Washed Out - Within And Without Lyrics

Hold tight, fire's almost out
keep quiet, we'll hold
feels like, the time to start
feel closer now

hold tight, fire's almost out
keep quiet, we'll hold
feels like, fire's almost out
feel closer now

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Washed Out Within And Without Comments
  1. Orius25

    I love this song so much. It's so dreamy.

  2. G Cäprïce

    Dream State on shrooms...😍🍄 Butterflies in my eyes...such inner realization

  3. José Díaz

    is there any song in 2019 that would be able to top this one? none? alright.

  4. lou9878

    Inside your voice resounds,
    your thoughts realign
    your words recall to mind
    your short sweet life

    Hear voices all in time
    Hear the words calling (by?)
    Feel the wave form now, ride the foam,
    See the world clearly now

    Rising up you float outside yourself
    find the source of light
    you fly home, you go closer now (?)
    rising towards the light...

    Songwriters: Ernest Weatherly Greene

    Eyes Be Closed lyrics © Payne City Publishing

  5. Mr. Pink17

    I don’t think I know of a more relaxing and soothing song than this beautiful masterpiece

  6. G Cäprïce

    Shrooms..love Sex Dreams..The Sunset...this song puts me in a trance to another dimension / we need more music like this...Washed out and Still Corners need to make Something togther too..2 top favorites of this genre..n 1st time hearing this.....💗💗💗💗💗💗

  7. Afsara Mehrin

    2-D from Gorillaz got me here through one of his early G-mixes from Spotify 💗🕊

  8. Larry XK

    Ernest W. Greene Jr. certainly knows a thing or two about music

  9. John Carmelo

    This track good for a sensational magic carpet ride experience

  10. Andres Rios


  11. Doughnut Holer

    ain't no shame in getting inspired by Moby man.

  12. Steve Q

    Great song

  13. RS 1990

    The track on Ministry of Sound's Chillout Sessions XIV is played 2x Faster as it is part of a mix.

  14. Paulinha Guimarães

    Renaissance hotels!!!!!!!!

  15. Nick Fuss

    Renaissance Hotels New Jersey 💖💖💖

  16. sean hakes

    renaissance hotel new Jersey

  17. Eoghan Collins

    Great song for predrinks outside in 2011.

  18. Kevin Guerrero

    this is mislabeled: "porcelain" by moby is the correct title, y'all. jklol I love this band buuut freal tho......

  19. Junior G

    Renaissance Long Beach Hotel<3

  20. Christian DiBenedetto

    Song reminds me of zumiez lol

  21. Victor Mora

    first time hearing this song is bad ass we need more chill music like this

  22. Chen Thach

    sao lùn wa

  23. Murray3Art

    interstellar travel vibe...press play.

  24. Steve Raleigh

    Phenomenal!! Emotional!! Inspirational!! thanks!!

  25. Sanfona Kafonah

    Thanks for you post.

  26. Adam Carrizales

    He sampled the Tutorial Island music from Runescape 07.

    Holy Spirit Media

    +Smegma Crazy LOL

    Carl D'Angeline

    I had to go hear it and it does sound very very close to this..

    [Soul Rebel In Stereo]

    oh fuck he did what a nerd

    Andres Rios


    i g h t

    Uhh do you have a link or proof? Doesn't sound 100% like it soo idk what you mean.

  27. Jeauxseph

    So, somebody somewhere posted incorrect lyrics to this (incredible) song and it seems that every lyric website out there just ran with it. Now they all have those same lyrics with literally no variation between sites and there are clearly issues with them. I watched all of the live versions of this song that I could find in order to attempt to lip-read, and this is what I came up with. I know it's not 100% correct, but it's so much closer than what's out there, especially the final stanza. Let me know what you think:

    Inside your voice resound
    Your thoughts breathe aloud
    Your words will come to life
    Your choice will guide

    Hear voices all in time
    Hear the words calling back
    Feel the weight falling down right before
    See the world clearly now

    Rising up, you float outside yourself
    Falling towards the light
    And far above, the colours fade to one
    Passing closer now


    This is great! Only correction is the first line:

    "Inside your voice rings out"

    i g h t

    Lol pointless and most worthless comment ever. Who the fuck cares about the lyrics you pussy. "Oh I need to do whatever it takes to make sure the lyrics are right on the internet because I'm so bored with my life!" That's what you sound like dude lmao.

