Waterboys, The - Fisherman's Blues Lyrics

I wish I was a fisherman
Tumblin' on the seas
Far away from dry land
And its bitter memories
Casting out my sweet line
With abandonment and love
No ceiling bearin' down on me
Save the starry sky above
With light in my head
You in my arms

I wish I was the brakeman
On a hurtlin' fevered train
Crashing a-headlong into the heartland
Like a cannon in the rain
With the beating of the sleepers
And the burnin' of the coal
Counting the towns flashing by
In a night that's full of soul
With light in my head
You in my arms

Tomorrow I will be loosened
From bonds that hold me fast
That the chains all hung around me
Will fall away at last
And on that fine and fateful day
I will take thee in my hands
I will ride on the train
I will be the fisherman
With light in my head
You in my arms

Light in my head
You in my arms

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Waterboys, The Fisherman's Blues Comments
  1. Dannybateras

    Cover by The Danniel's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ibZKmjQeF4

  2. Dannybateras


  3. Pablo Lopez Lopez

    Me encanta¡¡¡...ese ritmo,,,esto si es Música

  4. Meladisinné

    Aww .. Love it .. Fav ☘❇💚 .. You in my arms ✨🤗😘

  5. Kroniq Payn

    TY Ray Donovan for introducing me to Bobby Boucher's band..Whoo!

  6. Dee B

    My favorite song of all time and the apartment song i think it's the same band not sure

  7. pilar galicia

    Lo mejor de Gran Bretaña!!! 👍🥂

  8. Themba Ngwenya

    Terry lying on his back, starring at the stars, thanks Ray Ray

  9. Supergoose McFly

    Alcohol always brings me here....

  10. David Lopez Recio

    Temazo de pelotas!!!

  11. red 76

    two ace kids.
    beautiful wife.
    yet feel lower than anything, locking myself in the kitchen every fucking night doing the fucking washing up to get two mins peace. the ultimate song of loneliness

  12. Rolling

    When Music meant something to people..

  13. Jon the Baptist

    I know who the Waterboys are . . . but who the heck is Ray Donovan ??

  14. Everaldo Luis Silva

    I love this band .... Mike Scott is such great poet ...

  15. Sweet James

    When I was 17 my friends and I thought nothing of going out into the open Gulf in a 16 foot runabout. One time we hooked unto something so big that, fearing capsize, we had to cut the line..! But we had so much fun..

  16. Robbie C

    Waking Ned brought me here

  17. David Shaw

    Waking Ned Divine

  18. Dennis Moninger

    I have no idea who ray Donovan is but I really enjoy the Waterboys.
    If you all stop watching so much TV , maybe you would have heard this little dirty 30 years ago when it was fresh .
    Turn off that TV
    There is great music not being heard
    .listen to it or make some of your own .
    Have you noticed that characters in TV shows almost never watch TV
    ( Except for sports ).
    I recommend you
    Listen to Fiona Apples take on whole of the moon by the Waterboys .with the TV off.

  19. Jan Karlsson

    Just came here from Ray Donovan to see how many new listeners this classic song picked up after the episode. Remember it well from the late 80s. Great song

  20. giuseppe cipolla

    Molto bella

  21. Ricky Colston

    A Local irish band plays this every night as the last song in their set, and it is absolutely amazing!!!!

  22. Giuseppe Italia

    Che gran gruppo, che bella musica.
    Scoperto grazie a Ray Donovan...

    W il blues

  23. Seamus Macdonald

    Who ARE these people dissing this great song?!!

  24. Robert A

    Ray Donovan brought me here... I’m in the solution, now....

  25. ClassicRockVw

    Fantastic song

  26. Paul Little

    I have no idea who the fuck Ray Donovan is. I'm here because I've loved this song for decades and it's one of the finest ever put to tape. Period.

  27. Jim Rollins

    996 thumbs down are ya friggin kiddin me? Well this Okie likes it.

  28. Trey Drier

    Who are these guys? Never heard of them. Had to find out after the 3rd episode of Ray Donovan. Its that good. Turns out they are a British folk rock band from the 1980's. Who'd a thunk?

  29. Conor Blair

    Who is Ray Donovan?

