Watsky - Right Now Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
It's '86 when my mama has me
30 seconds later when the doctor slaps me
15 years til I get my permit
And then 4 more til we're in the backseat
Of a taxi, crazy youngfolk
And then sun came up but none woke
It's 4:20 when I made that dumb joke
I was saying something like blah blah blunt smoke
And then it's later in the afternoon
In my backyard when we write this tune
2 days later when I pen the verses
Probably 8 months til you first heard it
So punch the clock, adjust your tie
Spike the punch and touch the sky
Life is hard and then you die
So let's all go hard tonight

Remembering the days that felt so long
I bet you miss me
We spent the whole day dreaming, our minds made up
We're making history
Right now is right now
Too loud to die down
Right now is right now
No other time now

[Verse 2:]
If time is money a second's a penny a minute's buck
a couple years are a milly I'm getting really really filthy
Bitch, get me a bathtub!
I'm filthy rich, watching my pennies stack up
I shower in a typhoon
If time is dimes then I'm a tycoon
I'll glue em together and the climb to the moon
Climb to the moon! Climb to the moon!
We on Today, Today, Matt Laur
Every 24 we going like Jack Bauer
Hear the bell ringing I'm thinking it's that hour
Turning on my light and I set it to max power
Let's keep it going and going, I'm talking moment to moment we live the high and the low
And then when we're broken like cracking open a coconut we pull ourselves together again and we gotta go


[Bridge (x4):]
Pushing offa the ground tonight
I be up in the clouds tonight
Looking over my town tonight
In the shadow we found the light

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Watsky Right Now Comments
  1. Jaki C W

    I love you

  2. Kursed One

    Kurse was here

  3. Ma Ha

    Is that an anderson paak spotting? 🤩

  4. Sal Craw

    It took me more than 8 months to hear this?!

  5. Captain_Aggron

    you've helped me so much

  6. Luca Vincent

    *max power! he's the man whose name you'd love to touch! but you mustn't touch!*

  7. Universe

    You really telling me that they were smoking weed in the car then? It was still illegal then, right? Watsky is a liar!!!! Just playing.

  8. Noisy Ship

    Nice beat

  9. Nobody Famous

    under rated masterpiece

  10. wytherwings

    As a Cali girl that’s been on the east coast the past 6 months, this made me nostalgic af

  11. Stefan Ostojić

    Hi Watsky fans! :)
    Wrote a song for a youtube crush from England but deeply influenced by the great rap bard Watsky.
    I think you will like it. :) Take a look, lots and lots of references for real Watsky fans. :)
    Thanks, have a nice day. :)

  12. MajorOctofuss

    Lisas voice is so mezmerising, she gon go far

  13. Idnd Kdmd

    Wasn't right now also a FM song?

  14. Jayy K

    Lisa Terror. ❤

  15. E.A. Hawley

    My jam!

  16. joel easton


  17. Angie Torres

    Who else is here cuz Terror Jr.?

  18. Homie D

    Was that Dumbfounded???

  19. Nick Cameron

    that car brings back memories

  20. Trevor Clark

    Love your stuff am a triathlete ( swimming biking running) and your song has gone me out through some really tuff bike and run workouts. thanks so much for making good song.

  21. Cordero Thompson

    I must say i wasn't sure about this guy when i first heard him. been once I was hooked by the second go around. You kill it bro.

  22. Dominick Stewart

    The whole video is an extreme mannequin challenge.

  23. Kus_605

    Green screen is such a wonderful thing

  24. baltimore52394

    thanks George for getting me hip to the existence of Mr. Paak before Dre. One love bro

  25. Longstreet Arts

    I can't get enough of this. Seriously, it's on repeat.

  26. Tyla Z

    shes definitely the singer of terror jr

    Jannic Nielssen

    it is so her!

    Garrison Evans

    Tyla Z IKR this sounds just like her

    Allison Vinave

    now we have to beg them to do a terror jr x watsky collab

  27. •Jo•

    Where in the world is Lisa Vitale these days?????????????!!!!!!! Anyone? Anyone? Help here?

    irl madi

    •Jo• checkout the band Terror Jr i think shes the lead singer


    joel easton What? That's a pretty cruel joke even for a troll.


