Waterboys, The - Bring 'Em All In Lyrics

Bring 'em all in, bring'em all in, bring 'em all in,
Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all into my heart
Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in
Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all into my heart

Bring the little fishes
Bring the sharks
Bring 'em from the brightness
Bring 'em from the dark

Bring 'em from the caverns
Bring 'em from the heights
Bring 'em from the shadows
Stand 'em in the light

Bring 'em out of purdah
Bring 'em out of store
Bring 'em out of hiding
Lay them at my door

Bring the unforgiven
Bring the unredeemed
Bring the lost, the nameless
Let 'em all be seen
Bring 'em out of exile
Bring 'em out of sleep
Bring 'em to the portal
Lay them at my feet

Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in,
Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all into my heart
Bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in, bring 'em all in
Bring 'em all in,bring 'em all in to my heart

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Waterboys, The Bring 'Em All In Comments
  1. The Legendary Hearts - Scotland

    Gig review here: https://eurythmics-ultimate.com/2012/07/dave-stewart-review-live-at-the-hospital-for-the-2012-walk-a-mile-initiative/


    Too slow. The original had a sense of urgency about it.

  3. Andy Macc

    Here's who should be headlining Glastonbury x

  4. Viggo Danielsen

    WHAT a sound-scape!! The person behind the sound controllers knows his trade alright!

  5. markojack15

    I dont like birds playing the bass...its not reet.

  6. Mariusz Osyra

    Absolutely genius song

  7. Jared Odulio

    is that Yolanda Charles on the bass?

  8. markojack15

    Who the hell is the chick on the bass?....she's ....wow ...fuck me.

  9. Astrologer Patricia

    It's 2019 and I'm in the US where the lyrics to this song resonate strongly. And I'm sure it also resonates with the Brexit situation and with refugee situations worldwide. Thank you, Mike Scott, for having a heart.

  10. Tez Howes

    Wow. I didn't think he could top the original album version, but this might just be it. Brilliant.

    Rober Martinez-Espineira

    who is the original author?

  11. Antonio Vicente

    maravilhoso simplezmente

  12. Frank Carmack

    Perfect song for this time of year.

  13. Roland Witiska

    hab di gsehn im lustspielhaus schwabing,damals,werds nie vergessen mein lieber

  14. Karin Stonner

    ...my Heros...bring em all in...xxxlove

  15. Paolo Canti

    Very curious version....almost erotic. More songs of this gig?

  16. Robert Ward

    We just did this song at Church this weekend. Not sure that was ever the intended audience, but that congregation walked out with this on their tongues.

  17. Kurtis Kaine

    Who are the backup singers ?

  18. Beate Führer

    ... A BEAUTYFUL SONG: "Bring em all in"

  19. Oskam C.A.Oskam-Jürrjens

    Beautiful songs ! Inspiration.!

  20. MrRon1507

    Does anybody know if there are more videos on Youtube from this particular concert ?

  21. MrRon1507

    Brilliant version !!!

  22. Clue Vios

    Προστέθηκε στο playlist Live,live,live

  23. Jorge Madrigal

    Mike and The Waterboys changed my life in 1986, and continue to do so!

    Robyn Shorrock

    Me too! :-)

    Robert Ward

    Ditto, well wasn't 86, but Mike is like the absent family member and best friend that's never around and yet always there.

  24. Сергей Герасимов


  25. Moira Russell


  26. John Coughlan

    This was at the Hospital a venue in London owned by Dave Stewart. This show was part of a celebration of musicians that changed music. (I can be corrected on this information)

  27. dogsbay2

    fab, take on this, but where was it?