Watsky - Kill A Hipster Lyrics

[Hook: George Watsky]
Rent’s up (That shit’s no good)
Starbucks where the skate rink stood
It’s a fixture (it does no good)
(I know) kill a hipster (Save your hood!)
Wrote congress (it did no good)
Read scripture (it did no good)
You could take a picture or knock on wood
(fuck that) kill a hipster (Save your hood!)

[Verse 1: George Watsky]
I’m getting Hummus, hummus
I’m getting hummus, hummus
I’m at the park playing dodgeball
Drinking San Pellegrino like it’s Cristal
No school, alcohol
Living no rules—Calvinball
You wanna brawl? Ho please
I sprinkle you with some goat cheese
I get it straight from the fuckin’ farm
I even put goat cheese in my lucky charms
I’m at the taco truck looking like a mack
I roll my Rs hard like I’m busting off a gat
It’s like, “hola mama, I’m your papa”
May I please have dos Horrrrrrrrrchatas?
I’m like brap brap brap!
When I smack your ass fast with my backpack strap


[Verse 2: Chinaka]
Pencil to the neck, razor to your innertube
Bullet to your disrespect, I hate your hipster attitude
Your whole chassez, acting like you own us with your whole passé
Dance around the issue patna, no plié
But you’ll get broke for that French shit, so cassé
And you can put that in your lit mag and your Tumblr blog
Eat it with the bacon off your farm fresh hog
Sip it like Kombucha, hope your last meal suit ya
Do-gooder types, commuters on bikes
Brooding 20-somethings with the coolest of “likes”
You be loving on my city like johns
Rubbing on her titties leaving money in palms
Our rumbling guts can only hunger so much
Plus we redundantly blunted in lieu of giving a fuck
We’ll cut you for the scratch
Leave in on a tee
And if we’ve done it properly you’re copping it from Treat, ‘cause


[Verse 3]
Look in the mirror and it’s clear I’ve become one of ‘em
Kill me please if I’m one of ‘em
I walk the block like I’m hot shit
I gentrified the corner store just buying hot chips
But now I’m caught red-handed
With this land so make me a dead bandit
And if you see me sipping at an open keg
Put me down like a horse with a broken leg


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Watsky Kill A Hipster Comments
  1. josh hamilton

    Did no one notice Terry cruise?

  2. The Immortal Sun-kun

    4:20 Watsky rhymes “one of ’em” with “one of ’em.” Incredible poetry right there!

  3. The Immortal Sun-kun

    Why doesn’t it say who the male singer who joins the song later on is?

  4. Ashtarte

    We need more songs that basically say "fuck hipsters." C'mon Watsky, you know you wanna come back to this one.

  5. VasarianFox

    4:40 favorite part

  6. Princess Valeta

    Its happening here in the UK TOO !!!!!! HEEEEELPPPP!!!!

  7. Tennessee_ 200

    Golly watsky is such a hipster

  8. Liaunsai Close

    The hipster part is at 3:00 if anyone was wondering...

  9. Arcana Snout

    breaks my heart when Chinaka kills Watsky 😢

  10. A Nice Place To Live

    You guys belong in the walking dead

  11. Sophia Hendrickson

    Did this video come out just over 6 years ago?... Yes.
    Am I just now noticing Dumdfounded playing bad-mitten in the background?... Yes!
    Is it my new favorite part of the video?... Fuck yeah.

  12. Derna1804

    The guy with the drums dressed like he's in Thriller is the most hipster of them all.

  13. Reverend Aero

    but ur a hipster bro

  14. Calcaware

    So @Watsky, The Walking Dead or the other one?

  15. Nora matuszewski

    Can I get 2 ORRRRRRCHATAS!!! The way he rolls his RRRRRs😂 KILL A HIPSTER 3:00 & rewind!💖

  16. Brandon Sagraves

    that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dope!!!!!!!

  17. Quinn M.

    This shit is the worst. We're all in this together!!!

