Waters, Roger - My Dear Cousin Bourbon Of Spain Lyrics

My Dear Cousin Bourbon of Spain
This letter I entrust to a courier faithful and sure
Is to calm your fears and tell you cousin dear
My heart is pure
This red cap I wear,
These lies they've made me swear
Are repugnant to my soul
My very bones cry out in pain
Cousin Bourbon of Spain
You know my feelings well
You've heard what I've had to say
But now all my beliefs
Have been snatched by these thieves
And cruelly torn away
But none of the scum who run through the streets
Taking law from a bottle of wine
Could presume to assume the fealty due
To me or to you from your subjects or Mine
My dear cousin Bourbon n of Spain
Let's make a pact, let's campaign
Let us whip back to their kennels again
These dogs who speak of virtue
Help me, cousin
Help me cousin Bourbon of Spain

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