    Are you retarded, Joel?

    Jayy K

    joel easton she's not dead shut up

  28. NinjaNerd007

    Probably my favorite song of Watsky's. It always makes me feel super happy. It needs to be my anthem for the next week so I don't get sucked into political hatred. LOVE!!

  29. ackboi -

    Right now is right now! Um, actually it's 4:27

  30. IAmPixilated

    its 2:57 am and this really messed with me, good job

  31. photoshopknight

    10,000'd yt like. thank you Watsky,Lisa Vitale for this great song.

  32. writing songs for frogs

    Look at my small jewish son drinking beer


    heyyy supernatural fam ❤

  33. anton brown

    Hey Dumbfoundead! Lol

  34. Tommy Larimore

    so glad watsky is in our generation one of the best

  35. REPTAR isaG



    in the description

  36. Dani Bagshaw

    watsky should let me sit on his face.


    My face is available


    If you know anything about Watsky - He loves older women :)
    So good luck

    REPTAR isaG

    +aleror1 like me, because they know what they want and don't play games.

    Raysean Brown

    You can come sit on my face lol

    eden sadgrl

    why would he want that?

  37. aung kyaw

    wasky is the best that all i know


    He's so good you can't spell his fucking name...

  38. kakarroto007

    That video and song just blew my mind. I just discovered Watsky, and am happy to say I'm now a big fan of what you do. Thank you for making this intelligent, thoughtful, and emotionally powerful music. You have a lot of talent, bro.

  39. Nikita Sajai

    420 when i made that dumb joke
    ok me

  40. BrickHouse

    can someone ask me how this video was made?

    Jeremy Al

    +BrickHouse how this video was made?

    Kory Davis

    +rand int lol

    Elias Serneels

    They just film it very slowly and afterwards speed it up?

  41. Jeefer Kk

    Was that Dumbfoundead in the backseat?


    He and Watsky are Best friends

    Cal Mac

    It's not dumbfounded, the names of the people are in the description

    Jeefer Kk

    +Callum MacD I don't know, looks like him.


    +Jeefer Kk Dude it was totally dumb and anderson paak!

  42. Prior of the Ori

    I like the way this music video was done and I really want to know how. Anyone else notice on the dash the numbers keep goin even when the car is stopped but by the end of the video it's maxed out at 9999? Hidden meaning?


    I think it means you're gonna spend way to much money on a taxi...

    Prior of the Ori

    The immortal taxi driver.....

  43. HelloHopeYouHaveANiceDay

    MY FUCKIN JAM....guh. this is the perfect one to scream out the car windows on the highway.

  44. pinktoysbeforeboys

    That picture of your Dad.  He's got that smart/sexy geek thing going on...

  45. officialmer

    1:26 Breezy Lovejoy?

  46. Lauren Smith

    Soooooooooooooooo good

  47. arthursc2

    I want to marry Lisa's voice. Simple fact of life.

  48. Luke

    Just an india tour this year?

  49. George Free-da-man

    Amazing I'm your number 1 fan😎

  50. metal10137

    Long ass drive

  51. Anselm George

    Guys... Dumbfounded is there.

  52. Dex

    How did they sync the singing girl (0:40) so perfectly? It's something like 1-0.5fps timelapse. She must've been sitting there for half an hour just slightly moving her mouth, unable to do any other movements. Wow.

    Michael Luce

    Watch the video for woah woah woah. That video is sick how they made it.

    joel easton

    That singing "girl" is LISA VITALE

  53. Matt Cable

    love this guy, Eminem eat your heart out. lol bath salt

  54. Garret

    lol dumbfoundead up in the vid

  55. João Fardilha

    I like Watsky songs in general, but have a small problem, his flow is great, he writes well, but there is something about his voice that it makes me tired of listening him for a while... I can't put my finger on it...

    But anyways mad respect to the kid...

