Watsky - Boomerang Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I hear a little patience what a man need
But bottling the feelings’ll make a man bleed
The words leave my mouth in a stampede
Watch em galloping, breaking records for land speed
My heart pumps and my lips tend to obey
You're just so Bay, I hope you don't say “no way”
Now that I came back around to okay
And if you let me I will love you till we go grey
So be my do-ray-me-fa-so-la-ti-do
We'll hit El Farolito, and get a bomb burrito
I try to kill my ego when your subject appears
But I still think of you when I had a couple of beers
I'll see you soon I got no use for a bucket of tears
It seemed unlucky how we'd orbit each other for years
We got our timing right and then I collided with you
The wait is worth it in the moment we finally do

What I told you maybe half was true
I know neither of us have a clue
I'm always coming back to you
Your boo, your boo, your boomerang
I know neither of us have the key
But I'm telling you, you have to see
How you're always coming back to me
My boo, my boo, my boomerang

[Verse 2:]
You press my buttons like I were a Nintendo
Me and her up in a permanent limbo
It's like it’s nothing when we're burnin the indo
The streetlights like a blur in the window
I got no cause to feel I was betrayed
It's just a symptom of the of the game we played
We pull the hearts out of each others' chests, pull the pins out of the hearts
And toss em back and forth like they're grenades
Hot potato, hot potato, what did you do?
Blow my fuckin arm off and then kiss the booboo
Hit me with a shovel, and then say "I dig you"
And be colder than an igloo
When you want me I don't want you, when I want you, you don't want me
When I sing a tune and you sing it too then it's "womp womp" in the wrong key
You always let me go and do my thang
But I'm always coming back again—boomerang


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Watsky Boomerang Comments
  1. Jacob Birkland

    I started with watsky, discovered Sam Lachow through After Dark, listened to him, liked all his music found Ariana Deboos lobely voice, looked it up and found this song. Wierd the way the world works.

  2. IWorDsI

    I give this song the official stamp of approval for any acid trip.

    Dreamland Skateboards

    IWorDsI fuck yes i listened to this last time i tripped

  3. matt gose

    Such an underrated song

  4. TheIndieGamesNL

    probably 1100 of those views are mine xD I love this song

  5. TheIndieGamesNL

    One of his finest songs on the album

    Bop -

    yet so underrated

  6. LCbabyxO

    😍😍 her voice is sooo perfect

    Ethan Matarese

    so is his, its so calm

  7. eliasbolt6


    Ok I calmed down now. But serisously listen to Watsky's older track "Nothing like the first time" and start humming the chorus to "Boomerang", they totally line up. I think these songs are about the same girl. Plus it makes sense because if you listen to the lyrics in Boomerang he keeps talking about how he has kept coming back to this same girl over and over. Also in "Nothing like the first time" he talks about how this one girl is the only one thats made him feel so in love. Watsky is pretty fucking awesome.


    Dear god the man's right


    its because its about the same girl its a hint he left in the 2 songs


    illuminati confirmed

    El dripo

    Watsky a new track: the one


    He kept going back to her like a boomerang, hence the songs name

  8. FindingLuis

    This song feels good man.