Watsky - My First Stalker Lyrics

She freaked when she saw me
Calmly eating my tamale
She followed me home from the diner
Now all day she be on me
On the other side of the street
You can see her through the blinds if you peek
With a book propped up on her knees and the blue hair
What do you care when I'm home what I do there?

You're creeping out my neighbors
When they grab the paper
You probably think I'm inside
Like some kind of savior
Solving world hunger
Working on Sudoku
And filling in the numbers
Polishing my halo
Ooh I bet you wonder

Life can be bogus
We all wanna be noticed
But we're the ones in the background fuzzy
When the ones in the front are in focus
And it's pretty difficult in general
When you really think a person is incredible
And I get it why you're setting em up on a pillar
But the bigger the tumble the bigger the pedestal

Frankly I am flattered
We all want to matter
Do you see when you pass by
That we let the grass die?
I'm late with the rent check
We park on the lawn
Like we're a bunch of fuckin rednecks
I'm just watching Netflix
Jerking off to porno
(I have a subscription!)
And I got a suspicion
You think my life is different
I get your confusion
But you got some delusions
Yeah I'm fucking awesome
But I gotta out you
You probably think I'm in there
Writing songs about you (ooooh!)

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