Washington, Dinah - My Lean Baby Lyrics

My lean baby's tall and thin
Five feet seven of bones and skin
But when he tells me maybe He loves me
I feel as whirly as a girly can be

He's so skinny He's so drawn
When he stands sideways you think he's gone
But when he calls me baby I feel fine
To think he's frantically romantically mine

He's slender but he's tender
Makes my heart surrender
And every night when I hold him tight
The feelings is nice my arms can go around twice

My lean baby He's so slim
A broom sticks wider compared to him
But when he starts to kiss me then I know
I love him so I'll never ever let him go

I chased him and I caught him
A diamond ring I bought him
Now the diamond shines the ring is fine
But here's the twist he wears it round his wrist

My lean baby strange to see
But all his lovin' belongs to me
And when he starts to kiss me
Then I know I love him so I'll never ever let him go

Yes I love him and I'll never let him go

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Washington, Dinah My Lean Baby Comments
  1. Thomas Lombardo

    Dinah performing at the Apollo theater. Another great clip. Thank you.

  2. PaulHucklebuckWms

    The Paul Williams Band did a great job accompanying Dinah Washington.

  3. dorkasaur98

    i love you for putting this up

  4. BlueScarfLady

    I just saw this two days ago on Ladies Sing the Blues! Great performance! Thanks for putting it up.