  56. Evrybdygets1

    the cameo by PARKER though

  57. Josh Roe

    if bo burnham commented on this i think you would all shit yourselves

  58. kalex791

    this is my fav song on the new album. he was great in philly last week

  59. The Militant Potato

    how the fuck

  60. Julia Bergdoll

    anyone know where i can  find a lyric video

  61. Everyday Gaming

    Best song ever have the whole album greatest album

  62. AndrewFM

    yeah 4/20 !!! XD

  63. Reece Turner

    My favourite animal is a tiger I love cuddling them and feeling their claws dig into my back and kill me

    Rob Knoll

    Does that count as a fetish?

    Reece Turner

    +Bob Man anything is a fetish if you have a boner doing it

  64. wsupkim

    Yo! why no one mention Dumbfoundead chilling with Watsky?!

    Anselm George

    That's exactly what I was thinking!!

  65. Nicky

    ah my 3 favorite rappers in one video

  66. JoShInAtOr SqUaShInHaTeRs

    Watsky you da man! Lisa your voice is beautiful! Great song!

  67. Shovon Ahmed

    in one - awesome <3

  68. PrincipalProductions

    instrumental anywhere?

  69. Kennedy640

    i wish i had friends thhat were girls

    Reece Turner

    I wish I had cheesecake

  70. Sherica Smith

    Was that his parents in the end?

  71. dmbkersh

    Trying to figure out how to make it out to Stubbs with work and all. Last time I was there, we played after Modest Mouse. Gave the set list to our friend (modest mouse fan). You rock, man. Please keep it up.

  72. Emilio

    This is my favorite

  73. Hallal Chicken

    Thank you, Watsky! :) Your amazing song has made my summer unforgettable! :D

  74. Freddie Simmons

    You're one of two artists I've bought music from in 2 years.

  75. Paul Skye

    Had to laugh hella hard when I saw Watsky drinking with dfd.

  76. Tabletop Tyler

    I'd love a "making of" video for this. I'm curious as to how they edited it together.


    They probably mounted a camera to the car and had a motor to keep it spinning at a constant pace, then the actors would do their thing, and at the stops they'd have people waiting to swap places. Then they just speed up the footage.

  77. ktdreams510

    this is the song on the album that i dance in circles to <3

  78. Tony Shipp

    hash tag number 1 

  79. WhySoSaltyMC

    "It was 420 when i made that dumb joke, I was saying summin' lake blah blah blunt smoke!"

  80. Stefan Van Handel

    Ahaha, Parker at 1:13

  81. Sofía Navarro

    I love this song

  82. Joh Galvan

    i love this song <3

  83. Nicky Sabinsky

    Dude is it cool if I use this music as a backtrack of a quick 2min video? Love your work and would love to present it to as many people as i can. Will of course credit you, with due respect.

  84. Ryan Hanft

    please tell me thats watsky's parents he's smoking/drinking with at the end

  85. Sir Monsieur

    0:42, is that AnnaSophia Robb?

  86. Cruise

    I love this.

  87. Jeremy Leyrolles

    PARKER <3

  88. Boom Shankar

    he said nigga.

  89. David Afalla

    lol dumbfounded xD

  90. Jara Marvelous

    How is everything you do so good? I havent heard anything from you I didnt like. I love you Watsky! :)

  91. Jara Marvelous

    How is everything you do so good? I havent heard anything from you I didnt like. I love you Watsky! :)

  92. Jesse Moreno

    HOOORAAAAY for new @WATSKY! material!   *:D*

  93. Joseph Henderson

    Great track Man!!! Awesome summer night jam! Will def gonna get the album, seems to be filled with great tracks! 

  94. Roman Penna

    This was so good Watsky, also great music video, filmed so well.

  95. Pluto Drums

    Thanks Watsky! Really, thanks for making all of this. Gives me chills all over.
    See you in Munich on Sept. 21st.

  96. jedikiah

    July , 25 , 2014 - George Watsky Shouted Me Out On Stage For My Birthday .

  97. ClutchSwaggins

    Favorite song in the album, love you watsky