  18. John Rogers

    This reminds me of Dynamite Hack's version of BoyZ in the Hood

  19. Dom Abbate

    Hardest bar ever dropped: "i put goat cheese on my lucky charms"

  20. Tom Ebbs

    Im so randy for Chinaka

  21. Tom Ebbs

    The guy at the beginning looks like Oswald cobblepot from GOTHAM

  22. SpuddieBuddie

    i love this video so funny!!

  23. grgspunk

    The solution to dealing with hipsters is the same as the dealing with a zombie apocalypse: *With a full-scale military intervention.*

  24. Kristen

    How does this have 2.2 mill views??.....

  25. Adam Kowarsh

    AFI - Cereal Wars
    Because, Lucky Charms with goat cheese isn't the best.

  26. John Crannell-Ash

    .... I'm pretty sure that's Dumbfounded at 1:56

  27. Kevin263

    I died when MJ rolled up anf let out a "heee heeeee"!!!

  28. Images And illusions


  29. ShakmeteMalik

    This song is so weird. Wtf do hipsters have to do with Starbucks? I mean, there are tons of indie coffeeshops in the Bay area, a hipster would only ever go to Starbucks as a last resort.

    And hummus? I guess Arab immigrants are all hipsters? Or liking Mediterranean cuisine makes you a hipster?

    The lyrics are just really confusing.

  30. Mathias Kanuck

    Im surprised there hasn't been a protest to get this taken down.

  31. John Rogers

    As a long time vegetarian: fuck hipsters for ruining the Boca brand

  32. Space Cowboy FPV

    2019. kill a hipster.. save your hood...

    Quinn M.

    soooo not true. were all in this together.

  33. Winter Eclipse

    New season of the walking dead looks great

  34. pissonu pissevenmore

    In(my)cunt-ry there's a shiteloads of fucking hippsterd..and their.fucking beards and ALL of them are FUCKING LEFTIES WHO IDOLIZE FUCKING SOCIALISM AND MOTHERFUCKINGCOMMUNISM this east-european CUNTry(swedden)has not learned from fucking history.
    They're just a bounch of illiterate stupid motherfuckers obliviant to history's lesson4

  35. James Gatz

    Is that Jonhny Depp??

  36. bam2403

    Blindspotting brought me here

  37. Frank Froggy

    Dumbfoundead Just chilling at the park.

  38. GOD

    Now I'm not a hipster (I just like hummus and boba tea) but I listened to watsky before he was cool

  39. GOD


  40. pissonu pissevenmore


  41. pissonu pissevenmore


  42. Dragon Reborn

    Turns out to be your new drummer.

  43. Foxy for life

    Love it bro!

  44. Tiffanye Sims

    I.. am offended. 😂

  45. Risha Monet

    Now we know what Miles' t-shirt in Blindspotting was about. I wish they had played this song :(

  46. pissonu pissevenmore


  47. Rich Coffing

    nice cgi @ the end bud

  48. sleuth 2077

    Hipsters are just new age hippies. They still vote democrat and talk the talk, but don't walk the walk.

  49. disturbeddemons1

    In the era of the sjw this has never been more relevant.

  50. Alcohol gaming

    Пиздец, как можно было у джарахова клип спиздить в 2013 когда у него вышел в 2018 ...

  51. SemiSolid Snake

    What the fuck even is Watsky

  52. ambe nyamboli

    A microphone honestly makes a good weapon

  53. Klara Justic

    Anyone else noticed a reference to this song and watsky himself in blindspotting?

  54. simsamtimtam

    If Watsky isnt a hipster idk who is tbh

  55. Jeremy Cataulin

    how did I just find this? this shit is off the hook!

  56. D Rob

    Best part was the hipster song

  57. Charles Andureu

    Guys, check this out !!! there s a card game to kill some hipsters !!!



