Watsky - Pumped Up Kicks Remix Lyrics

I've been on the blacktop
Steady throwing elbows
Ever since I was was in corduroys and velcros
Ever since you did your impression of Melrose
a giggling gaggle of Tickle Me Elmos
I ate some wheaties and graduated to shell toes
Running from a bully, man I'm thinking hell no
chain me to a tree, I'm waiting for the bulldozer
You only woulda seen me skate away if hell froze
May not be bigger but you're never gonna pick on me
You're Cedric Diggory. I'm Nicholas Nickleby
You better pick a team
There's no in between
You want a nickelbag
You want some nicotine
You wanted a fix
I will never be your goldmine
Taking my kicks
And I'm hanging em over the phoneline
So you can find me, posted feeling so fine

Robert's got a quick hand
He'll look around the room, he won't tell you his plan
He's got a rolled cigarette
Hanging out his mouth, he's a cowboy kid
Yeah, he found a six-shooter gun
In his dad's closet with a box of fun things
And I don't even know what
But he's coming for you, yeah, he's coming for you, wait

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

At Buena Vista elementary in second grade
One whistle is when recess ends
Two whistles is an earthquake drill
Three means every kid better hit the deck
Unless you want to catch a stray bullet or a ricochet from a fight across the chainlink fence
I know that I don't look it but grew up in the middle of the city where only the quick make friends
A kid in Frisco
navigating Lombard
no On Star
I'm on BART
no lawn darts
not saying I'm hard
But I got street val for my Pokemon cards
Better put me onto Pawn Stars
And I'll Barter like my gramma when she wants art
Every block or two I skate around another beggar
Leaning on a cop car
Baked as a pop tart

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, outrun my gun
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet

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Watsky Pumped Up Kicks Remix Comments
  1. Devorah Linford

    Fuck yeah!!! This is amazing I love this!!!

  2. Chronic Vortex

    I can't believe I just discovered this gem today!

  3. Jeremy Moore

    Easter egg hunt on! Confirm?

  4. My Car Is Chaotic

    what the heck why are people commenting from 3-6yrs ago but the song was published in 2017, like was it updated in 2017 or am I just hmm

  5. Jeremy Moore

    Frame me, kill me, lock me up/
    Quick! Can't stop me, shut me up/
    Dustin rocks

  6. Lazerdisck


  7. primo

    Why didn't I know about this earlier omg

  8. Stevo 97

    I finally found this video, I've been looking for ever and I finally found it. I can now die in peace

  9. Aristera Bibliophile


    Josh Fox

    Aristera Bibliophile I’m kinda mad I’m just now finding it

  10. Scootin With Coop

    Hell yeah that's my boy .... 😎

  11. Dawned Felix

    Been stuck in my head for ages xD

  12. Flash Of Genius

    as if only just heard this, this is awesome

  13. MrTheNoMan

    Better not steal houses

  14. Gears

    Yesss It’s back!!! I loved this sm,,,

  15. Skrinklewink

    A hidden gem.

  16. kezi lee

    Good job.

  17. S.R.

    Why can't I have a friend like George...

  18. S.R.


  19. Tiny Biceps

    Dang <3

  20. ian Soelberg

    baked as a poptart lol

  21. Emperor Palpatine

    This is gold

  22. Dustin Spencer

    I have a very unhealthy obsession with "Pumped Up Kicks", and am a fan of Watsky. This video makes me very happy.

  23. Icy

    Wow I'm late

  24. Blue Booth

    I've been a fan for so long and have never heard this before...WHAT THE HELL?! IT'S SO GOOD. WHAT!!!

  25. Joe 00

    Hmm idk if it wirk

  26. Bear Ursidae

    Still listening xD, still feel like an outsider.

  27. VNEEM

    Where did this watsky go I miss him

  28. VulpesPrime

    So does Warsky's lyrics follow the story of Pumped Up Kicks? (If you don't know, which is unlikely, PUK is about a school shooting)

  29. Leo

    Still fire.