    Trey Drier

    A badass on Showtime. Great show.

  30. Casey S

    Ray Donovan introduced me to this song. Glad he did great song!

  31. Mark Rosenholtz

    Ray Donovan 2019 brought me here!!

  32. spence and stuff

    I used to hear this song I my dad's car many years ago, then I heard it on Ray Donovan. Hearing again brought up so much nostalgia and it reminded me of the songs he used to play

  33. Allan Salas Brenes

    Ray Donovan brought me here. I discovered many cool Bands thanks to the show

  34. Stargazer

    + Fisherman’s BluesHQ. So many people have responded about Ray Donovan, but there is another series that has used a Waterboy’s song just recently. It was in the last episode of "The Affair" with their great song “The Whole of the Moon”.

  35. Stargazer

    + FishermansBluesHQ. At the end of an episode of Ray Donovan I immediately recognized the voice and style of Mark Scott of the Waterboys only because I was familiar with “The Whole of the Moon” and“The Stolen Child”, which sounds nothing like this, but his is a voice like no other. It is a voice that Bob Dylan could only dream, wish or pray for. 
    Mike Scott was fascinated with the poet William Butler Yeats and besides putting music to “The Stolen Child” , he produced an entire album dedicated to Yeats ( "An Appointment with Mr. Yeats”). Yeats coincidentally wrote a poem entitled “The Fisherman”. Thanks FB for the lyrics to "Fisherman's Blues”.
    If you are unfamiliar with “The Stolen Child” from the album “Fisherman's Blues” you have truly missed something profoundly sad but wonderfully beautiful at the same time.

  36. sample template

    Yep ray did it lol...such a great song musical arrangement is so brilliant, lyrics so clean and from the soul.

  37. Jay Ainsworth

    "What we did on our holiday" brought me here......

  38. Lino Rossi

    Wow...........Took me all of my 71 years to discover this band. Absolutely amazing sound. Thank you Ray Donovan!

  39. SpinDizzie

    I haven't heard this in a hundred years, then Ray Donovan...

  40. Rick Lee

    I was watching Ray Donovan and this, one of my favorite songs, came on. First thing I thought was, "I wonder how many people after over 30 years of this song being out are going to say "Ray Donovan brought me here!" LOL You folks need to expand your musical horizons! Welcome to Mike Scott and The Waterboys (a few decades too late).

  41. Rick Shultz【ツ】

    One of the reasons I love Ray Donovan is that sometimes the show ends with some tune that's so infectious and extraordinary that I wind up spending hours finding it on YouTube or Pirate Bay or anywhere because I want to hear it again and again and again ... and this is one of the best. Thank you Ray Donovan people!

    Allan Salas Brenes

    I discovered the Waterboys, blonde readhead and the nox boys thanks to Ray Donovan, amazing show and amazing bands. Best wishes from Costa Rica

    Catlyn Preston

    Get Shazam on your phone and it'll grab it every time.

    albert vorovenci

    Use Shazam man works on every smartphone

    Rick Shultz【ツ】

    @albert vorovenci What a great little program! Didn't know about it. Thanks so much!

  42. Michael McAninch

    My Dad would play this when I would visit with him. Good times.

  43. Gwen Goldsmith

    Thought I was listening to Bob Dylan/The Hurricane - that's the overall sound/feel of the song on Ray Donovan. Was happy to learn it was the Waterboys - new for me. Bravo!


    + Gwen G. Bob Dylan aka Robert Zimmerman should hope, wish and pray for the voice of Mike Scott. And what an onstage performer! I also heard it on Ray Donovan and then researched it.

  44. Phillip Seahorn

    Ray Donovan's music directors deserve a motherfucking emmy aint this one helluva song?

  45. Deborrah Oliveri

    Ray Donovan sent me too ! Wow !!

  46. Vaughan Jones

    I have thank Ray Donovan. This song should be up there with Howlin Wolf's `Smokestack Lightnin', made for soulful people.

  47. Denis Vale

    Ray Donovan !!!!

  48. Don77 Don77

    So happy this tune ended up on Ray D! Great record loved it for years.