    David M

    @i g h t And you sound like a troll. What's the point in your comment by the way?

    Amanzi Dinkles

    It sounds like he sings "Hear the voices lost in time" at the start of verse two.

  28. Nick Riddle

    Does any one else think this sounds a lot like "Porcelain"?

    Steve Mattos

    Actually, I'm working on a mashup of it right now. Because fuck yes...it sounds JUST like Porcelain. Same key. Nearly the same BPM. Super similar beat. Same synth lead structure.

    Steve Mattos

    Wow. NOT the same key. But yeah, they sure sound similar

    adrian -

    No wonder it sound so familiar lol

    ¿Word Salad?

    Nick Riddle it has the same eponymous V IIb harmony that every composer since time immemorial has utilised at some point (cause it’s gorgeous). Although there is a melody straight off porcelain in there. This is way better than porcelain though by the way.

    Kenny O'Connor

    You guys got to listen to drive by the cars. The sample i think originated from there!

  29. Joshua

    Does anyone know of any other artists/songs that are chill and kickback with a similar groove to this song??

    Jason Woelfel

    solar fields - das bungalow

    taylor renee

    Neon Indian & toro y moi :^)

    william pavichevich

    Joshua G Duran Duran Imaginary World, and PM Dawn "I'd Die Without You".

    Rachel Roosa

    Dream Koala- Don't wake me up
    Toro y Moi- Blessa
    Matty- Embarrassed

    Enjoy 💖

    Brett Richey

    Lemon Jelly

  30. Ricardo Clavo

    Extraordinario recuerdo de vacaciones en Aruba con mis hijos y en uno de los mejores hoteles

  31. Lucas Tesla

    High school memories:)

  32. Bill Johnson

    Blew my mind in 2011

  33. Brent Bear

    The best stress reliever ever.

  34. Wensea Guewell

    This is a great song to dream to.

  35. Jan Fanta

    i am older, but so blown away of this music

  36. ShizayaCheesing

    perfect music to blank out to...

  37. Siddharth Bal

    this chillout music seems rich. But there does seem a kind of vacant message behind it. Eating without substance.

  38. Julia B


  39. Dragomir Donchev

    who cares

  40. Polynomial-C

    Sex Music!

  41. ASisBest

    I came to this song after hearing it at pandora because i knew it sounded like something...and thank God you nailed it

  42. BlackMoz

    I swear I'm in love with your musical taste. Lets go to a concert on a blind date together here in the Bay lol :)

  43. Jayy bee

    Dafuq. This sucks.

    i g h t

    You're CLEARLY on the wrong side of youtube you dumb ass. You also don't know what good music sounds like because you're probably some retarded piece of shit kid in high school.

  44. wiidiwii

    This is soooo freaking awesome .......

  45. Anihilist

    Austin, Texas as well

  46. Veronica Palafox


  47. Veronica Palafox

    San Jose, California :)

  48. msa1985

    choose life

  49. Justin Bruno

    Lol typo. Idc. Let it flow no worries. Just so chill.

  50. Justin Bruno

    Ducking love. Every track. So happy I bought this album when it came out. Bundle was a bonus.

  51. Maggie Duffy

    You are absolutely correct.

  52. Lauryn Aguilar

    takes me to a different place

  53. dhh72386



    Some of the best music came from sub pop

  55. Michael Vogeli

    Absolutely love washed out... We need more of this music in the world

  56. Mark Magnolia

    Jax, Florida

  57. Marc Smaha

    Portland, Oregon

  58. okayhiiamdrunk



    They are all imaginary friends

    Santos 1994

    I'm right here

  59. Scyldari Stem

    Not the same melodies, but has similar progression and brings the same feeling.