  30. imthelawnmowerman

    Baked as a pop tart. Best line ever

  31. SenpaiKaplan

    who else misses mixtape mondays? They should come back man...

  32. huntswastaken

    Just me or does this sound like a School Shooting?

    Daninnotatop says the trashcan

    that's what the song is about


    @My Chemical Panic! withTwentyØnePiløts figured...


    Pumped Up Kicks alone is about a school shooting lol

    Tony Carrico

    ..........better be a joke boi

  33. freshpajamas

    This song was taken down for a while. Glad to see it's back here. Thank you

  34. Sapoji



    SockSlap Vlogs yes, yes it is.

  35. Ethan Small

    Cant believe it's been 5 years.


    WinterFX 6.1

    S Fischer

    Ethan Small 6 now


    YT says 7 now...

    Meliodas Lostvayne

    8 years... Hard to believe Watsky's 32 when he looks like hes in his 20s.

    Tae Ymssa

    @Meliodas Lostvayne *33 now. Believe it or not most white rappers are actually older than him.

  36. GameCrazedNERDS


  37. The Unofficials

    Hello I'm from the future and this is hot


    The Unofficials Hello, I'm from further in the future and I can say this is still hot.

    david campbell

    Hello, I'm from further, further in the future. it's lit.

  38. washthethrone

    Had to come back to this after he retold the story of his elementary school in his book.

    nathaniel holland-pass

    I loved hearing all of the stories and suddenly all of the tiny details being whole life experiences, that being said, wounded healer killed me all day when I read the chapter about saul

    Emilio Oseguera

    How many books dose he have and where can I purchase ?

  39. Hannibal Burgers

    I've looked everywhere for this.

  40. PhoenixPoptart

    I was about to get pissed that they stole this song but nah it's a remix cool cool. The thing I saw it on didn't have "remix" in the title so I got scared.

  41. Advanced_Sand

    I love this. Pumped Up Kicks holds a shit ton of childhood memories and with Watsky doing something like this, it's perfect.


    the song was 2011-2012 hyped... i think he's 12 xD

  42. Alymesimar

    I still remember this being my favorite thing on my playlist in school! You've made some awesome stuff since then, but I still love this one

  43. Quasartist

    Glad to see this song is available again :)

  44. Power_ Ezz

    Br Owna

  45. GamingScotsman

    This is pretty powerful

  46. Andrew Hyles

    Back in the US! pleasant playlist surprise.

  47. Lauren Smith

    3 years ago? Damnnn I've been listening/watching you for yearrsss

  48. Lauren Smith

    My two favorites <3

  49. Ellie Dove


  50. z126br


  51. Tobias Logan

    Holy tits.

  52. Corey Terlouw

    2015 Cx

  53. Kelvne Pechim

    Finally Brazil can watch this video

  54. Katy Lawson

    So many old comments... I like this song, fun to see Watsky do a cover like this.

    Katy Lawson

    @EinsteinReplica Jesus Christ, I commented 9 months ago?

    Douche Army

    @EinsteinReplica and yesterday
    you time traveling hipster you.

    Anti Terrorism


    So many old comments... I like this song, fun to see Watsky do a cover like this.


    KABLAM! You've been hit by a blast from the past!

    Yuri Costa

    Katy Lawson Now your comment is old as well

  55. PerWessel

    so fucking good

  56. Kennedy640

    I got my street val from my magic cards...


    Why do all the people say "Yugioh is better. No one knows what Magic is" having never played Magic? It looks like you like Pokemon better too based on your Youtube channel...


    I like both. Why does one need to be better even though they are the same thing? A card game. I like yugioh and I think the magic cards are really cool as well. Saw them as a kid but never understood the game though. 


    @Kennedy640  , that yugo game is a joke compared to the gathering


    @smellyhusband ikr


    Back in the day magic the gathering got you beat up not give you street cred.

