Waterboys, The - You In The Sky Lyrics

Thou alone which art
You in the sky
I wanna know why clouds come in between you and I

Thou alone which art
You in the sky
I wanna know why clouds come in between you and I

Thou art beautiful
And I am gifted
Within thy precious presence I am lifted

Let me know you
Come in to me
Open up my heart and sing your song right through me

Let me know you
Come in to me
Open up my heart and sing your song right through me

Thou alone which art
You in the sky
I wanna know why clouds come in between you and I

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Waterboys, The You In The Sky Comments
  1. Michael McGuirk

    Oh God sing your song right through me, echos of Rumi

  2. GRACE D

    Amazing... Song and video😍🌿

  3. Arabela Vaz

    I love this song... The Waterboys, ❤ Scotland, lovely memories

  4. cathy spence

    Awesome song.

  5. Sid Ted

    Should be 108 million.

  6. John C

    GOD is NOT in the sky , never has been and never will be .
    Good song .

  7. John C

    You in the sky . . . Please listen to us .

  8. Liezl-Mari van Rensburg

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  9. Sean Flynn

    This is a most beautiful song. Heartbreaking and so thought provoking. When I go I want it played for me.

  10. Kristy Wilkinson


  11. Albert Consuegra

    So beautiful the song... ❤

  12. Toothpicks 58

    why do life have to be so sad for some

  13. DeeSighfa


  14. Higzy Teflon

    Love it!!

  15. Sid Ted

    Should be 75 million views.

  16. philip ffrench

    Big Dillon influence here yea

  17. Timothy Cannon

    mike is awesome and steve wickham must be the best fiddle player on the planet!!!

  18. Daniel Russell


  19. ian perry

    Just heard the Fisherman,s blues version and i prefer it,s rawness. both versions are beautiful but thats Mike Scott.

  20. Skwerrlly

    Beautiful song from a great album

  21. Adam Pepper

    This is one of the most beautiful love songs I have ever heard!! Incredible!!!!

  22. john sullivan

    The Fiddle on this song sounds like the same Fiddle on Kuschty Rye by Ronnie Lane.

  23. rory mckeown

    Not quite 'Every Grain Of Sand' but pretty damn close.

  24. Sophie -Grace

    between you and *me*. Pity about that; spoils the song.

    Adrian Reynolds

    Why allow yourself to miss out on something of beauty by focusing on an arbitrary detail?


    Love, with all it's messiness, surpasses all grammer. To truly appreciate song-writing or song-listening, it isn't enough to be so articulate as to only understand the verse. You must wade through, and accept, the turmoil.

    frank lentz

    Yes but you could never write anything 1/100th as beautiful. Seems rather shallow not being able to feel the depth of this art, because of a grammar rule.

    Nick Pinnington

    Should be 7 billion views, 👍👍😁😁😁

    Nick Pinnington

    Should be 7 billion likes👍😁😁

  25. Юрий Комаров

    This beatiful song plays in moovie What We Did on Our Holiday. But a little another version.

  26. Jim Green

    This song gives me the chills and makes my heart feel a little heavy.

  27. ian perry

    It,s not just a beautiful with beautiful lyrics but it,s the way Mike Scott sings them. At 3:45 it looks like he,s waiting to walk to heaven but that's just my opinion.

  28. stella rohrer


  29. Gary Reading

    Beautiful version.

  30. moonstrikerII

    R.I.P. big bro :(

  31. Carmen Luis

    Absolutely love this song...and Mike Scott!

  32. Monique Lydia

    un de mes titres préférés !!

  33. inverterville

    such a simple and beautlful song from mike 

    Keith carter

    The la's

  34. Aparecido Lelis

    Fantastic song and video...

  35. Richard Clark

    Love it!