Watsky - Skit #2 Lyrics

Yeah, I've been doing that
I've been doing that ever since I was in kindergarten
I've been doing that for a long long long long, long long long long long long time
Oh, when did it actually get really bad though?
I was turning the age I am right now
Which is how old?
Eight is a good year, eight is maybe the finest year
The only thing is that
The only problem with that is that you're getting closer to being ten
That's the real problem
You don't wanna turn ten?
I mean, I mean, that's the only problem with it
I mean you're like, you're being closer to ten every time you change in age
And when you're close to ten
It's all over
Yeah, you might not like the things you used to like, right?
I actually had probably the exact same fear when I was about to turn ten
But I'm gonna let you know right now you shouldn't worry
Because being ten is-is super rad
But the thing that would always make me feel better
Is my mom and dad would sit me down and do funny voices
And they would tell me a story and it would all go away

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