Watsky - Little Slice Lyrics

And the clouds are red and pink like they're wearing a tube of lipstick
The Sun is dimming while dipping a toe into the Pacific
Just gimme a hot jacuzzi
A spliff and we'll watch a movie
I'm spiffy, man in a jiffy I'm lifted and living groovie

I'm a groupie to the good life
Looking for a taste of paradise
I don't need the whole pie
Just wanna have my little slice

I found the fountain of youth and went skinny dipping up in it
I pick up the lucky pennies, epiphanies every minute
I run the money to Coinstar and with the cash from the ticket
I snatch my homies whatever they want at Denny's and kick it

'Til the motherfuckin' sunrise
So many folks I love right here
But it hasn't been a good night
Until the shit gets kinda weird

I got a stylish private island inside of my mind the size of Hawaii
And when I'm vibing you're likely to find me deep in my psyche
Hiding out peeping a flying V of neon pelicans filling the psychedelic horizon like
Wow, what just happened?
I'll please have what he is having
And how can I come ride that wave?

I'm a groupie to the good life
Looking for a taste of paradise
I don't need the whole pie
Just wanna have my little slice

I'm a groupie to the good life
Looking for a taste of paradise
And I just want my slice

Don't give a damn if I'm damp, I dance in the rain
I decided to celebrate like the sky is dumping champagne on me
Paint every clap of thunder as Heaven popping a bottle
Jump in and paddle the deepest puddles
Strap on my goggles
I gotta seek what I lack
When I'm weak, gotta act
I'm a freak, it's a fact
But I can't say that I mind
Gotta leave those thoughts behind

And I hop in my car and I bob in my seat
When I'm dropping to the beat as I mob the beach
And I stop and I park at the top of a cliff in the dark
And I'm digging on the stars in the sea

Shining like a fistful of diamonds
That somebody went and threw into the sky but they ricochet off
And a couple of 'em fell into the water and they sink the bottom
And I think that I saw some
But I blink and lost 'em
And I drink in the awesome view
Infinite kilometers of water and the tiny ships moving across 'em

If I'm getting money then I get it while I can
But if I'm not, I better live it up and dammit I demand
To give it every single breath I got inside of me and try to be the man

I'm a groupie to the good life
Looking for a taste of paradise
I don't need the whole pie
Just wanna have my little slice

I'm a groupie to the good life
Looking for a taste of paradise
And I just want my slice

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Watsky Little Slice Comments
  1. Chris Coleman

    Is the guy in the Hawaiian green shirt Andy from the office ???? 2:00

  2. 9vxxr


  3. Jameson Bornholdt

    Favorite song from X Infinity

  4. Anthony Truman

    this song gets it. It has the energy of life

  5. rdlett1pp yup

    The perfect roll of syllables is fucking ridiculous.

    Anthony Truman

    rdlett1pp yup yes

  6. PrezPoet

    One year ago since this video dropped. Still as fresh as it was then.

  7. ThetwoawesomeBros

    The version on kisswatskysgluteusmaximus.com is way better in my opinion

  8. totally tubular

    "get my homies whatever they want from denny's and kick it"

    **is in a waffle house**

  9. Mikoto

    This song makes me wanna move out to San Francisco with a couple of close friends; smoke weed on our apartment rooftop in the Mission as the clouds race over Twin Peaks; go on a road trip up the coast in a 95 Bronco with a mattress in the back so we don’t have to rent motels; kick it on the beach during the chill winter nights around a fire cracking beers open like they’re going out of fashion.

    I miss my high school friends and the dreams we shared before we became adults :[

  10. Ciaran Fox

    Does anybody get the Ignition by R. Kelly vibe that I do?

  11. cool Girl riley

    0:37 kinda looks like andy hurley

  12. Roy Richardson Jr.

    Those Chords are taken straight from Justin Timberlake's live performance. I'm not mad at it at all. I'll find the video.

    Roy Richardson Jr.


    Roy Richardson Jr.

    At least they sound the same. No shade. I love Watsky.

