Washed Out - Amor Fati Lyrics

Don't try to find
Words now, you fall
Then go, reach out
The choice is yours to find

This life you've got
The light to guide
Your faith decides
The roads you're going to find

So tired
Got hope, desire
Even though it's hard to forget
What you can't afford now
Chasing all your thoughts, you know that
You'll be all right in time

This life you've got
The light to guide
Your faith decides
The roads you're going to find

This life you've got
The light to guide
Your faith decides
The roads you're going to find

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Washed Out Amor Fati Comments
  1. Lin Can Park

    Who else smoking?

  2. Rey Ruiz

    Genio!!!Es una chingoneria esta rola. La acabo de descubrir pero acaso importa? la consciencia carece de tiempo. Todo es aquí y ahora.

  3. Julie B

    and here we are 8 years later....still loving Amor Fati.

  4. Thiago Bertazzi

    2019 anybody else?

  5. Agustin Valenzuela

    I'm disappointed in this video. I came to this video hoping it would have some summer vibes, or at least a nice sunny beach. But instead some dudes up in what looks to be in Iceland.

  6. Bridget

    anyone got a line?


    Beautiful Iceland! ♡♡

  8. Rodrigo Antonio Serrano Vilche

    No sabía que era tan antigua. Me recuerda al sur de Chile el video.

  9. Just2Options? Irrational: FearOrExuberance?

    ( *_Lyrics_*_ as sourced by _*_Musixmatch :_* )

    Don't try to fight
    What's not your fault
    Let go, reach out
    The choice is yours to find

    Inside you've got
    The light to guide
    Your fate decides
    The roads you're going to find.

    Relax, slow down
    Let hope decide.
    Even though it's hard to forget
    When you can't afford love
    Chasing all your thoughts you know that
    You'll be all right in time.

    Inside you've got
    The light to guide
    Your fate decides
    The roads you're going to find.

    Inside you've got
    The light to guide
    Your fate decides
    The roads you're going to find.

    Just2Options? Irrational: FearOrExuberance?

    And spirits will collide in these - our lives...

  10. Joseph Wake

    If I love Washed Out who else should I listen to? :)

  11. [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]

    Life is full of battles, and we are the unearthly warriors chosen to fight them. You can do this - it is one’s fate, after all. And even when times get tough, always know that you are not alone...alas, today can not be changed, but tomorrow always presents to us a new beginning. So remember to keep your head held high, and never _ever_ give up on what you believe in

  12. Toto Malvino

    Such a beautiful song/video

  13. 1 2

    Best synergy of music, lyric and video theme of the past decade.
    All three scream "wanderlust".
    They trigger a desire to explore the world and it's beauty. New people, new places. It's exactly how I felt backpacking in France. Brilliant song. Spectacular music video.

  14. thelessimportantAJ michel

    I’m John Diliberto and you’re hearing Echoes

  15. Duan Torruellas

    This video is awesome , and it is an expression of freedom , and i love that , Iceland is beautiful , but it Greenland that is cold , I know because I meet a girl there who was from impanema hahahaha

  16. dan babe

    Love you <3 me das esperanza con tu música washed out !

  17. Arindam Chakraborty

    I am a free soul.

  18. Shirley Herrera

    😍🎶🎼I love this song it takes me back to the early days 🦋 😘

  19. Kvlt of vez

    This genre is about to have a huge comeback and Im so happy. 2020s Chillwave invasion we are ready.

  20. S W

    Still one of my fave videos ❤

  21. RAD LINE

    damn this vid will ruin my yt recommendation but i kinda like it

  22. Achafilms

    Anyone else search and search and find NOTHING like Washed Out ?

  23. Robert Bruce

    What a brilliant song, spangled with light and longing...

  24. Елена Внукова

    Тут есть русские??? Кому нравится эта песня?