    Amazing! <3

  60. Garrett Russell


  61. Tibbaronid

    feel the spontaneous pelvic thrusts

  62. JBeats5194

    The perks of being a wallflower 2011 version?

  63. Ezkatonia

    There is no difference between self and the world. You are the world, I am the world, I am you. We all share the same origin -- stardust. We all grew from the soil. Love yourself, love the world, love everything. It's all the same.

  64. Ezkatonia

    See XX - Infinity

  65. Jed Johnstone

    Marriott Hotel theme song thing! Man...memories from staying in thailand.

    Cool Panda

    I herd this from a renaissance hotel

    Ryan Chastain

    Hilton in Hawaii

  66. FrVtliee

    lol, control yourself there beast!

  67. Marit Helene Thoresen

    when you wake up. its hot in the room. the sun is coming through the windows. and its going to be a beautiful day

  68. martin1226

    This makes wanna fuck. The sweaty, 3-hour, eye-lock type of sex.

  69. theboomboxattacks

    I wanna be your friend :)

  70. Gozinaz

    This is the best song i've ever heard... Still in love with Washed Out

  71. Effedup

    Funny that you say that, I just commented on one of the other tracks from this album that I got a strong Porcelain vibe from these songs. Glad to know I'm not the only one that gets that impression :)

    Not that I'm criticizing, I LOVED that song (and The Beach soundtrack as a whole).

  72. Ethan Manuel

    i love everybody in the world that loves the world more than themselves

  73. breidholt

    Keyboard riff sounds like Drive by the Cars. Beaut.

  74. famzao

    yea, i thought this was Moby. who did who?

  75. sniperquasi

    @moonlightshadow0604 ew

  76. Allen Aguas

    my girlfriend loved this album so much, i porked her while we were listening to this song.
    bitches love chillwave. ;)

  77. clebrowns071


    What the fuck? You masturbate to songs?

  78. unclejunglebass

    @moonlightshadow0604 no one needed to know that

  79. Chuck Steak

    @moonlightshadow0604 wish i could do it. But i have a dick. jekin off to music probably wouldn't be the same.

  80. Mfenga

    Porcelain by Moby? Anyone?

  81. flatchestedmama

    @moonlightshadow0604 Best youTube comment.

  82. danbuckneree

    Perfect song.

  83. Victor Leon

    this is what music is

  84. Lauren Russell

    I don't think it makes her a skank. Her page says she's 20 years old. And she didn't post her sex habits, she posted her masturbation habits lol. But seriously. She's a skank for using a vibrator? Most girls do and post way worse stuff than that online. At least she just made a youtube comment from a page which gives out no personal information. i thought it was funny.

  85. Alyssa Russo

    @blueguy1500 you just keep telling yourself that while looking at the number of thumbs up next to that girl's comment and the vacant space next to yours. take it easy, man.

  86. Alyssa Russo

    @blueguy1500 no one cares about your inability to recognize a public forum

  87. Ryan Carroll

    @moonlightshadow0604 Wow TMI.

  88. sweetrage425

    @moonlightshadow0604 haha omg!

  89. Edward Lau

    THIS SONG IS AWESOME. I wish I knew what he is saying

  90. Greg Watermann


  91. Mark Brower

    sounds alot like moby's porcelain. both great songs, good for beach chillage.

  92. Kayla

    Someone should post lyrics...Soon...Grr.

  93. Jesse R

    One the hottest album covers EVER

  94. Zachflintstone

    it's eargasmic

  95. revol148

    @moonlightshadow0604 just to let you know I'm always available if the batteries of your vibrator run out and you can't be bothered to buy new ones! (you had better not be a minger though!)

  96. Eric Toribio

    It's amazing!

  97. Rhiannon Rios

    P.S. my vibrator + Amor Fati by Washed Out = religious experience

  98. jfh06d

    so dope

  99. evangiledumal

    @tardonamoto9 I think it's called Chillwave.