Washed Out - Far Away Lyrics

You said hello
You passed me by
You said your heart was lost

You left your world exposed, long gone
You left your voice inside

And you're far away
She's got it
And you're far away
She's far
And now all the thoughts
And now all the hope
Is gone

You said no words as you walked past
You said it was alright
You left your world exposed, long gone
You left your voice inside


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Washed Out Far Away Comments
  1. Intro 1991

    Words can not describe the beauty

  2. Am Lila

    Yes far away... We all dream to go faaar

  3. Am Lila

    Jadore cette chanson ... Jai des beaux souvenirs avec tout ca

  4. Heather B

    this song...

  5. Christopher Buczek

    Extraordinary. Lost love, nostalgia, regret for the past—are all memory enshrined, exactly like lost and found home movies. A perfect pairing with this song. So much is revealed in that Kodachrome footage. This makes my heart ache.

  6. Johan

    In your opinion, what is the best washed out album and or song

    Alicia Spence

    well thanks for asking! in my opinion, i like within and without as a full complete album. as for songs, i cant just pick one. i love -- You and I, Feel it All Around, Olivia, New Theory, It All Feels Right --  How about you?


    i agree on the album, i listen to it while i do homework and while i fall asleep. honestly so good.

  7. MrGataca


  8. Kevin James Brown

    Man, vintage film fits Washed Out like a glove. I love it.

  9. trainwreckhavoc


  10. Kim Hernandez

    this is beautiful - brought tears to my eyes...

  11. Ellie G

    Amaizing video , matches perfectly with this tune.

  12. HeavyTakeoffs

    I love the vintage footage. Your video deserves a lot more views!

  13. Alicia Spence

    Thanks a lot you kind folk!

  14. lisariya

    Nice job man! Greetings from Holland