51. TehNaoJi

    Am i alone here ??? 2019 please thumbs up !

  52. horrorgami

    every shitty day I had working internationally poor as fuck, I cranked this song. I scrubbed toilets, changed sheets, broke my back working, but it was the most fun I've ever had because of the people I met and the shit we got up to being poor dickheads. this song rings truer and truer every time I listen to it.

  53. MonkGoneGamer

    As a kid on international student visa. This is my anthem. I worked all spring break 12hours 7 days a week in ocean city. Once I make it I am going to try lsd and shrooma.

  54. Clear Wings

    Favorite song ♡

  55. Marlene Taylor

    This is my favorite of all his songs, I miss the city! It encapsulates all of that living in Northern CA. This should be the Northern Californian anthem. I really could have used this song when it came out at the time, my life was hell in California.

  56. Earl Pearl

    Get a job.

  57. Peachy Jade

    Can't wait to show my newborn,Oak this song. 😍💚

  58. Zakk Brown

    Who is still here in 2019?

    Joseph Joestar Y O U N G

    Yeah,but keep at 68.


    I hate you

    Jared Strong

    Savvy_with_Havvy! Rude

  59. ocie anah

    i heard this shopping, started dancing & fell in love

  60. Ultra Ki

    Idk why i feel nostalgia from this

  61. Bailey


  62. Melantine Oak

    I like this song 👌 It's better than a o k

  63. Ronin 420

    Still great to this day ❤ love your music watsky

  64. Veikka

    first comment in a week!

  65. Ashlee Newbold


  66. Sierra Steen

    u look like small baby in this video . so small .

  67. Bambi Kimberly Lynn ORTEGA MORRISON


  68. Westopher Baker

    I still can't believe how much you sound like Weird Al on the "eye of a needle" line, cracks me up

  69. Kevin263

    Damn...I'm broke...and I'm A-OK...

  70. Tsukenama

    Watsky looking dummy cute lol


    okay but that's not how you eat a banana fam

  72. Zoe Du Jour

    Get it, George. :)
    This song has been getting me through a divorce, an auto immune disease ( started having seizures in December. Woo.) the government shut down screwed up my insurance, the loss of my Aunt, and two hospitalizations...
    But damn it, if that mountain comes to me, I'm climbin it.
    Everything's aaay ohhh. :)

  73. Elena Sobut

    This song literally brought me out of the darkest time of my life. I was 27, beyond broke, about to be kicked out on the street with my roomie. I woke up sweating, already dope sick, landlord already calling. My fiance (had been with over 7 years) had passed away about 3 and a half months before that, despite my attempts at cpr on his cold body when I found him, and I'd taken up slammming diesel, popping downers, and drinking hard and acting totally insane in an attempt to 'deal', and my roomie (an old, old friend, first bf but we'd been broken up for 8 years at that point). He picked up the same shit, and we were wrecked. It was summer in the west side of Chicago-- August, but I still thought it was April. Anyways, my roomie, he'd recently discovered Watsky, and had this song on a playlist, and it kept repeating for some reason that morning... the night before had been a long one and between the fevers and seizures and just....trauma... I was close to done, and I knew it. But this song, this song, reminds me of when we were so fucking down and out, in our dirt shit apartment, and even though I was terrified because I didn't have 2 pennies to rub together to get dope-- disregard the mental and physical health crisis and, you know, no food and teetering on homelessness, and while we weren't lovin' it, I kicked him awake. "Dope song. Who is this?" This was back in the summer of 2014, and I gotta say, the songs on Cardboard Castles got me through some very, very dark times for ... shit, til this day. And to this day some of his verses are the sickest and most meaningful I have ever heard them, and can barely repeat them without getting goosebumps. Anyways, thanks to this song for, whatever reason, pulling me back into something called ... now. It's going to be 5 years since my former fiance's death in April, and while I did start dating someone (and love him so dearly) a year and a half ago, I still miss him and always will. But I'm strong, and it's going to be ok... <3

    Sierra Steen

    thank you for sharing, the power of music is incredible. so glad to hear you are okay now. you are amazing! keep it up and know that this stranger has your back! <3

  74. Hidden For Suspense

    2019 and forever...

  75. Celeryclippings

    Why do u eat bananas like that

  76. Really Long Turds

    Takes me back to my childhood

  77. Mickeymouse Mickey


  78. Tara Cow

    complaint just came out, and i'm throwing it back to this video. this album came out at a pivotal time in my life, and definitely shaped me as a person. proud that he's an artist that I've been able to grow with.
    side note: i much prefer a clean cut george. dude needs to cut his hair.

  79. Ann-Marie

    You're brilliant Watsky!

  80. Rhinunu

    *Rise for the national anthem*

  81. Nico

    I'm still waiting for you to get famous already so I can select this song on karaoke and sing it 😅

  82. Nico

    I'm still waiting for you to get famous already so I can select this song on karaoke and sing it 😅

  83. shams ajmeri

    Been listening to this till this day. Not broke anymore but still it reminds me where I was and where I've came.

  84. BluZebra

    Hands down one of my favorites. It takes a lot before you can overplay this song, and even then I’m good the next day to listen all over again

  85. Kat Jackson

    This song just makes me so happy

  86. ApexPenta

    This song is low key fire dude.

  87. 3 Men And A Let's Play

    Who the fuck eats a banana like that? -Pierce

  88. kiba90666

    you dont get enough credit bud thank for singing about life and its stress and no matter what everything is AOK

  89. Torstrum

    how do i send this to my probation officer....

  90. Ryan Lexow

    I feel this song in my core. Thank you for this, Watsky.

  91. Jill Klautky

    This is why I love watsky

  92. The Stoney Gamer

    This isnt rap, its poetry , Great poetry. 10/10 would listen again

  93. Jasmine Nys

    this made me sad that's snowing and I've been ripped from California. I kinda used to just skate around and live life, I didn't have a job, just school, and I'd just chill, now I'm trapped indoors 'cause it's too cold for shit in the east coast.

  94. nadia lee

    the original tik tok

  95. Scott Mayte

    still goin on strong, gime one of them virtual fistbumps geee, everythings a o k , keep getting em gainz breh