  13. Labba

    Settings - 240p fullscreen. thank me later.

  14. Joshua Kupras

    Exquisite Corpse vid pls

  15. Hermit creed

    My favorite song on this album love the vibe... The quotes are amazing... Thanks watsky 💙💙💙💙

  16. Jordan DeHarty

    I always love stumbling back upon Watsky video and remembering how much I enjoy his music.

  17. Colour Daley Blind

    My favourite song from the album ❤

  18. Squeak AU

    Was that Donut Operator?

  19. Skeletor Myah

    is 0:54 a GIF? It needs to be

  20. benji button

    this instrumental is so fucking fire. and the flow on the hook is addictive. love you watsky

  21. Plinkage

    why does this give me sublime vibes. love it.

  22. Forever Alonso

    0:11 "The Rise of Bitcoin"? :P

  23. Douglas Keo

    Please. A whole thing like this song. Please

  24. MattJoshTV

    This video is fuckig amazing

  25. Darío Gutierrez


  26. JulesIsDumb

    Does Watsky ever come to Quebec?

  27. nini rcd

    I dont understand watsky's lyrics because i'm french ( fuck) but i really want it is very annoying. I feel that these lyrics are good and i love this guy. I would like to speak english fluently. Thank you and sorry

  28. hazelnazel123

    How does this not have at least a million views?

  29. Music, struggles in our society.

    91 people don't get it

  30. Nicolás Escobar

    We need a video for Love Letters, PLEASEEE!! CANT WAIT

  31. Darío Gutierrez

    cool ass

  32. Hudson Moore

    this music video is my religion

  33. Mark IV Gaming

    Can someone fill me on on what the effect is called where they make it look 3d. I'm thinking it has something to do with a depth effect right? Which is essentially multiple shots of the same thing?

  34. Zer0megAlpha

    This right here is my favorite watsky song.

  35. Grayson Mento

    This is such a fresh sound, wunderbar

  36. ColorlessGuitarist

    Dope to see Kush and DFD in the vid, cool group of dudes

  37. Matthew Tytka

    see u at warped tour again fam

  38. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    :) this vid makes me feel good.

  39. Al Norris

    This in Mexico?

  40. daveedstrider

    WOAH howd i miss this video........ im so glad to see that Vintage Watsky Hair again in a video... i love this its exactly the feel i always got when i heard the song i love it so much

  41. SUPERFAN 923

    I demand that there be a going down video

    Death Grips

    There will be. Watsky is going to do a music video for ever song in x Infinity. The question still remains of what he is going to do for the video...

  42. Darío Gutierrez

    I'm getting more and more in love with it.

    Death Grips

    Same! This song is so freaking amazing!!!!

  43. Childish Landino

    this deserves more viewssss

  44. TeddybearSuicide

    Was that Kirby Jenner?

  45. Raging_NaClholic

    i thought this wasnt going to be good but this is the best song ever

  46. AAACEntertainment

    Stressing over APs. I needed this song today.

  47. Inthe Clouds

    Nice track whoever produced it

  48. Kiela

    I am in love with this song ❤

  49. Jordan Witney

    This one didn't stick out to me at first on xInfinity but now it is one of my favorite Watsky songs. The beat is phenomenal and Watsky's verses compliment it perfectly. Danny's voice is so smooth, it glides with ease.

  50. Alii Kalani

    Yeaaaaaah! Watsky gets more famous and he's still Watsky! Not a single underground rapper that i admire has ever accomplished this.

  51. Zane willis

    Can you please try to get idgaf or I don't give a fuck, ten fingers, and 4am Monday on spotify because there great songs

    owl gamer

    Zane willis after what Apple did, I don't think he can

  52. SlimJimGuy

    lets get this man to 1 mil

  53. IKtheVS

    traveling the world and staying in nice hotels must be really hard for watsky.... the guy has gotten weird and self entitled

  54. Tyler

    This song is stupid underrated.