  25. Shirley Herrera

    I 💓 this song❣️ it takes me back to the 80 era 🎼 💟 I always remain positive trough difficult times and hiccups in my love life to remain clear of my consciousness that music reminds us all that we are loved ❤️🎼no matter what where doing❣️

  26. Aaron R

    Hard to believe this was 8 years ago. So much has changed since then.

  27. Jon Holland

    I think about leaving this world all the time and i just may

  28. eisenkreuzmusik

    just came back from a 7 mile run where this song came on my mp3 player on random. I just got lost on the song the same way the guy in the video gets lost in the Icelandic landscape

  29. keivefy

    I wish i was 25 years younger. Youth is wasted on the young. It is these days, they experience life thru a 6inch screen and not by living.

  30. BoKhArI bArCeLoNa

    what does amor fati means ?


    Amor Fati is to love one's fate. Embrace whatever may come in life and accept that you can't change your destiny, so you might as well face it with a smile.

  31. cache96

    Нихуя не делать и не устать - наше всё!

  32. T. Johns

    I think this was shot in Iceland! I thought it was London at first because of the grassy fields.

  33. T. Johns

    Timecode 3:05 if anyone wanted to know what he was eating, their Goa Hraunbitar - LAVA BITES (200gr)
    , Milk Chocolate Wafers Cut To Mouthpieces, Covered With Crispy Corn Puffs And Two Separate Layers Of Milk Chocolate. You're welcome!

  34. Zoran Kokanovic

    What a song

  35. The No.1 Guy

    A song that embodies everything I can never become.



  37. Brett Owers

    this song sounds SO BAD at 2x speed (my default for YouTube) and SO BEAUTIFUL at 1x speed. It's problematic because it's the first song on my main music playlist and I always forget to switch it beforehand

  38. DaniBee29

    I love this song so much, I’ll be going to Florida tomorrow it’ll be my first time on a plane! But I’m excited definitely gonna listen to this as I stare out the window, I feel free x

  39. Richard Byers

    This song makes me feel free. I can imagine myself driving around the cost of Hawaii listening to this song ❤️

  40. Jack James

    This song makes me think everything is going to be OK

  41. Aaron Handford

    Wow, Elija Woods grew a lot since LOTR. Seriously though, amazing track!

  42. Jack Borgeson

    Frodo Skywalker in search of Walter Mitty

  43. Karen Derry

    Inexplicable why this song reminds me of a time when growing up in Montreal... can't explain it....

  44. Teh LaughingMan

    This video is like the moving instagram account of every 20-something that thinks their desire to travel is a big deal and everyone should give a shit.

  45. 02dchris

    I seen this guy perform live at this bar I went too, had no idea who he was. Decided to look up his music and it’s safe to say I witnessed greatness.

  46. Peip692

    Hello future. Goodbye past. Stories to be told, stores to be remembered. If you're reading this, I hope you're doing well and I am sending love your way. <3

  47. devin gertler

    my heart breaks for this song. in the most beautiful way

  48. Martín Albornoz

    my version of this song watch?v=Ju6BzTag6w4

  49. Ethelouise Smith

    Roscoe died.

  50. Matthew Quinney

    the greatest song ever period …...listen.....

  51. Valentin Redwall

    Nietzsche approves.

  52. Erkan Özçam

    sound a like roosevelt - cape cod

  53. Merve Gizem Narlık

    Peki, ya sen nereye gidiyorsun?

  54. abs

    oh this is really good

  55. Danyyel Hermida

    Amo este sonido... Enamórate emocional...

  56. Alex Gyllenhaal

    Gotta love that Icelandic hospitality <3

  57. A Potato

    This is my favorite song on my Spotify playlist
    I hope you're happy Washed Out

  58. Caring Is Creepy

    *Sub Pop* never disappoints. 

    The music videos are always great.       Did I mention the music? 
    from Kurt Cobain to James Mercer.        Always a pleasure listening to Sub Pop Records.

  59. Caring Is Creepy

    This is me.  (not literally)  I just do my own thing, own travels and exploring .         