  49. maxine morisaki

    Ray Donovan - yup.  Had to buy it.  Can't believe I had not heard it before.

  50. Cards Clever

    Hello ray ray


    Heard this on Ray Donovan..love the song

  52. Ed George

    Ray donovan too lol song is great foreal good to see alot of people finding the path here like i did

    Deborrah Oliveri

    Ed George same !

  53. Pond Acres

    Same here, Ray Donovan lol.

  54. Darlene Lavelle

    Unbelievable song, yes Ray Donovan brought me here too. You can hear the soul of this song, the whisper of the sea, roar of the train, and spirit of the heartland

  55. Dave Sanders

    Thank you... Ray Donovan, I can't believe I somehow missed out on this for 31 years...

  56. Adrian Pintilie

    My man Ray Donovan, sent me here!

  57. sofarfrome923

    Ray Donovan brought me here. I love this song.

  58. D G112

    Ray Donovan

  59. ladyjane747

    Was this song just on Ray Donovan?  What a coincidence that The Affair uses a Waterboys' song this season and now Ray Donovan.

  60. Gary Hunter

    Just heard this on Ray Donovan. Blew me away

    Deborrah Oliveri

    Gary Hunter me too ..I love it..thought it was Dylan at first..

    Gary Hunter

    @Deborrah Oliveri A friend of mine from Austin was in the UK last month & just missed one of their concerts. He's mentioned them to me several times but I was never motivated to follow up. Until the conclusion of that Ray Donovan episode. Not sure anything else they've done can measure up to this masterpiece, but I'll have to dig into their catalog.


    @Deborrah Oliveri Dylan’s voice cannot compare to Mike Scott’s voice.

    ciaran delaney

    A Scottish Irish English band. Recorded in Galway Ireland.

    Catlyn Preston

    @Gary Hunter Whole of the Moon is fantastic.

  61. SHAZOM

    Ray Donovan.

  62. Juan DeJesus

    Ray Donovan S07E03

  63. Mike Trevors

    Here from Ray Donovan!
    Great song

  64. WOTHAN66666

    OMFG That voice really put the hock in me.

    Richard Tuck

    Mike Scott is his name, saw them live in Ireland when I was just 12 years old way back 30 years ago


    @Richard Tuck its on the Recordplayer non stop now... Love this...

    Richard Tuck

    @WOTHAN66666 check out"and a bang on the ear"

  65. Paul Rini

    Ray Donavan brought me here. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of The Waterboys.

    Paul Richer

    their biggest hit in the UK was The Whole Of The Moon, reached #3 on re-release in April 1991, also love Glastonbury Song and The Return Of Pan.


    how old are you , about ten ?

    Christopher O Brien

    You might also like the whole of the moon also by the water boys

    Lee Goddard

    Wot ? Ya mad I was singing 2 this 30 yrs ago xxx

    Lee Goddard

    @camelpissflavour I'm 52 singing along 2 this 30 yes ago xxx

  66. Danny Lazar

    I’m not gonna lie. Ray brought me here.

  67. Titor all the time...

    Ray Donovan sent me here, you got a problem with that, meet the bat...

    Joe Mcclory

    Ray Donovan sent me to hospital !

    Shane Champlin

    I too got this from Ray Donovan

  68. M DeLuco

    One of the best and most highly underrated bands in my lifetime.

  69. cazannas perezz

    What a song voice and sound , brings love to heritage

  70. Marc Anthony

    there is music and then there are bands who make great music......

  71. Nelson Club

    Now go and listen to James 'Sit Down' as a follow up!! Thanks me later.

  72. kelly fletcher

    my dad was a deep sea fisherman this song reminds me of him he is 84 now

  73. Emman82 Ale

    imagine 89.7

  74. OsaVida Films

    Such an underrated band!!! Waterboys fans check another underrated Scottish band
    Multiplug. Be there for you

  75. Nathalie Nguyen

    I was urged to attend The Waterboys show in Detroit 2019 by a kind stranger and I said "no" at first, but now regret it! They're so good! Trevor, you were right, I was wrong!

  76. anibal cesar nishizk

    This should have been sung in "The Perfect Storm".