  55. Cubixter

    this is so sztosiwo

  56. Fucka Moofucka

    First when the album came out I thought it was some low quallity garbage, old Watsky was muuch better, but I think I finally begin to get it now, miss Watsky Wednesdays too :(

  57. W. Antenbring

    I'll see you at Reading festival, dream come true to see you perform. Me and my friends love your work

  58. A55TRO

    This sounds like some Kendrick shit...

  59. RampagingMenace


  60. stopa trzyas


  61. Jacob Betz

    I wish I could re-like this every time I listen to it.

  62. Luke Harvey

    Fantastic video

  63. Brady Keyes

    Waiting on that "Love Letters" video.

  64. ohthecake

    Fantastic! It's nice to hear musicians who can make art so pessimistic as well as so optimistic

  65. chad burgess

    Keep putting out good music, brother. Much appreciated. Love the fun videos to accompany them .

  66. George Watsky

    1.5 Watsky swimming. lol please hahahaha

  67. Kenzie Marsh

    TBH i miss his old songs.. this is great tho

  68. Otto Fehger

    Интересно есть еще русские которые любят его творчество ?)

  69. George Watsky

    Fuck Trump, Watsky for president. who is agree?

    Rap God

    George Watsky Watsky for president fuck yeah

    Michael Bush

    George Watsky I VOTE YEEZUS/DEEZ NUTS 2020


    where is kendall tho?

  71. George Watsky

    hey watsky awesome video the places are wonderful

  72. Phoebe Peterman

    Watsky's pretty much the only reason I'm even going to warped tour this year.

  73. Kiyah Shines

    This video has such a nice, cool vibe to it. I love it and it kinda makes me want to cry just a little bit

    Death Grips

    Tsunami Chaos legit this is the exact way I feel about this song! It fills me with so much happiness every time I listen to it and watch this video!

    Kiyah Shines

    Daniel S Exactly!

  74. Dillon Hedgpeth

    how did he do that side to side camera thing?

  75. Matthew Walowsky

    Amazing *_*

  76. Мопся TV

    Супер Получилось ой Sorry

  77. Forward -_-

    this is my favorite song on this album

  78. Miranda Renaud

    I really love this video.

  79. TheMultiGamer4

    Please make a video for Exquisite Corpse, it would be so goooooood

    Death Grips

    TheMultiGamer4 he is making a music video for all of the songs on the album. Exquisite Corpse will be last, as the grand finale

  80. Derek Knight

    I love this video! good vibes x Infinity

  81. TheUnknown Nebulous

    Can't wait to watch this again when I'm high af

  82. Fandom Fascination

    New feel good video of the month

  83. Bertha Rios

    This that genuine, bay area, melodic flow.

  84. Bertha Rios

    Keep rappin' on Watsky, been with you since you were that pale kid who rapped so fast. Love the TED talk btdubs.

  85. Ethan Small


  86. Ganik 1994


  87. mandy huitt

    this song and this video are my new life goals

  88. King Martinez

    Yo, King Martinez Here. Big Fan. Check out my newest song Regrets.
    Watsky!, Keep Up The Good Work Looking Forward To Hearing More.

  89. Toco Uno

    Watsky did you here about the new palmer squares Ep that's happening this summer, if so is there a chance you'll be on it.

  90. Vicki

    You mentioned Dominicans ayeee I c u 👀🇩🇴🇩🇴😂

  91. Vicki

    I finally got around to watching the vid. I've been avoiding opening YouTube so the notification wouldn't disappear but ugh I love this song watsky you're truly an inspiration

  92. britishbiker97

    3:02 grateful dead!

  93. dieharddancer28

    hey 'sky, who this goil?? :^^)

  94. VenomBlade

    Wow I haven't listened to Watsky since Nothing Like The First time. Loved that too, but damn I'm digging this sound a lot, gotta get his newer stuff.

  95. Bonafide Bloom

    So damn good.

  96. BeyondTwoWorlds

    Love it!

  97. Galvanarous

    I like it, and it has kind of a bone thugs and harmony kinda feel

  98. Tomek Winiarski

    It's actually amazing