    It'd be nice to meet a girl who could just run away with me.    But I'm happy as is.

  60. Davide Novelo

    Mi Juvetud resumida en una canción, siempre deseé vida y la conseguí cuando la reproducía.

  61. Fabián Silva Badilla

    acompañando mi pensamiento, saber de este concepto, moldeo mi forma de pensar. Todo es mejor, cuando lo que esperas, incierto o no, se hace con amor al destino.

  62. jessica

    Traveling is the biggest soul searching journey. I keep amor fati on a bracelet on my wrist. Beautiful message , i cry watching this video it gives me so many good feelings and nostalgia. always i will stay on the road. backpacking 4 life 💖

  63. 木下芙蓉

    I want to go far.

  64. Ed Duran


  65. pm c

    pas un français dans les supporters !

  66. Jealousy

    wish i have a friend as cool as him, an easy going traveler.

  67. Dani Cordonez

    my favorite video ever <3 <3 <3

  68. Erik Scott

    Love this band. Nostalgic,melancholy,love,excitement. So much wrapped up in this band

  69. Mario Barra

    Thanks x1000 for this! I'm fighting with deppresing feelings after a break up and i´m also going to face a lot of changes in my life in the following months. Listening to this gives a warm feeling to my heart and soul, and i know the only certainty is that i'll be alright in time ♡

  70. MrMortsnarg

    Reminds me so much of Into The Wild

  71. Chris Teague

    The reason I'm still here...

  72. eljornet

    Falso :'(

  73. Fabián Silva Badilla

    Existen canciones que conectan con tu existencia, porque son matrices de tus sentimientos.

  74. Larry XK

    I love this guy. He goes I wanna be a librarian. No there are too many of us.
    Ok I just go back to my parents' basement and make some awesome music.
    It just doesn't get any better

  75. Shell Of The Heart

    This song helps me everyday.

  76. tunis5000

    One of the most mesmerizingly beautiful songs I've ever heard

  77. The Outsider

    MR ORCHARD if you ever find yourself looking through the comments for this video, thank you for introducing me to this music. I hope you're doing well, never told you that you were my favorite teacher and that I appreciated all the ways you tried to help me even though I still didn't give me best effort. Thank you

  78. Udink

    Clarissa explains it all...about udders.

  79. paola herrera

    i went to Bali last year by myself and i seat on the sand and watching the waves and the sunset, playing this song , definitely changed my life

  80. Lorenzo Guzzini


  81. Martin Gingell

    never mind all this who is the chick in the bathtub

  82. TwoLive91

    I left California to take a bus to Florida. I played this song along the way. I think im ready to go back home now. I miss Cali..! 😢

  83. Scott Shepard

    Video’s kind of average for such a lush song.

  84. Kason Jurgena

    I've always wanted to look at someone like that 2:57

  85. Noctura Northblade

    I wouldn't wonder if anyone did a mash up with seal future love paradise...

  86. Alex Gyllenhaal


  87. Arcann Z

    I was in a real sad mood before this song.
    *is this magic?*

  88. Achafilms

    …"your faith decides, the roads you are going to find".

  89. Udink

    I love how, when he asks what the cow udders are squirting on his fries, Clarissa Explains it All.

  90. Pillsinmyshoes

    Was he looking for the shire?? MY PRECIOUSSSS

  91. OG_Happy

    Anybody here in 2018??? Found this and my god it's so relaxing!

  92. Crag LaBrake

    This song gives hope, inspiration and a sense of being yourself. I might be cray cray on that but that is what I get it. I luv luv it!❤

  93. zer0 95

    he looks like frodo at 2:21

  94. Norberto Amado

    me gustó !!! muy buenoooo

  95. RedArrow Media

    reminds me driving through Morocco by train, bus, airplane - a unique time, wonderful people, wonderful landscapes, adventures......

  96. Caos Stein

    Nietzsche :3 ❤