Washington, Dinah - I Don't Hurt Anymore Lyrics

I don't hurt anymore
All my teardrops are dried
No more walkin' the floor
With that burnin' inside
Just to think it could be
Time has opened the door
And at last I am free
I don't hurt anymore

No use to deny I wanted to die
The day you said we were through
But now that I find you're out of my mind
I can't believe that it's true
I've forgotten somehow
That I cared so before
And it's wonderful now
I don't hurt anymore

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Washington, Dinah I Don't Hurt Anymore Comments
  1. Laraee Johnson

    can hear dinah doing one verse the ella then judy then sarah send us up all to heaven we would lift off the floor/ and float/ they would probably ny fight over who would end it and tempers would flare but hell it would be worth it who were the background singers anybody know listening in 2019 and jamming at home dancing int he seat and ohs we just gotu p

  2. Laraee Johnson

    would anyone know who were the background singers ? this is jam jam and jam again/ can you cheer dinah doing one very and then dinah if the temper did not flare this would be the jam

  3. Joanne Smith

    Heard she used to visit Aretha home when she was a child., One of her major musical influences. It was said Dinah and Nancy Wilson both had real bad tempers, can cuss.lk sailors!

  4. Shawn Malone

    I'm sorry but I love Mariah Carey ,yet Dinah Washington's vocals make me say Mariah who?

    Steelcity Gospelradio

    No disrespect to Mariah but Dinah's got that swinging gritty and sails up to those notes with ease and determination!! #longlivethequeen

  5. Carsen Mann

    I really want to sample this in a beat

    Jack Morris

    Legit why im here

    Carsen Mann

    Jack Morris that’s amazing you should send me what you make! I’d love to hear it!!

  6. Laraee Johnson


  7. UwU OwO

    i love this it's beautiful

  8. Steve B

    I don't hurt anymore after listening to Dinah

  9. Thomas Lombardo

    She covered this country song and completely made it her own ! No one else like her. 🧡

  10. Jalbatross

    This was 8 years before Ray Charles released Modern Sounds In Country & Western Music.

  11. patrick ryan

    One of my many favorites by this marvelous vocalist queen. 1/2019

  12. patrick ryan

    What a rousing intro., and that back-up band -- sensational number in all respects. Yeah, Dinah! 12/2018

  13. Robert Cruice

    after listing to dinah i dont hurt anymore

  14. Sri Duncan

    Happy belated birthday! 8/29

  15. Sean Fitzpatrick

    The real queen of soul

  16. SMRNY 910

    One and done. Dinah cooks!

  17. Unicorn71

    SANG, guh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Brita Cashman-Tarrant

    Watched Shutter Island and the end song sounded like Dinah Washington and I waited for the credits and I was right. What a VOICE. She transports and transfixes.

  19. Stephanie Harden

    Perfect song to get over a broken heart

  20. Laura Vargas

    I just can't....

  21. tom dehm

    Mmmm - Hmmm!!     Dinah!!!

  22. exxumma

    back in the day w/out auto-tune & singers either had it or they didn't,,,can't fake passion or true emotion !!

  23. D. Snelson

    Wow. That's all.

  24. Kiersten Gracey

    this is one of my favorite songs and I sing this to my little nephew he stops crying when he hears this song.

  25. Freak 121

    bye. bye Hank Snow lol

  26. Te'a Butler

    i'm so happy i've discovered her music tonight!! she's golden!!

  27. ruben recoba

    exelente !!

  28. David Walsh

    A wonderful singer this is just great

  29. coachnsuccess

    Enjoying Dinah Washington truly a wonderful singer just awesome, 'I don't hurt anymore'

  30. Amber Campbell

    I would really like to hear Fantasia sing Dinah music

    Lala Shelala

    Fantasia would just kill Dinahs music. Their voices are very similar. God blessed both of these women. Oh and by the way, Fantasia mom can sing too!

    Mark Maxner

    Do a cover album. It would work.

  31. Counciwilla Gray

    Nobody sings like Dinah. Too bad nobody today has pipes on her level and knows how to really deliver a song like her. Truly awesome!!!

  32. sanjay 9892645462

    Awesome singer n lovely voice she has, simply great

    sanjay 9892645462

    Thanks a lot dear friend Maria aparecida for liking the song, its a lovely dong my friend

    sanjay 9892645462

    Thanks a lot friendMaria ceu for liking this song, muchas gracias Amiga :-)

    sanjay 9892645462

    Thanks a lot dear friend Irena grzeskiewicz for liking this song, its a lovely song dear :-)

    sanjay 9892645462

    Thanks a lot dear Catwoman for liking the song, its a lovely song :-)

    sanjay 9892645462

    Thanks a lot dear friend Eneida for liking this song, yeah its a lovely song ;+)

  33. LoveWright

    She delivered this song so eloquently!

  34. Themetuk

    #WCW  Ms.Dinah Washington!!! Holy Golly WOW! 

  35. Jackie Wilson Fan

    This is sweet!

  36. Katya Bystreetsky

    just love her)))

  37. RockRobT01

    Hank Snow, Dinah Washington: hmm. Both are classics for their respective genres. IMHO.

  38. ChuChu353

    Awesome!!!! This is everything you'd want in a great recording :-D

  39. Theodora Labala

    Another perfect performance from Dinah Washington!!

  40. Melanie Mott

    I am 60 and have heard and loved Dinah since I was about 4 or 5 years old. I took her to school for show and tell in 3rd grade. Nobody got it but me

    Susan Madison

    Awww sounds like the little girl I was, lol. I too was exposed to the jazz, blues and soul greats by my mother who listened to all genres of music. Fell in love with R.Charles when I was six. Dinah, Nancy Wilson, Esther Phillips...

  41. xyzllii

    I have her early work...

  42. blueshead77

    now that i found her i can't do without her

  43. RAMLIA1


  44. bigcuy41

    She could really deliver a song. Wonderful singer!

  45. E faye Williams

    I am 60 plus have Dinah since I was about 4 or 5 years old .My mother was quite a singer and so am I,could sing all of her songs when other children my age didn't know who Dinah Washington was.I have several albums by her,her beautiful classic voice was silenced too soon.Her and Brooke Benton did a few duets together.You just don't hear smooth clear voices like hers too much anymore.Thank you for posting this.

  46. Ypse Dixit

    My diva! She could sing circles around anyone.

  47. Ginger Bread

    Dinah at her best. This song is powerful and passionate. Thanks for this posting.

  48. bpm

    bravo Dinah! The best version!

  49. awwyeahme2

    thank you!!! for posting this.....

  50. Chiarita93

    to jest NIESAMOWITE!!!

  51. nocount1

    Yeah baby!

  52. phalenopsis1

    :-) Enjoy.