Watsky - Nothing Like The First Time Lyrics

The first time I ate avocado was so amazing that I came

And that was the first time that I came so the only thing I could compare it to is the taste of avocado. Pretty much the same

The first time I got high, I ran into my friend's bedroom and I hung onto each corner of the mattress because I knew that I would be flung into space if I didn't hold tight

Two years before that I went to my first concert. I was high all night. And the first time someone clapped for me on stage I floated three inches off the pavement walking home

Only one girl has ever really wrapped my stomach into pretzels. She didn't give me butterflies. She gave me pterodactyls
I'm talking terrible internal bruising and the first time I kissed her was like the first time I saw fireworks, which was like the sky first kissing me in the eyeballs

In high school the self-defense counselor taught us that to defend ourselves against a rapist, by sticking a thumb into the corner of his eye socket and popping it out like a grape
Babe, for the chance to be with you, I would pop my own eyeballs out and say, "Here. I only have eyes for you."
So everywhere you went you'd carry me around in your pocket and every time you pulled out a handful of loose change I'd get to wink at you and a thousand miles away you would think of how charming I am- me- weaving blindly through LA traffic. You- in some bullshit other place

But you shouldn't leave first times until the end of summer
Because you went off to college, years passed, and I realized I was the only one calling anymore
And that first kiss hardened into the last. My love: retarded, preserved, a pterodactyl in a tar pit, the music over before it started, a lost guitar pick
I've stopped trying to match it, searching for that magical attachment

Because marriages are not fucking Disney
Bad marriages are sandcastles
Good marriages are McDonald's hamburgers
You can leave a good marriage on a plate in the sun for fifty years and it stays pretty much the same

They key, I hear, is to fight routine- to make the smallest moments gleam and mean something

And if you ever feel yourself fading, face paint your old and aging creased-up cheeks gold-plated with a jar of first-time and if you need a youthful spruce-up just grab a tube of that new juice and lube up and if you're hurting just rub the good stuff where you're burning

But a word of warning
The first time tends to make the bad times worse
There's the rub
It doesn't make things better, just louder
It amplifies a murmur... er-er
Great is greater. Greater is greaterer. And broke... is broker. Bone... is boner
It's not a perfect formula

But the first time that I kissed you, the door of your crappy Civic already half-open, you said "I'm glad you did that."
And I have a feeling that, for you, it wasn't a first-time
It was a "this one time."
But I will remember that moment for the rest of my life, even if I have to arm wrestle Alzheimer's for it

And if I ever get a chance to kiss you again, you know, a second time, I'm gonna stick my tongue out and lick you right across your face. Because I've already kissed you. But I never licked you
And you'll say, "Ugh. Why did you do that?" And I'll say, "Hey sexy. Did someone slap you across the face with a banana slug or is that a big shiny trail of first-time on your cheek. Maybe we can go back to my place and gets some first-time on the sheets."

It's worth it
After all, there's nothing like the first time
The first time's always perfect

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Watsky Nothing Like The First Time Comments
  1. anon1239000

    i just realized cul-de-sac was a red herring for cunt and i dont know how it took me...7 years to notice

  2. Evan Halmstad

    nise song

  3. Caroline Miller

    -labradoodle; half a wasp and half a jew
    Watsky and I are both the exact same type of mutt and it makes me so proud

  4. orangejello

    narrator: little did she know that this song would be the door opening into the whole amazing wide world of Watsky

  5. All Boss


  6. Hunter English

    aid smoc


  7. Eminentbeats

    live as f**k

  8. AndroidT01187

    ? Mine is One Piece, Minecraft and Watsky ._.

  9. Basedtoby

    Those videos are some youtube put up for you, might be because you have seen videos like that alot before :)

  10. Brianna Rhyanes

    He goes so hard my peeps can't control themselves

  11. Benjamin Serenity

    i respect your right to your own opinion, but i'm actually curious as to what you dont like about this song. please elaborate? i just dont understand how anybody could think that.

  12. Ralph dread

    To awesome

  13. dada weaver

    Watsky killed it way better than jay z

  14. DevilMoron

    I love jay-z better

  15. SalemRP

    Showed this to mt teachwr and we bumped all period

  16. To My Lifetime and Beyond

    Why is it taking me so long to learn this!

  17. lewazzy

    This is shit

  18. Lakeithia

    Brings more animation then the original song. Hilarious


    I like it live better. Two guys beneath me first of you suck sick second this how u spell BRUTAL.

  20. anthony503

    BRUTLE dude its better then then the song

  21. anthony503

    I like the monster guy singing in the background

  22. michiganfan725

    for some reason the yogi bear line gets me super hype

  23. piviotman9090

    Fuckin sick!!!!

  24. ThatKidNamedD

    Killed it

  25. Ursine ComicGeek

    I CANNOT stop listening to this!!!

