Waterboys, The - Strange Arrangement Lyrics

It's a strange arrangement
I don't claim to understand it
I know I created it
But I never planned it

It's a strange arrangement
And I'm not proud
Well perhaps a little ashamed
If ashamed is allowed

At the death of the year
In a crucial hour
I exchanged the power of love
For the love of power
The invisible captain
Must be laughing out loud
I feel as if I'm wrapped inside a
Cloud within a cloud

It's a strange arrangement
And it's fascinating to see
Which way the worm turns
Especially when the worm is me

Runaway child
I wish you were here
The weather is uncommonly mild
For this time of year
But it's no cause for pity
And it's no reason to weep
Worse things can befall a man when he's
In his bed counting sheep

It's a strange arrangement
An accommodation deluxe
I'll send you a postcard
When I've had enough

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Waterboys, The Strange Arrangement Comments
  1. navyblue12

    Unreal and unknown (hard to beleive that last part). One of the best songs they have written and one of the best songs i've heard; ever.

  2. Mark Wallace Maguire

    So poignant and maudlin. Wickham makes it.

  3. Mitsakos Thess

    Unbelievable song.... !!!!!
    Thanks for uploading... !!!
    ( i like the 'photo' that you choose ..., its ... so .... appropriate !!! )