  77. Michael Daly

    Mary Cote. North Attleboro MA 1989. Thank you for this song and introduction to The Waterboys.

    Sorry for all. Love your soul.

  78. Gruagach. Eire

    I have never seen such a comment section on YouTube with so many nice comments towards strangers and heartbreaking stories of love ones lost, normally it's a rat fest of awful abuse so thank you all from this former soldier , you have all my respect for restoring a wee bit of faith in humanity ☘, proud to see so many of my countrymen and women as well, God bless my Celtic brothers and sisters, God bless Eire, God bless you all ☘☘

  79. Matthew Gregg

    Sweet Ireland...

  80. Ron Rees

    I have a long lingering memory of dancing to this song and feeling deeply in love with the woman in my arms, It didn’t work out but I still get the hollow feeling in my chest when I hear this.


    How sweet.

  81. Marcelo Guillermaz

    Que Hemosa cancion,que banda y que disco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  82. Bernd Hansen

    love it...listening to this song I can forgive my enemys, give away all my money and finally be a fisherman, thats wonderful , see you at the lakeside...

  83. Jacqueline Chester

    Oh my gosh! Such a beautiful song 🌺🌹

  84. Tina Marie F

    I will always love this band. My ex turned me onto them, only good thing he ever did for me, but I must admit it was pretty fucking great

  85. Jimmy Gillies

    Ah Mike Scott, one of the greatest Scottish singer/songwriters.
    Great Scottish song!!

  86. TheonlineWaldorfclass by Isabella S

    you in my heart

  87. Majda M

    A brilliant and beautiful song for those who know how to hear it.

  88. Gordon Bennett

    Mike Scott's work goes beyond poetry to become something that cannot be named.

  89. Daisy Jane

    So good.

  90. toyplum

    i love this song

  91. Migrañas

    I've recently lost my dad,he loved this song.
    It reminds me a lot of moments with him,love you dad ❤

    Dolores Bannon

    Not sure if you get.this reply


    @Dolores Bannon ?

  92. Mick Lenihan

    So beautiful to read people's comments on this music makes me part of the good people

  93. My stuff

    I was looking for this song 4 years!

    Debbie Creed

    so happy you've found it. so lovely.

  94. penny christodoulou

    A song that make me think that yes ... I have the chance one day to be far away be a fisherman and the hate around me will go away and disappear of humanity.... just me with all love in my heart grow deep like the lakes...

  95. paul taylor

    Light in my head you in my arms

  96. William Henderson

    Is it ok to like this if you hate fish?

  97. Leide

    músicas com conteúdo que nos remetem para boas lembranças

  98. Kevin Walsh

    Play this loud, enjoy Music by a class band Enjoy

  99. Skodda R.

    I wish I was a fisherman
    tumblin' on the seas
    far away from dry land
    and it's bitter memories
    castin' out my sweet line
    with abandonment and love
    no ceiling bearin' down on me
    save the starry sky above
    with light in my head
    with you in my arms...
    i wish i was the brakeman
    on a hurtlin fevered train
    crashin head long into the heartland
    like a cannon in the rain
    with the feelin of the sleepers
    and the burnin of the coal
    countin the towns flashin by
    and a night that's full of soul
    with light in my head
    with you in my arms...

    And I know I will be loosened
    from the bonds that hold me fast
    and the chains all around me
    will fall away at last
    and on that grand and fateful day
    I will take thee in my hand
    I will ride on a train
    I will be the fisherman
    With light in my head
    You in my arms...

    Light in my head
    You in my arms...

    Light in my head

    With light in my head
    You in my arms...

    Tina Marie F


    Tiny purple fishes Runlaughingthruyourfingers

    Tina Marie F And now for something entirely different, Check out (“ Marley and Idol”)

    Nathan Armstrong

    Thanks for posting the lyrics.

    john j evans

    Ray donovan

    Spike Boots

    Skodda R.
    Sweep lines not sweet lines. Just ask any fisherman.
    Yes it is a brilliant song. I’ve loved it since I first heard it back when it was released. It brought a huge smile when it played as the Ray Donovan episode ended. I had one other experience like that with Ray
    Donovan. I’m alive by Johnny Thunder. Maybe a season one or two episode.