  57. Jack Brice

    I blast song when im driving

  58. Lucy Wark

    Two of my favourite things :) classic like PB&J

  59. Potatoraptor

    Shout-out to Foster The People for being cool enough to not take this remix

  60. Leonardo Amaral


  61. Peyton Melancon


    Peyton Melancon

    I will be as excited as I want, sir


    That's the right attitude

    Barta Zsolty

    easy on the tumblrness

    Emilio Oseguera

    No way a nerdy girl that likes watsky ??!Pey you are my soulmate.😭

  62. dumptuck

    Badass logo,
    Awesome song.


    It's always fun to find old comments you left :))


    Yeah, it is

    Xargle The Awesome

    @dumptuck I'm replying so maybe you'll come back and listen to this again


    @Xargle The Awesome thank you <3

  63. MondayMorningPress

    The comments on this videos are really old. From what I can tell the most comments were made a year ago. Well happy new year, and watsky is still the boss.

    Grayson Hargrove

    happy new year!......oh..


    JTSharkAttack it’s 4 years old yikes

    dongle 24

    I've come to be the newest comment

    Saoirse Apps

    @dongle 24 Haha! Not anymore!

    Leah Luerssen

    Happy New year's from the future my dude

  64. Billy Myers

    Can someone tell me who the bear figure belongs to?


    I'm pretty sure it's Watskys since he uses it regularly 

    Joshua W.

    It's Mike Tyson.

  65. David Helsel

    best song yet

  66. **basic

    love it

  67. darwensassistent

    Never thought this song could get better I have been proven wrong again.

  68. SuperFirePanda


  69. Saddie

    I'll slap a bitch

  70. OhLookZombiees

    that Artwork... I follow him on Instagram, but i cant remember his name?

  71. darwensassistent

    I thought I couldn't like this song anymore, Mr.Watsky has showed me i was wrong.

  72. SEILuke

    Me lukey

  73. Vicky Likes This

    i like this. like very much.

  74. mike michalski

    thank you for your mind watsky, your a true inspiration too alot of people with nothing to inspire them. much love mydude.

  75. Raymond Noriega

    If I'm a bad influence, then here's the great advice:
    Kids! Don't be a dickweed!
    Appreciate the shit out of the present moment and be fucking nice!

  76. Jasmin Carter

    he is HOT!

  77. Ant D

    did not mean to down vote

  78. MarkatoFan

    you're kinda right, wouldnt have noticed this myself =D

  79. ItsDarragh

    h t t p s :// w w w .y o u t u b e.c o m / watch?v=yhSluwLFOTs
    mashup gorrillaz and pumped up kicks

  80. MrDonn80

    reminds me of white panda

  81. Springare87

    I'm getting a "Gorillaz" vibe from this song. ^^

  82. chris rosado

    don't, they are to stupid to save.

  83. Kain Carter

    Oh yeah, public schools are also socialism, so if you go to a public school you probably shouldn't diss it.

  84. Kain Carter

    How can you call him socialist? Even socialists say he isn't socialist. Also, I'm just going to assume you're republican, seeing as how you dislike Obama so much I doubt you would be democrat. Anyway, republicans have no right calling Obama socialist seeing as how they are the #1 supporter of the US military, which happens to be a socialist military.

  85. funkybanan

    AWSOME went off of watsky for a while then listened to this and im hooked again

  86. Dead Fly

    I'm sorry, I love Watsky but I hate this band. This is garbage!

  87. Katie McLame

    I actually do. It's right there.

  88. Andy C

    Gtfo Jew.

  89. Linto


  90. Alex

    You my friend, Are Jebus

  91. WoodchuckDuck

    Who els thinks Watsky and Maclomore should do a rap together?

  92. TheFlash0555

    i think Foster the People is garbage but Watsky is fantastic so i am torn here

  93. Soph Wozz

    Two of my favourite artists coming together!

  94. jason phillips


  95. max baxter

    'maybe if we're nice to them they won't take down our unauthorized remix' omg ily

  96. TheBeelzboss

    Have you seen Across the Universe? All of the remixes they did of Beetles songs were great.

  97. ICONnor333

    do you know what a socialist is?

  98. so jkh

    it even says it in the lyrics

  99. radiorocker111