Watsky - Stand For Something Lyrics

Never been the one to play it cool
I never been a fan of fancy shoes
I only want to stand for something
I don’t care if they approve
They don’t know what I’ve been through
I only want to stand for something

[Verse 1:]
What was I thinking when I headed to SoCal?
Everybody gotta order the low-cal or no-cal meal
I don't even enjoy guilt
I think the city turned my semen to soymilk
But I’m a motherfuckin hypocrite
Acting like I never give a shit
But now I think about it maybe a tad bit
Cause pretty baby I be ready to admit
I'm thinking maybe I will never be Brad Pitt
Want the celebrity? You gotta be bat shit
To want to be a piece of meat, we treat em as cold cuts
But go nuts when we see em wiping their own butts
And the crowd goes wild
But we don't smile if you got no style
Gotta be kidding me, giving the pretty people the key to the city
I don't even know

[Verse 2:]
We struttin
Ain't nobody gotta tell us nothing
Because a rose is a rose and I am what I am
And I wear it like campaign button
I don't want a side eye
I say bye bye
Roll up another one and hand me a Mai tai
Because the people who be running the show
Are kinda like the season how they come and they go
And we'll be living while they looking for parking
And we'll be digging while they woofing and barking
They kicking in the door and hoping to barge in
But this is what you get there's nothing to bargain
If it's a hundred to one and we're under the gun
I'm not gonna be groveling for the governor's pardon
Don't gotta suck in your gut if you want to guzzle a Bud
I'm about it baby, you can party with us

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