Washington, Dinah - Me And My Gin Lyrics

Stay away from me
'Cause I'm in my sin
I said, stay away from me
'Cause I'm in my sin
But if this joint is raided
Somebody bring me my gin

Well, now don't mess with me nobody
'Cause you will never win
No, no, no, don't mess with me nobody, nuh uh
'Cause you will never win
I'll fight the Army and the Navy, Air Force, and anybody
If somebody brings me my gin

Well now, any bootlegger
Sure him a pal of mine
Any bootlegger
Sure him a pal of mine
'Cause a good bottle of gin
Will get it anytime

Especially when I get high, high
And ain't got nothing to do
I said, when I get high, high, high
There ain't nothing I won't do
So just keep me full of good liquor
And I'll be nice to you

'Cause I don't want no clothes
And I don't even need no bed
To lay my head
I don't want no clothes, no, no, no, no, no, no
And I don't even need no bed
No bed to lay my head

And I don't want no cold cuts
And my name isn't Clyde
All you gotta do is
Give me a little gin instead

Well, I got high last night
And I took my man to his wife's front door
I said I got juiced last night
And I took my man to his wife's front door
Oh, but she was a .45 packing mama
And I ain't gonna try that no more

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Washington, Dinah Me And My Gin Comments
  1. Shumar Bell

    Amy Winehouse influence

  2. Starby Star

    This phenominal woman expresses herself clearly and powerfully! I love everything about her range, voice, style and frankness. This was the queen for real!

  3. Manuel Affonso

    Tell them Dinah.

    Steven East

    Gin and Jazz and a Sultry Lady what more could you want 😋

  4. Cassie Norris

    This is when music was pure and they understood it. Today all you get nothing but noise that assaults the all of your senses. My Mom loved this song and so do I.

  5. Lee Bee Niu

    So truly song

  6. Milton Waddams

    Sending to my mom who won’t go a day without her gin.

  7. やもやものるこるこ


  8. Leon Holt


  9. M.J. Leger

    I've never heard this before!  Quite a song, and only Dinah can do this bluesy kind of song with feeling and authority!  Wild!  she can really tell a story in song.

  10. Kieran Ohara

    .... written by Bessie Smith in the 20/30s .... regards from europe...

    Wayne Shirley

    Actually it was written by Porter Grainger, who also played reliable piano under Bessie Smith He wrote several other songs for her, including "Homeless Blues," her great recording in reaction to the 1927 Mississippi flood.

  11. Doppel Nase

    Dinah Washington ist eben Dinah Washington und eben nicht zu toppen :-)

  12. HATHOR

    Dedicated to all bartenders

  13. World Weary

    With songs like this no wonder she died at 39! (Respectfully joking). I love her! Actually, ( and unfortunately ) I can relate to this song.

    Philip Møller

    What do you mean by that?

  14. nicekatt1

    A glorious voice and magnificent singer, right up there along side,  LADY DAY AND CARMEN!!

  15. Walter-KEMBLE WellBredNfed

    I don't know how I missed this recording.  I have ALL of Dinah Washington's LP records!! Thanks for posting!! xoxo

  16. Diti M

    You don't hear such voice anymore.

  17. Max Ratt

    Great Great Stuff! :) 

  18. Michelle blanchard


  19. simo contugi

    A modern version of Bessie Smith's old blues accompanied by James P. Johnson at the piano ... " i don' t want no clothes and I don't need no bed.. just gimme gin instead ". Wonderful blues.

  20. Ynys Lochtyn

    This seems to add a jazz feel to the more familiar blues standard - pretty good though

  21. ordogthemage

    The best! Thanks to the radio show Blues Before Sunrise for introducing me to her music!

  22. Legendary

    I love this woman!!!!

  23. MrPman474

    Luv this song.....lol!!!

  24. awwyeahme2

    great stripper or burlesques song!!! lol I listen to the Queen a lot her a lot.....

    i enjoyed her book... she lived like she sang.

  25. ToneZone If Eye

    only the real music lovers & all tha "drinkers" will truly appreciate this song.
    "Bartender....... top shelf please"

  26. Merily Uppin

    i can't belive it, it's amazing..
    there's so much shit in nowadays music, but this song, really amazing

  27. Stephanie Stephens

    I remember this from New Orleans radio!! Great song and version. I think her Gin win.
    oh, we had a good time.

  28. layde1

    You heard the lady.

  29. Jose Dardano

    Keep singing babe.