Waterboys, The - Has Anybody Here Seen Hank? Lyrics

I ain't here for to do any business
(I got nobody special to thank/I'm not looking for glory or thanks)
I'm trying to find
A friend of mine
Has anybody here seen Hank

Well he's sure to be wearing a Stetson
He's as long and as thin as a plank
He's got a fistful of charm
And a gun beneath his arm
Has anybody here seen Hank

Now he ain't in the back of a limo
And he ain't in his bed
He ain't in jail
He ain't out on bail
He ain't getting out of his head

I don't care what he did with his women
I don't care what he did when he drank
I want to hear just one note
From his lonesome old throat
Has anybody here seen Hank

Has anybody here, has anybody here
Has anybody here seen Hank

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Waterboys, The Has Anybody Here Seen Hank? Comments
  1. Dirk Yarborough

    My Dad grew up loving Hank Williams. I bought this album in 1988, and within a couple years played this song for Dad. It immediately became one of his favorite songs, and he had it in his cars and on his computers throughout the years until he passed away in 2015.

    rodriguez reyes

    Dirk Yarborough I’m sure he still “sees Hank”!

  2. Tom H

    Wake up kid, Frank has gone off with Molly from the previous song, the one you were going to marry.

  3. Allan vass

    its good for me

  4. Marty Hanratty

    who cares what Hank its about why do we need to know? mystery is everything to us Irish. let the world have its philosopical views we have MAGIC.

    Anthony Walsh

    Marty Hanratty agreed

  5. Eleanor H

    What a song.

  6. James Ford

    Hank Williams. Long and thin as a plank.

  7. Peter G

    I allways thought it was 'Pink'

  8. Jim De Fazio

    Hmm, well of course we all know wikipedia is not gospel, but it quotes an article in which Mike Scott says "listening to Hank Williams was a life changing experience for him." Without any other contrary evidence, I'll go with that.

    Harold Fethe

    jim de fazio "...lonesome old throat?" The defense rests, Your Honor. Even Leonard Cohen knows that answer. It's Hank Senior.

  9. Villi Gardarsson

    It´s about Hank Snow, not Williams

    Paul hornet

    ses shoe.

    Arne Jonny

    "He ain't in the back of a limo."

    Nope, it's Williams...

    Dirk Yarborough

    And lonesome old throat...

    David Erdelyi

    Ummm dumb statement


    Lol. No. Stop your snow job.

  10. Sophie -Grace

    Well, has anyone?


    Andrew Coffman

    Hank Beuller?

    donald edwards

    I have soor,y u dont

  11. Helen Williams

    frank chickens?