  58. NightCrawler775

    Hipsters are just fucking lame ass nerds pissed off cause they were never cool and never will be. Bunch of dorky looking pricks with shit taste in music and faggy fashion sense.

  59. Insight Of the ages

    That is some LAST DRAGON shit!

  60. TDF_ W0rldKeY

    i will always love watsky songs

  61. LEX the Lexicon Artist

    Who's here after seeing Rafael Casal's shirt in Blindspotting?

  62. Patrick Owens

    Chinaka deserves an Oscar for this. She looks genuinely regretful for having to kill Watsky at the end.

  63. Katy Mac

    great commentary on gentrification and appropriation. Love it

  64. Bandit

    773 hipsters didn't like it

  65. Dallas Stamm

    "No rules: Calvin ball" ftw!

  66. Guadalupe Amancio R

    I love the part with the indie vibe!

  67. Kori Hu

    1:01 spotted a wild Rafael Casal. I love how all these Bay Artist overlap each other. And Chinaka killed it here! YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!

  68. Kenton Little


  69. Kat Jackson

    Was she in Exquisite Corpse?

  70. Ryo Fire

    Because of this song, I put in my will to take me off life support if I turn into a hipster.

  71. Adraria8

    Y’all normies just jealous

  72. Richie Haynes

    Isn't it so cool to make fun of mainstream "white culture"? Chaching! popular approval.

  73. Phoenix North

    He needs a brain

  74. Jessica Bolieu

    I'm from Portland and feel personally called out, he speaks the truth. We have a park where, on Mondays, people sit around the park drinking and hanging out until it's dodgeball time. It's called Monday Funday.

  75. Crockett

    I N E E D B R A I N Z

  76. Robert Krueger

    Best damn song

  77. Jon and Paul

    Me at Harp's, I'm gettin humus humus

  78. Grimmjon OG

    Alright, I'm gonna be straight up. I LOVE hummus, carbonated water, and goat cheese, but I promise I'm not a hipster (also hard to kill anyway).

  79. Kori Hu

    When the hipsters took over the song. xD! And poor Chinaka. Had to take Watsky out. But for the good of the hood, yo.

  80. pikachu 420

    *is a hipster, but one with actual feelings and cares about people*

  81. Jay John

    Hahaha the hipster chorus around 3:20 is really pretty and melodic, so well done on the production there!
    Good song, great premis.

  82. Daniel Lancet

    Liking Watsky automatically makes you a hipster, hes calling for a genocide of his primary audience.

  83. Rigpa LieuPalacios

    too bad they filmed it in LA and not in Oakland

  84. The StyleGuysTV

    I swear to god if this wasn't on shameless imma kill someone

  85. Cody Bishop

    Lmao dumbfoundead is playing in the background thats awesome

  86. Nicole Cook

    This song is spot on and so is the video! Incredible yet again! Ty Watsky 😘

  87. Kenny Dunno

    LOVE IT from 4:20 *-*

  88. Stefan Ostojić

    Hi Watsky fans! :)
    Wrote a song for a youtube crush from England but deeply influenced by the great rap bard Watsky.
    I think you will like it. :) Take a look, lots and lots of references for real Watsky fans. :)
    Thanks, have a nice day. :)

  89. Maci

    Im latine and there is a guy from my country there,so nice!

  90. jesse lovett

    I was a fan if watsky before he was cool

  91. LograrDreams

    I'd kill a hipster to save hood

  92. Nathaniel Bird


  93. Galamoth66

    Man this is such a funny song. But it's kind of sad when you see how many people are killing hipsters in the hood. I hate him as much as the next guy but murder is not cool.

  94. Mr DeCrayon

    How come i've never heard this until now!
    they were some many years earli on this one!

  95. jimmy dean

    Only you can prevent gentrification.

  96. Madelyn Jackson

    Spotted Dumbfoundead and Rafael Casal in the background. Foreshadowing?

  97. MrBigolnuts

    Pretty cool