Watsky - Springtime In New York Lyrics

Mister Softee's back
The block under attack
Frozen Mickey Mouse head massacre
Mac cherry matte glossed lips smack
Please mind the thigh gap
Pierced venus fly trap
French kiss french toast french roast light frap
French-goodbye the nightcap
Full Japanese sleeves
Brazilian hair weaves and bazillionaire thieves
Heavenly heavily creased Canal Street queen
25 if a fiend
Maybe 40 if she's clean
Shorty in black, Nightmare Before Christmas, ripped, safety-pinned jeans
Obscenely scene art crowd
Bean to bar insert fart sound
Far out, daddy-o
Daddy issues
Data dumpster
Dumb on purpose
Optimistic prophylactic purchase
Swipe right, minimal hesitation
Possible digital penetration
Popsicle in the butthole?
Wait, where are you going?
Wait. Wait. Please wait. Wait!
My safeword is "safeword"
Say word if that's hot
Stop! How much you fuckin got?
Lay up off your cash, your pants, and throw the Her Pleasure trojans on the top!
Drop, kiss the pavement, spread your mothafucking cheeks and make em talk
The familiar wa-wa-walk of shame
Glittering city of dreams
Sex is on the breeze
Must be springtime in the city

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Watsky Springtime In New York Comments
  1. Tae Ymssa

    This shit cracks me up

  2. Emerald Kelsi

    lmaoo the waa-waas remind me of charlie brown

  3. Sal Craw

    Everytime I hear a song like this it makes me smile knowing that we can Express ourselves the way we want to.

  4. Salt

    "Popsicle, in the butthole" The first time I heard that was the first time I actually laughed to a rap lyric, so funny because its so random

  5. Anindita Singh

    favorite song.

  6. Meliodas Lostvayne

    *Mr. Softies back*

  7. Rico J

    Always a weird one but still like it.

  8. nadia lee

    This would be so good lofi

  9. zachary newman

    Watsky will forever be my favorite music maker

  10. Elijah Rock

    New York City Springtime Song- https://youtu.be/7VnB--QUXFU

  11. Allan P

    This may or may not be my favorite Watsky track.

  12. Daniel McKee

    Btw a popsicle in the butthole is a sex thing and it's called, I swear to God, "Freeze!"

  13. Daniel McKee

    Popsicle in the butthole

  14. Connor Preston

    This song is a rollercoaster

  15. What is this

    P l e a s e m i n d t h e t h i g h g a p

  16. marcus grimes

    popsicle in the butthole

  17. rawpoison99rh

    George buddy, I think you ought to write another book. In qriting and music, your words flow and make sense...

  18. Liam Johnson

    This song has the feel of COD BOIII Zombies

    David Steel


  19. MILK

    "Insert fart sounds, far out! Daddio; daddy issues"

  20. LaDarryl Winsley

    This song stays weird no matter how many times I listen to it. I love it.

  21. J Dunst

    Cardboard Castles was a little scary because it was a little introspective. This album is scary because of what it decides to deal with

    brian lavalley

    J Dunst I agree, popsicles in the butthole are pretty scary

  22. Disaster Doctor

    Well damb! did i accidentally take acid?

  23. ItsElement

    i live in NY :)


    Is it springtime? Lel

    Stylianos Ansley

    ItsElement Same dawg. And it's spring.

  24. Insane Lyrical


    Stewy Track


    Insane Lyrical


  25. The LowEnd

    The beats he got for this album are gr8

    Quaroh Gaming

    Don't be nice ;)

  26. Kaiya Goodman

    "Possible digital penetration, a popsicle in the butthole!"

    Well this escalated quickly 😂😂

    Mr DiabetusFetus

    Still fire flame

    Julia Goodman


    potatoe lizard 420

    wow i mean that really got out hand fast