  26. Connor Mccloskey

    Fucking love this song

  27. Natalie Lefthand

    I can sing this song like he does but my friend said I can't rap

  28. EvErYtHiNg_ AwEsOmE

    :3 haha ;)

  29. AirOfSpace

    Like this version more than original.

  30. IncrediblePony

    a shame this track is so short :(

  31. Th3LastofTh3Best

    Well. Looks like Captain Obvious strikes again. I hate that man.

  32. daniellaboy

    No way, You listened to the beginning too

  33. MrWaggl1

    Definitely wanna see more added to this song...I'm sure there's a lot more good verses and beats to throw in.


    I think that's just you...

  35. Clay Chivers

    good song

  36. oaamrane

    beep po beep po

  37. Nolan Kelly

    Haha, yeah. I know the lyrics to this, Rich Girl, IDGAF, and A Hundred Words You Could Say Instead Of Swag.

  38. Nolan Kelly

    does anyone know the whole song?

  39. Hip620SkateTeam

    just danm lol

  40. Shriffican

    thanks, I didn't think i caught that in the begining.

  41. Brendon Fehr

    i love how in the related videos there is a bunch of stuff about kids with diseases....

  42. Drew Maxwell

    george watsky you are the best ever you really inspired me in song writing,singing thanks alot!
    -Drew Maxwell

  43. Icon ™

    Shut the fuck up you little ass kid, hurr durr don't cuss me over the internet grow a pair faggot.

  44. Ben Dover

    you dont have to talk shit to people that dont know because you think ur a internet thug.

  45. Tyler Stouvy

    a lot thats a life changing amount of money for normal people

  46. ManafestoRah

    better structure and flow then most rapper in the industry and theme.

  47. leparnz37

    good job typing out the lyrics buddy

  48. Nolan Kelly

    I'm sorry, honest abe, popo don't take me 'way 'way
    Cause if you ever try to lock me up I'm pleading cray cray
    And then they'll all say mayday! Mayday! Oh, what did we do?
    he be creepy giving me the heebee jeebies, he be hebrew
    he be robo, beep boop beep boop, please untie me! he's behind me!
    What's 50 grand to a motherfucker like me, can you please remind me?

  49. Nabeel Khan

    and then i listened to him smore times! LOL

  50. worrmiesroo

    What's 50 grand to a mofo like me can you please remind me?
    ALOT. That's a life-changing amount of money for normal people.

  51. Charlie-Look ItsCandy-Mountaim

    LOLOLOL I'm from the avenue, too.

  52. omir410

    I'm Omir da bomber....from north philly...white kid that raps on YouTube....watsky teaches me to rap with your heart

  53. HDutkiewicz

    awesome in madison

  54. Phxntom

    Smoke a bowl with Yogi bear I'm stickin up your pic-i-nics.

  55. SkaNinja1313

    I listened to him smore times

  56. NotoriousVIC100

    lol i was being sarcastic with the lingo. hov is jayz and ye is kanye west

  57. Josh Liefhebber

    I have no idea what you just said.

  58. QueenMJade89

    "a lot. thats a life changing amount of money for normal people." lolz XD

  59. Edward

    can anyone send a link for this song without the first 15 seconds ??


    A lot..... That's a life-changing amount of money for normal people.....

  61. NotoriousVIC100

    on a track where you would expect a fast flow, especially from watsky. still goes hard tho

  62. NotoriousVIC100

    lol watsky is sick but u finna diss hov and ye like that

  63. MasterMrJett

    Now the most played song on my iPod

  64. do1gdo1g

    ok tthe one dislike seems really lonly so im gonna dislike it ....i love this song though

  65. itsmemichael13

    hebrew jeebies

  66. Marqueleo

    the rastas broke in and they made us all smoke lots of herb XD

  67. MrYuckfou420

    no doubt queer

  68. drewbobaloobob

    No way, is that what he said?! Gee thanks for clarifying for us.

  69. MrYuckfou420

    Watsky did so much more with this beat than Jay-Z and Kanye, his skill amazes me more and more with every mixtape he releases. dude is a lyrical genius.

  70. McHashbrown45

    why thank you good sir! ;D

  71. Elvin Juarez

    Not dissing on your opinion, but the original was horrible in my opinion.

  72. Tyler Stouvy

    this is the best album ever

  73. Dj faya

    watksy is bomb

  74. greenhoodyman95

    i herd Jay Z and Kanye West did a parody of this...

  75. coastykid95

    See, I don't like the original. I don't know maybe it's because I tend not to like most rap in general. But Watsky is amazing.

  76. EvanENVIOUS

    Both songs are pretty good.

  77. coastykid95

    I went and listened to Ni**as in Paris after I heard this, and I was like, "people think this is good? They obviously haven't heard Watsky".

  78. magitian20

    A lot... that's a life changing amount of money for normal people. LOL That's the best part :P

  79. ToeKnee

    More than amazing. Lyrics are just "cray cray"

  80. Ethan Walshe

    minimum 40 of these views are me so far today.

  81. ncheelz28

    love the end

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